/Well... This is the last chapter... I'm not sure how well it ended (This is my first time finishing a story...) Here ya go... Also, if you have any ideas for another story let me know!/

The next thing they knew was the swaying motion of a boat. Raven's hand shot up and four people floated near the Titans. They wore black masks and clothes.

Raven moved her hand again and they went over the edge of the boat into the water.

"Last time we were almost overrun by them. We need to be stealthier this time. Raven and Cyborg go find Beastboy." Robin commanded.

They nodded. Cyborg followed Raven into the boat. Cyborg noted that Raven never had to back track. She stopped outside of a door.

"Beastboy and another person is in there. I'll get Beastboy and you get the other person." Raven whispered.

Cyborg nodded and quietly opened the door a crack. Beastboy was in a cage, looking rather depressed. His ears were lowered and his face downcast. He saw Beastboy's nose and ears twitch. A small smile formed and his ears raised. This went unnoticed by the other person. Cyborg instantly recognized the man.

"I'm helping you. They were going to throw you in jail." The man said.

Beastboy laughed and smiled widely. The man looked confused. The door opened the rest of the way and Cyborg and Raven walked in. The man turned and frowned. He pulled out a remote and Beastboy's eyes widened for a moment. Raven guessed what the man was about to do and enveloped the remote with magic. It crumpled in the man's hand. He reached to his side, but Cyborg aimed his cannon at the man.

"You thought I'd just let you mess with my best friend?!" Cyborg said.

"Honestly, out of all the people we've fought, you are among the stupidest." Raven added.

"Dudes! You came to-to save me!" Beastboy said enthusiastically.

"Of course we came to save you." Cyborg laughed and went over to Beastboy.

He quickly picked the lock. Beastboy crawled out and stood up. He gritted his teeth and walked over to the man and growled deeply. "You killed my parents. You experimented on me. You threatened my friends. You treated me like an animal. You deserve worse than jail. I could kill you right. Now."

Raven and Cyborg stared at Beastboy in shock.

Beastboy took a shaky breath and continued, "But I am NOT an animal, I am a HUMAN!" He paused and whispered quietly, "A very good friend helped me realize that."

He looked at the man. "You are the animal- not me."

The man's face twisted in anger, "How dare you! You are a monster unworthy of anyone's time!"

"You want to see a monster? I can't show you that- but I can get pretty close!" Raven yelled.

She was about to lunge towards him when Beastboy stopped her. "Don't stoop down to their level."

Raven froze and watched Beastboy walk out of the room.

"Beastboy- he's pretty strong- mentally at least." Cyborg muttered.

Raven turned back to the man. "If you don't come willing I WILL send you to another dimension!"

The man nodded feebly.

-A Week Later-

"Beastboy you know I'm always there for you." Raven said going into Beastboy's cluttered room. The damage had been repaired.

Beastboy looked up from where he had been looking at something.

"Yeah. I know Raeā€¦ven. Thanks."

"What are you looking at?" Raven said walking over to Beastboy.

"Just some pictures."

Raven looked at the book. It was open to a page with three smiling pictures. She knew one of them.

"Why didn't you rip him out of the picture?" Raven asked pointing at the man.

"He didn't realize it but he did help me get something."

"What's that?"

"A family."