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Note: This is semi-AU, since it would probably be set after Nobodies Remembered, but I do not want to spoil anything about the story (some things have been changed) and I have no plans for the below to be used in a future sequel. Yet, at least. It may just turn into a trilogy, excluding the various side-stories.

Mission T2057

Search for complete beings for study concerning the recent restoration of the Worlds.

Haxisal cursed, looking around her. "This was meant to be an easy mission." She spoke through gritted teeth, firing an arrow at the hoard of Heartless ahead of her. "Zoxey would be helpful right now..." She commented, seeing the masses of shadow that surrounded the mass of Shadows.

It had started off so well. She had gotten the mission, checked that she was properly stocked, and then set off. The World had seemed normal, if deserted, when she landed, but she had stayed on guard. After passing through the first three districts, she had found a hatch under that weird post box that had taken her to a strange post office, heading through which lead her to a large plaza with a fountain at one end. One wall was covered in a graffiti mural.

The Heartless had started to emerge then, lifting the large manhole cover and crawling out, amassing. Haxisal, knowing that she was outmatched, ran, passing through another set of doors into a series of backstreets with connected waterways. The door had slowed them, but not stopped, so she ran, entering a waterway and running down to street level, hearing the door open.

She soon emerged, running in what she hoped was the right direction. She heard the Heartless behind her, then panicked as she realised that she had reached a dead end. She turned, facing the hoard of twitching Shadows, her panic subsiding as she felt something pulling gently at her heart.

Come... Something whispered in her ear. The Darkness will grant you power and knowledge beyond what the Light will offer and far beyond the bounds of Nothing. You just have to say yes... It teased her with flashes of images, her family restored, her Home World habitable again.

Haxisal shook her head, before cursing and firing the first arrow, soon followed by others in quick succession. All the while, she glanced around, looking for a way out.

There! Another waterway, dry and narrower than the last, but it would do. She fired again, grabbing another arrow in case a Shadow should get close, and ran into the upwards-sloping corridor. It curved fairly shallowly to the left, turning in half a circle before turning again to the right. Which was when she stopped.

She was at one end of a small bridge, connecting one part of the waterway to another across the street. Beneath her, she could see the golden eyes of the Shadows. Behind her were the clumsy footsteps.

The bridge had collapsed. There was no way forwards.

Haxisal cursed again, then stepped back as far as she dared. She paused for a second, then started sprinting towards the exit of the tunnel, jumping as her foot hit the destroyed edge of the bridge. She noticed that there was water flowing gently in a waterfall, and realised that the bridge was the cause of the dry section.

She twisted in midair, flipping over forwards in an attempt to gain momentum before catching onto the ledge, crying out as her muscles suddenly started supporting her whole body weight. She looked up, and froze.

A lone Shadow had managed to get to the top of the small waterfall gently splashing down on her, it's amber eyes staring into hers. It twitched, then lunged at her hands. Haxisal instinctively let go, dropping into the sea of Heartless that was swarming over her in an instant. She cried out in pain, falling to the floor as one slashed at her face.

They smothered her, attacking her body as she struggled, screaming for help. None came.

Traverse Town was empty after all.

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(Note: You see the mission number? I thought about that. The letter stands for the World, the first number the mission type, third is the area of the World and last is the mission number (e.g. first mission would be 01). T = Traverse Town, 2000 = recon, 000 = entire World, 57 = 57th mission of type in area in World. Yeah, I am sad).