Author's Note: Yet another small tale to be told, as Peter Parker and Mystery Inc. team up to investigate strange ghost sightings in an abandoned subway tunnel... but with less focus on ghosts of course.

I bet this is a surprising one, huh? I bet none of you thought I'd cover this, not in a million years. Well, neither did I, to be honest. It was actually just on a whim I decided to do this, based on an old idea I had for a full length story featuring the web-slinger and the mystery solving gang. I wonder if you guys will notice that the last three chapters have been about redheads, Peter does have a thing for them after all :P

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Daphne Blake

"Daphne, move!" One swift push and Peter had carried the young mystery solver clear of the blast.

The subway shook violently, chunks of debris flying overhead. Peter aided the late teenager to her feet and she quietly thanked him, all the while brushing the dust off of her dark purple skirt. The duo was trapped, in a lower part of the New York subway system, some kind of underground cavern that shouldn't have existed at all.

She was shaking, having come so close to being crushed. "Thanks," the redhead meekly muttered, throwing her arms around herself for protection.

Peter nodded with a smile before silently crouching, picking something up off of the floor as Daphne tried to make out the build-up of concrete behind them. "What was that?" The beautiful sleuth questioned, glancing to the tall teenager beside her.

Peter cursed as his camera had been completely trashed, something he could not afford in his line of work. "A contained blast, not intended to kill. I think whoever set it planned to bury us down here, luckily we managed to avoid the ceiling collapsing on us." He answered, sighing as he dropped the useless piece of tech to the floor.

Daphne nodded, though didn't understand some of what he had said. "Umm… okay, so… are we trapped?" She questioned, subconsciously rubbing her arms in anxiety.

They were in complete darkness after all, and although she was used to creepy surroundings, it still terrified her. The sheer nothingness of the void around her seemed to remind her of her inner most fear… the fear of ending up alone, not just in circumstance but in life itself.

Maybe that was why she clung to Fred so desperately?

Shaking her head of such thoughts, the girl had to strain her eyes as she glanced about. There was no telling what was hiding in the shadows, just waiting to reach out and pull them in, kicking and screaming. Daphne could only just make Peter out due to his proximity; everything else was just a different shade of black.

"No, no, at least… no. We were in the subway; this is probably an old maintenance tunnel. So, there should be some service hatches or something around for us to use." Peter answered as best as he could, because he truthfully had no idea.

But thankfully, his words seemed to set Daphne at ease. "Then, all we have to do is climb out and we can find the gang. This should be easy; I have a lot of experience in dark and spooky places." She sighed in relief, before clinging to the only thing that was even semi familiar.

Peter gripped right back as he felt his hand within hers, he really couldn't blame her. He could literally sense any and all danger and even he was marginally scared, being underground just rubbed him the wrong way. The vigilante had to put it down to his sewer escapades with the Lizard or Morbius, but Vermin terrified him even more than any one of them.

In fact, those were the only real reasons he was even there. Peter had run into them at a local diner, and could instantly smell the 'tourist' on them. But he didn't expect them to be kinda famous tourists, the crime foiling Mystery Inc. gang.

Apparently, they were road tripping across the country before going to college and had heard that there was some kind of spectre haunting the Ninety First Street—Seventh Avenue Line, an old abandoned subway tunnel.

Naturally, he just had to tag along. The prospect of four teenagers and their talking dog, lost in the tunnels seemed like a dangerous one. With all of the enemies he had fought, mostly the ones that liked to call deep and dark places their home, he felt like it was his responsibility to look out for them.

In retrospect, it turned out to be a pretty sound idea. "So I've heard," the teenager commented, sighting a curious look out of her uniquely purple eyes.

Peter shrugged, despite the action going unnoticed. "You guys are sorta famous, right? Ghost hunters, mystery solvers, teenage sleuths. And the talking dog bit, can't exactly leave that out. All this must be kinda boring for you," he kidded, smiling in the darkness.

Something which, once again, went relatively unnoticed. "Most of them tend to be middle aged crazies in costumes; we haven't found anything concretely supernatural yet." Peter could have sworn he heard disappointment in her voice, like she wanted to find proof of otherworldly spirits.

"Isn't that kind of a good thing? I mean, I don't know how I'd react, coming face to face with a real live… well, undead ghost." He lied a little, sighting his frequent encounters with Dr Strange and Ghost Rider as evidence to the contrary.

Daphne brushed her shoulder against his, offering a grin. "Oh, I don't know. I don't think you're giving yourself enough credit, the way you saved me back there. I have a feeling taking pictures isn't all you do," she guessed, studying him a little more intently than she would've allowed herself to.

Peter scoffed, guiding her over the solid steel bars of the railroad tracks. "Me? You kiddin'? Nah, I'm just a bookworm by trade. In all honesty, the photography gig just keeps me active, outside of the whole money thing anyway. Plus, it's a great way to meet incredibly interesting people such as yourself." He complimented, allowing her to use his shoulder for balance.

Daphne sported a smirk as they continued their journey, lost in the deep dark of the tunnels. "Smooth, Mr Parker, very smooth." She remarked, finding herself oddly at ease with a boy she barely knew.

The ensuing silence was short lived, the sound of sneakers scraping against crushed stone ballast being drowned out by words. "Do you think my friends are okay?" Daphne questioned, not even directly at her companion, more of an open wondering.

Peter fixed her with a look of curiosity, seeing what he could see of her face staring ahead. "Scooby and the others? Absolutely. They seemed pretty resourceful, really impressive actually. But I have to admit, you all seem like a pretty mismatched bunch." He commented, watching Daphne nod her head as she turned her full attention to him.

Lilac eyes focused on chocolate ones, a bright white smile adorning her face as she talked about her friends. "We get that a lot, more often than we'd like actually. But… we met in sophomore year of high school, we were all kind of just doing our own thing and… stuff just happened. It's hard to explain, we just sort of clicked, you know? That probably sounds dumb," she remarked with a roll of the eyes.

Peter shook his head with a smile, thinking quite the opposite. "No, no, not at all. I think it's great you guys are still together, most people sort of lose touch after high school… go on to bigger and better things." He spoke, hitting a little closer to home than he'd planned.

It seemed Daphne caught the sudden drop in his upbeat demeanour, hearing the fleeting catch in his voice. "Is that what happened to you and your friends?" She inquired, being mindful of his business.

Peter nodded, albeit slowly. "Yeah… I don't even know how it really happened. You know what? That's a lie; it was my fault it happened. What with my… job and everything else, I kept letting them down. Eventually, we just sorta… drifted apart. But they're doing fine, you know? Like I said, bigger and better things." He told the truth, partially admittedly.

Mary Jane really had gone on to bigger and better things, starring in several of her own plays. He was really proud of her, even sent her flowers every now and then. Harry… he didn't know where Harry was, not after the whole… Goblin thing with him and his dad. It tore him up inside, but there was nothing he could've done about it. And then Gwen… well, it was his fault Gwen was gone.

But the less said about that, the better.

Peter felt a light grip on his forearm, and he moved his gaze to see a grateful smile. "You didn't have to say any of that; I can tell it was hard for you." Daphne sighted, taking note of his out of character silence.

The boy offered her a wide beam, moving past his guilt. "Yeah, well, I had to keep you talking somehow. Don't want you freaking out on me," he joked, lightening the mood immediately as the redhead swatted his shoulder.

"I was not freaking out!" Daphne retorted, her light smack not even fazing him.

The pair shared a laugh and it was something Daphne was extremely grateful for, as being on her own in dark and unfamiliar surroundings was not something she was comfortable with. Despite meeting Peter by happenstance, on the off chance of eating at the same diner no less, she was glad he was beside her.

Taking Daphne's mind off of what she feared most, being left in the dark, isolated and without the warm presence of friends to comfort her… nobody wanted to end up alone.

Author's Note: I hope you guys enjoyed that one, and it is most certainly true, nobody wants to end up alone. But you know what? There is definitely someone out there for everyone, there has to be.

I have to admit, a lot of you will probably see this pairing and think 'what was he smoking when wrote this?' But the Mystery Inc. gang have teamed up with Batman before, so why not Spidey? Plus, I'd be lying if I said that I hadn't thought about this as a kid. Scooby-Doo's one of my favourite childhood cartoons, it's a classic.

Did any of you guys watch Scooby-Doo as a kid? If not, then what did you watch as a kid? Loony Tunes? Tom and Jerry? Sound off in the reviews!

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