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Dinah Lance/Black Canary

His speed and ferocity surprised the woman, the man's stinging strength and unparalleled agility was astounding. And to think Dinah used to consider him a rookie, the Leaguer remembered the first time she sparred with Spider-Man. The vigilante was just a kid, the myth that was most potent in New York was no older than seventeen she had to guess.

Despite what she had heard, that he defied the odds on a daily basis the Black Canary was still able to floor him round after round. He fought wildly and honestly looked like an idiot with the way he flailed his arms around, Dinah could instantly tell that he wasn't used to fighting offensively. But in order to beat him she had to confuse him, even when his back was turned to her he dodged what should have been a direct strike.

Apparently he had some kind of special danger sense, a little unfair but she was adaptable if anything. The difference between then and now was astonishing, Spider-Man kept his strength in check so as to not harm her severely and matched her every move down to a tee. Dinah had heard through the grapevine that the man had adopted a no nonsense attitude, the only thing that stayed the same were the painfully obnoxious jokes.

The acrobat had a knack for giving nicknames to his allies and enemies, unfortunately for Dinah hers wasn't very imaginative. Yes, she was named after a canary but that didn't mean he had to call her Tweety every time he saw her. She only had to imagine how his teammates on the Avengers and the Future Foundation felt, but then again every team needed somebody who could lighten the mood.

The Justice League had the Flash, the Teen Titans had Beast Boy but everything else belonged to Spider-Man. Still… his combat prowess had grown exponentially and the woman was struggling to keep up with him, his movements were fluid and sawn together on the fly so she couldn't for the life of her predict them. It was obvious he had learnt some form of martial art but what that was she honestly didn't know, and she was the Black Canary for God's sake!

It took all of her mental capability to be able to ignore the constant stream of quips as well as the red and blue after images that were dotted around the room, he was everywhere and nowhere at the same time and Dinah couldn't even comprehend how on Earth he had gotten so good. Lost in a flurry of her own thoughts she felt something sting her face, she didn't see any of his arms move as she fell backwards right onto her behind.

Dinah's crystal blue eyes looked up to see a red clad hand extended out to her but she couldn't help her curiosity, "How… did you get so… serious?" the question came out in a series of short breathes and the woman only just realized how much she had been pushing herself to keep up with him.

Peter smirked behind the mask, "I took your advice" he informed her as Dinah grasped his hand lightly and found herself back on her feet.

Her advice… she remembered what she had said to him after the first time they had sparred, she was surprised he remembered that considering it was around seven years ago. She had told him that if he was serious then he needed to get serious, he needed to end a fight as quickly as possible and stop toying with the lesser threats. The quicker he could neutralize them the more people he was likely to save, but Spider-Man still found the time to throw in a one-liner here and there.

Dinah looked him dead in those wide reflective lenses of his, "Good job. I could barely even see you" the famed fighter admitted.

Although her senses were much more tuned than the average human due to years of extensive training she couldn't get a lock on him and that made her all the more proud, as though she were a teacher and he was the student. Despite the fact that the two had only shared two lessons together the progress was evident and it made it all the more sweet that he kept her advice at heart.

Spidey laughed, "Thanks. That means a lot coming from you, for a second there I thought I was gonna trip or something" the scientist joked as the Black Canary began looking him up and down.

He raised his eyebrow beneath the mask, "Uh… see something you like?" he questioned in good fun and smirked when she gave him a 'dream on' kind of look.

Dinah prodded his chest, "What martial art were you using? I've never seen anything like it" she wondered where he had pulled such a chestnut from.

Spider-Man nodded, "I thought you'd pick up on that. It's my own personal form of fighting, the names kinda cliché but… I call it the Way of the Spider. It's a martial art that utilizes every one of my powers, skills and instincts to the best of their ability. Not everyone can learn it but I'm willing to bet you'd do a pretty good job, you want a lesson?" the superhero asked walking back over to the sparring mat.

Dinah pondered the offer for a moment, "Sure. I could always add something new to the arsenal and who knows, maybe in time I'll whoop your butt with your own martial art" she teased as she strut over to the mat and entered a fighting stance that Spider-Man recognized somewhat.

Peter smiled sloppily as his brown eyes grew determined, "I don't doubt it Tweety" he chided drawing a death stare from the woman.

Peter tensed as Dinah charged, if anything the woman was stubborn so Peter had a feeling they were going to be at it all night. Who would've thought that Spider-Man would be teaching the Black Canary a thing or two about fighting?

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