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Title: Maternal Instinct

Genre: Romance

Rating: K

Characters: mostly Jane and Lisbon, but the team is there too.

Summary: Lisbon finds a baby in her door step and asks Jane for help. While looking for the babys mother, the get closer to one another.


A new case had been assigned to Agent Teresa Lisbon's team. Lisbon wanted it resolved quickly. All agents were on the scene, as well as Patrick Jane, the consultant, who was constantly disrupting the agents in their work. That annoyed her therefore she took him aside to have a word.

- "Jane, please…Would you for once keep quiet?" Lisbon scolded.

- "I could…but you wouldn't pay too much attention to me" the consultant said with a smile.

- "It would be difficult not too" Lisbon added softly which Jane did not to hear.

- "You were saying? Lisbon?" Jane asked wondering what she last said.

- "Nothing Jane, now go back to work." Lisbon admonished.

She walked away even more angry than before speaking to him. She immediately started to work the scene then gave no more attention to the antics of her consultant.

At day's end the case was resolved. Ultimately it was not a very difficult case. They all could go home early.

While she was in front of her place there were noises coming from a bush a little ways from her apartment. Cautiously she drew her gun then walked to those bush. She expected to find her neighbor's cat. He liked to play in those particular bushes. She could never be too careful. Instead, she found a small basket in which was a baby who was crying. Recovering from the surprise Lisbon tried to comfort the young one. She looked around searching for its mother or someone who could tell her from whence the baby came. The search was fruitless there was no one to be seen. She picked up the basket then entered her apt. She could not leave a baby alone outside.

Once inside she searched the bag. She had found supplies and a letter. She unfolded it then her surprise increased.

"Agent Lisbon,

I know that my approach will seem strange, but I had no one else to turn to. I need your help. I am unable to take care of my daughter. Unfortunately, I can not keep her with me and I didn't know who to trust except you.

Her name is Amy and she is six months old. She is an adorable little girl. She sleeps all night and does not require much attention.

I know that I should entrust the service of child protection, but I don't trust them. I know you'll take care of her and I promise to come back one day. I know how you took care of your brothers and that's what makes me think that you will take care of my baby. You're a good woman, I know it.

Please do not blame me harshly. You are the only person that I could trust.

Esme Vasquez."

Lisbon folded the letter then sat on the couch facing the little girl who smiled. She smiled back being touched by that smile. Lisbon thought it ultimately would not be difficult to take care of a baby. She seemed wise and easy going. But suddenly she began to cry then the agent tried to calm her down. She took her in her arms then rocked her but she started screaming even more. Lisbon felt that she was out of her league on this one. Then she had an idea then cursed since it is the only solution to her problem.

- oooo -

Jane was dozing on his sofa at the CBI. As every night he stayed there. It was the quiet space of the bullpen he liked. It was far better than the sterile room at the hotel he frequented.

His phone rang and he looked at the caller ID. A big smile lit up his face at the name of Teresa Lisbon. He picked up while talking a sleepy voice. He knew it was going to make her uncomfortable.

- "Hello…" he replied sleepily.

- "Jane, I'm sorry to wake you but I need your help" said Lisbon's anxious voice.

Jane then sat up then turned serious. To hear her talk like that always had the same effect on him. Lisbon was in trouble and it could be Red John. That is the one fear Jane lived with constantly.

He quickly banished that thought and used his skills to assess the situation. He quickly heard screams in the background which he knew could not be Red John but that of a baby.

- "Lisbon, is that a baby I hear?" Jane said with a smile to his voice.

- "Yes, it's a baby. Please come over I really need your help." Lisbon pleaded.

- "Since when do you have a baby?" Jane asked curiously.

- "I don't have one then instead of asking me questions. You'd better move yourself off that couch and come here." Lisbon said crossly.

- "No need to threaten me I'll be there." Jane said hanging up the phone.

Jane could imagine Lisbon still on the line cursed him. He knew she didn't like him questioning her. Unfortunately he could not help but tease her. It was his way of showing her that he liked her.

So he stood up then left the CBI for the residence of his boss. He arrived a few minutes later. Following the screams of the child right to her door he knocked. There was no answer so Jane let himself in. Once in he froze at the sight of a completely harried Lisbon with a baby who was constantly gesticulating in all directions while being held in her arms.

He smiled then approached her.

- "Need help perhaps?" He whispered in her ear.

- "Jane…?" Lisbon jumped. "You scared me. Could have you just knocked?"

- "I did several times there was no answer. I decided that I could let myself in." Jane explained.

- "Ok…Now that you're here please help me." Lisbon asked pleading with her eyes. The same eyes which Jane could never say no to.

He immediately dug through the items which came with the child. Finding what he needed he showed Lisbon the proper techniques in changing a baby.

- "See Lisbon you spread the changing pad underneath then using the wipes to clean the baby. You pick her up like so. Place the clean diaper like this then Viola clean and happy Baby." Jane instructed. "Now you try."

Lisbon followed Jane's guidance and eventually after several tries she got the hang of the process.

- "I did it! Jane I did it!" Lisbon squealed with delight and jumped into Jane's arms.

- "Yes you did next you need to learn about how to feed her." Jane said removing Lisbon from his arms. Lisbon pouted being removed from her consultant's arms.

- "So am I going to need to feed her now?" Lisbon asked.

Jane distracted by tickling the young one on the stomach looked up from the giggling baby.

- "She will tell you when she is hungry. Lisbon babies make distinct cries for different things. There are cries for whether they are happy or cross or hungry or wet or just tired and cranky. You will learn them quickly enough… Isn't that right baby? Yes it is!" Jane said turning his attention back to the infant.

Lisbon paused to look at her consultant. He was so good with the baby. Then other thoughts started appearing. She wondered how good would he be with a child of their own. Lisbon dismissed those thoughts immédiate as too dangerous.

Jane started to look around. Curious Lisbon crept closer.

- "Lisbon...Where is the baby going to sleep?" Jane asked.

- "I don't know can she go back into the basket?" Lisbon asked.

- "Teresa she is too big to remain in there. She needs more room to roll around and exercise her tiny little muscles. There is no enough room in the basket." Jane patiently said.

- "I don't have any where to place her…What about the couch?" Lisbon asked.

- "The Couch? No No No Lisbon not the couch she could roll over and fall off. She could be hurt. Let me go and get some proper equipment for her?" Jane suggested.

- "Please do and hurry Jane I really do not know what to do with her." Lisbon complained.

- "Ok Ok I'll be as quick as I can. Meanwhile you hold her until I return Ok Lisbon?" Jane asked.

Jane instructed her on the proper holding method then he gently placed the little girl in his boss' arms who took the child with trembling hands. Jane stepped back then looked at them for a moment. Lisbon did not seem comfortable at all and Amy felt it. Thus she moved, waivered then began to cry.

After Jane left Lisbon then tried to recall his teachings. She made a face at her. It seemed to work because the little girl laughed then move her arms in all directions like if she was having fun. Lisbon then felt more confident. She walked up and down in the living room while continuing to entertain the child. She seemed to like it. Finally she liked the girl and the latter seemed to like her too.

Jane carrying the bed and playpen came back into the room and began to contemplate the woman and the little girl. Lisbon seemed more at ease with the child. Se was acting like a real mommy. Jane thought that she would make a wonderful mother. He knew she had raised her three younger brothers but they weren't infants. So to see how she was with the baby made him smile. It also made him recall a time when he looked after his Charlotte. It was the best time of his life.

He drove quickly those sad thoughts from his mind. He felt the tears in his eyes when he joined her in the living room. He approached her when she raised her head smiling to the fullest.

- "I think she likes me," Lisbon said surprised.

Jane looked up from his construction project a bed for the baby.

- "Who does not like you?" replied the Mentalist not fully realizing the double meaning.

Lisbon blushed then looked away. Jane really had a knack for making her uncomfortable in any occasion. But for once she did not blame him. The presence of little Amy made the difference.

Finally after a few minutes she placed the baby in the small bed constructed by her consultant. Jane had moved away but still watched how Lisbon was doing. She covered the young one with the blanket Jane had brought then came back into the living room. She found Jane working on the playpen. She stood there watching him work. She did not want to disturb him right now. He was finally doing something good.

She stood trying to figure out what was so different about her consultant. She noticed his attitude had changed since Amy arrived. Jane was not his normal annoying pain in her side but was gentler and smiled more he acted like the father he had once been.

Jane stood up once he had finished with the pen then put everything away and faced Lisbon. They smiled then together went to the kitchen.

They prepared something to eat together like a couple and were surprised to like it. They then ate in peace. They finally settled in the living room to drink their coffee and tea.

Time passed and neither one nor the other noticed. It was almost midnight when Jane got up and decided to go home. Lisbon didn't allow him before going into all panic mode.

- "You can not leave…Now?" Lisbon said as her voice registered higher than it was earlier.

- "What…? You miss me already?" Jane quipped.

- "I ... no ... but I don't know what to do when she wakes up." Lisbon confessed.

- "You will be fine Lisbon. You have the maternal instinct." Jane said trying to build her confidence.

- "What…? No…not at all…I absolutely do not know what to do" Lisbon said panicky.

Lisbon was on the verge of all full blown panic attack.

- "Teresa it is only for one night then tomorrow we will find her mother and you will be alone again." Jane calmly explained.

- "Perhaps…but in the meantime… It's out of the question that you leave me alone with a baby. You'll sleep on the couch." Lisbon stated.

Jane bemused on the sudden turn of events shrugged his shoulders and started making himself comfortable on her couch with the blankets and pillows she provided. Bored he began to look for some entertainment. Seeing the remote to the TV he turned it on and began to surf.

Lisbon went to her bedroom. Having her consultant with her for the night made her a little nervous and yet nothing had happen. Moreover, it was she who had told him to stay. But she could not help but think inappropriate things to do to him. Those things crossed her mind much more often lately. She had developed feelings for him that scared her. He was yet everything that made her life miserable but she could not help but find him appealing, attractive, nice, plus pleasant company when he chose to. Tonight she also added the words tender and attentive. This man was certainly full of surprise.

She went to bed with images of Jane dealing with Amy in her mind. In the dark of the night she was awakened by cries from crib. It took her a moment to remember that there was a baby then a few more minutes to awake. She got up putting a robe on then went to the crying baby. Half way there the noise had stopped. Worried something bad happened she quickly moved to where the baby was located. She suddenly stopped at the doorway to see why the infant had stopped crying. It was Jane in a chair giving a bottle to the girl. She was touched by the image she saw then stood for a moment to observe the baby playing with his fingers and smiling. Jane was speaking quietly and very softly. Surely he didn't want to wake Lisbon. Once relieved of the situation she turned around then went back to bed. Jane was a miracle worker. He managed everything. She was glad to insist he stayed.

- oooo -

The next morning Lisbon heard a small knock on her door that made her open her eyes. What she saw was Jane coming with a tray containing breakfast. She smiled. She had never had anyone bring her breakfast in bed when she was not sick. She was deeply touched by his kindness then thanked him in a small sleepy voice. Jane placed the tray on the bed then left. He allowed her to eat in private.

Once she had downed her cup. She went to the bathroom to prepare for the day. She entered the living room. She found the Mentalist with the girl in his arms. He was deeply involved in telling Amy a story. He told the child how he liked to tease Lisbon. The girl looked at him intently. Lisbon decided that Jane was really perfect in everything he did.

But her heart sank at the thought that he was so quickly attached to the child. The separation would be difficult. She herself was quickly attached to Amy and she didn't want to let her go. Although living with a baby was terrifying. She knew only too well how life was in Foster homes. She dried a tear that had trickled down her cheek then joined the consultant and the little girl.

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