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The house was quiet in this morning of December 25th. There was not a sound which came to break the serenity of the morning. The house was decorated for Christmas. It was a large tree in the living room, huge, with beautiful decorations of all colors, balls, garlands and with a beautiful star at the top.

The furniture also was decorated with garlands made up of multitudes of small beads. Under the tree proudly enthroned boxes packed up in bright colors, large, small, long and thin. There were all kinds of boxes and envelopes.

Suddenly the silence was broken by the sound of hurried footsteps on the stairs and three heads appeared at the door. There were three little children with brown hair. The three children rushed to the tree and fell on boxes with envy. But a voice was heard behind them and they released the packages.

- "Not now kids," announced the female voice still full of sleep. She was Brunette too. She rubbed her eyes and stifled a yawn.

She smiled at them and they understood without a word before getting up then leaving in the direction of the kitchen. Together, they prepared breakfast and put it on a plate before getting up the wide staircase. They walked in silence not wanting to wake the late sleepers.

Finally, they reached a door on which was drawn a couple embracing. Small giggled were heard before opening the door gently. They entered softly, holding the tray and advanced to the bed. The oldest of the group took the tray then place it on the small table. It was on the right side of the room. Leaving the tray the oldest went to join the other three. They threw knowing glances and then jumped on the bed which did not even awake the sleeping couple.

- "Wake up, Wake up" they cried in chorus.

The man raised his head from the pillow with his eyes half closed and looked around him to figure out what was happening. He discovered the four children then he motioned for them to come closer. They did without hesitation. The woman against him was not yet awake.

She was reluctant is leaving her sleep. The man leaned over to her then placed a tender kiss on her neck under the eyes of happy children. She lifted her shoulders then tried to chase the intruder away but he repeated the gesture. She groaned in annoyance then pulled the blanket over her head to hide. This action did nothing to discourage her husband. He pulled the covers off of her to reveal the children.

- "Patrick! Behave" she whispered exasperatedly.

- "Yes my sweet?" he answered by sticking his lips against her cheek kissing her once again.

- "Go Away I'm Tired." She announced.

- "Teresa the children are here. They want to wish you a merry Christmas plus they have a gift for us." Patrick cajoled his wife.

With the word gift Teresa looked up then saw three pairs of eyes and bright smiles. She smiled back leaning against the headboard then faced the children. She opened her arms wide and they pounced. They were only too happy to share this moment.

After a few minutes of hugs and kisses she stood up then walked over to the table and inspected the tray. A new smile stretched upon her face. She turned to the group.

- "Thank you all for this wonderful surprise" Teresa said smiling.

- "Your Welcome Aunt Teresa!" They all chorused.

- "Is there any for me?" Patrick asked as his hand got slapped by Teresa playfully.

- "No Patrick you need to get your own they got it for me! Teresa said.

- "Evil Woman…! Patrick groused.

Teresa beamed with a large smile then Patrick struck wrapping his powerful arms around her and spun so she would face him. Pulling her closer he pressed his lips to hers in a most passionate kiss.

- "Merry Christmas Teresa" Patrick said.

- "Ew Ew Uncle Patrick is nasty!" came from the kids.

- "Uncle Patrick is not nasty. It shows how much he loves me and all of you." Teresa scolded.

Teresa grabbed the hands of her husband then lacing their fingers placed them on her belly. A small blow against their hands made them smile.

- "This one is quite full of life" Patrick said placing his head on his wife's shoulder.

- "It runs in the family" she replied.

- "Who was it in the Family?" Patrick teased.

- "Patrick you know that one. Kids who is it from?" She asked the kids who were all a twitter.

- "Uncle Patrick!" they replied then they all burst into giggles.

Jane placed a tender kiss on the belly of his beautiful wife and turned back to face the children who were still on the bed giggling.

Patrick looked at their shining faces.

- "Ok Troop it is time head on out!" He ordered.

The kids did not hesitate. They scampered off the bed and ran down the stairs as quickly as they could. Teresa smiled watching them leave.

- "Eat up Mrs. Jane they are waiting on you." Patrick said leaving her with another kiss then charged out the door too.

Teresa dug in with gusto as Patrick was downstairs berating the kids in getting into the gifts.

- "You all know your Aunt will be deeply disappointed if you open one box or ribbon without her seeing. You are all just going to have to be patient." Patrick warned.

- "Ah Uncle just one Please it could be our little secret!" The eldest said.

- "You have spoken like a true Jane but in this case I have to disagree. No secrets on Christmas!" Patrick said.

- "Awww" was heard from the group but Patrick stood firm.

After a few minute which seemed like hours Teresa appeared at the bottom of the stairs. Patrick jumped up to kiss her again.

- "Have any problems convincing the troops?" she whispered.

- "Nope let me help you get settled on the couch" Patrick said.

Teresa with Patrick's help placed her gently on the couch. The kids watched their relatives with eager eyes. Teresa comfortable on the couch finally spoke.

- "Ok you all know the drill Uncle Patrick has the Santa Hat therefore he has the privilege to doling out the packages only one for each right now Patrick. Teresa commanded.

- "Yes my Queen." Patrick said as the kids eagerly waited the bestowing of that one gift.

Once each child had a bright package to unwrap the signal was given.

-"Ok the eldest can unwrap the gift first then on down the list but one at a time!" Teresa said.

The kids waited in perfect harmony to see what each child was given.

The eyes of children were amazed discovering the toys with such the joy on their faces. Teresa finally got up with some difficulties before joining them on the floor. She sat under the tree to help the yougnest in opening the biggest box she had ever seen.

The kids had scattered to play with their toys. Patrick looked at them a moment when he heard a noise upstairs. He looked up at the ceiling and his smile grew even bigger, if that was possible. He climbed the steps four by four then entered a room. He came out a few minutes later with a little girl.

Arriving in the living room, the ground was almost invisible as the papers were scattered everywhere. Under the tree, Teresa laughed seeing the children fighting with a sword against a plastic lightsaber.

- "Children…" called Patrick "look who's here."

- "Amy!" they shouted

The toys were forgotten. They dropped to the ground whatever they had in their hands. They all came running toward the Mentalist who placed the girl at his feet. She ambled over to open her gifts. Amy still crawled on her knees. She was still a little asleep and not quite sure she could walk. The oldest of three children lifted the girl then placed her in front of the large tree while the other two brought to her gifts. Patrick helped Teresa to rise and hugged her. They enjoyed this time with their family.

- "Aunt Teresa…" called the older girl.

- "Yes sweetie…?" Teresa replied.

- "What's time will Dad arrive?" She asked.

- "In the afternoon my dear, so you still have time to enjoy your toys before we have to pack your bags." Teresa said.

The girl got up then kissed her Aunt Teresa on the cheek and returned to sit with the others.

Teresa was happy more happy than ever. For the first time in her life, she celebrated Christmas with a man and children. Her brother Tommy had suddenly asked her to take care of the young ones until he returned. It was the night before when he had informed his sister that he would return the next day. The young woman had been happy to do so. Since she and her younger brother had reunited they saw more regularly each other to hers and Patrick's delight.

A few months earlier, they got married with only Cho, Rigsby, Van Pelt and her three brothers with their children. Patrick had no family. Cho was his best man and Van Pelt was her maid of honor. The ceremony was celebrated on a bank of the American River near Sacramento.

They spent their honeymoon in a small cottage in the mountains then returned three weeks later. Tommy took care of little Amy during this time. Her brother, James who was seeing a woman, had asked her to take care of his children for Christmas, Leonora, Olivia and Spencer. Teresa loved her nieces and nephew and had gladly accepted. And so she had spent Christmas with her family. Annie, Tommy's daughter, was happy to come along with her cousins and Teresa was happy to have her too.

While she was still in his embrace she felt a pain which forced her to fall to the floor. Jane turned to her wanting to know what was wrong. Then he understood immediately. He grabbed her by the arm and helped her settle on the couch.

- "Leonora the baby is coming. Get my phone Good Girl and call 911.

- "911 Operator can you tell me the nature of your emergency?" the operator asked.

- "My Aunt is in pain the baby is coming please send an Ambulance." She said.

- "I have your location please stay on the line until the ambulance arrives." The operator said.

A few minutes later the EMT's arrived and Leonora hung up with the operator.

- oooo -

There were five children waiting patiently in the waiting room under the care of a nurse. The youngest wondered what had happen to their aunt while Annie had Amy in her lap. She talked to her in reassuring tones. The baby girl sniffed from time to time. She expressed her desire to see her mother. Nothing could calm her down.

It had been hours that Teresa was in labor. Their Uncle Patrick was with her. None of their colleagues were in town. They all had obtained holiday leave. There was nobody who could come to take care of the children. Therefore, the nurse did everything she could to calm them.

Finally, after several minutes, a doctor came to the nurse.

The man approached the group and miraculously Amy calmed down. The man came out and spoke to them.

- "Your Uncle will be out soon. Your Aunt is fine. He will talk to you." The man said.

The kids grew nervous. Amy wailed for her mother. Patrick appeared.

He bent down to look at them.

-"Uncle Patrick what is happening? Is the baby safe?" Leonora asked.

-" Kids, Your Aunt Teresa had some problems with the baby ..." Patrick started.

- "How is she, and how is the baby?" Annie asked worriedly.

- "Your Aunt Teresa wants you all to know she loves you all very much. I will be taking you to see her but you need to be very quiet. She needs to recover. The baby we will not see right away. It needs to get stronger so there is a special place where that will happen." Patrick said.

The youngest children held on to Patrick's hand as he led them to calm their fears.

- oooo -

He entered with the kids. Patrick told the nurse that he would tell her this news in his own way. Patrick withheld the news of her losing one of the twins to himself.

Teresa was a bit out of it when she saw all the kids surrounding Patrick.

-"Hey Baby girl" she said to Amy who was finally reunited with her mother. The other Kids crowded around her.

- "How are you Aunt Teresa? I was so worried." Annie said.

- "I'm tired Annie I am barely able to stay wake." Teresa said.

Patrick kissed his wife as she fell asleep.

- "Come on kids your Aunt has fallen asleep so we need to go." Patrick said.

The kids all gave their Aunt a kiss then left. Patrick left with the kids to take them home. The excitement of the morning had left them exhausted. Patrick got them into bed pretty easily. He could not leave until Tommy return. He had not returned any of his calls. In the morning Tommy arrived. Patrick was glad to see him.

- "Thomas I need you to care for the kids. I need to return to the hospital. I have to be there when she is told the bad news." Patrick said to his Brother in Law.

- "Uh Sure what happened Patrick?" Tommy asked.

- "Teresa went into premature labor. Thomas she had twins but one was too underdeveloped. That one died." Patrick started to cry. "She does not know yet."

- "I understand Patrick you are family anything I can do name it." Tommy said.

- "Thanks for your understanding I need to go." Patrick said.

Tommy hugged the Mentalist.

- "Go attend to my sister" Tommy said breaking the embrace.

Patrick left the house and entered the hospital room in record time.

- "Hey" Teresa said looking at her husband with bags under her eyes but alert just the same.

Patrick wrapped his arms around and kissed her.

- "Teresa I have to tell you something which will hurt. We had twins. The ultrasound never showed the shadow twin. She was too underdeveloped to survive. I'm so sorry Teresa I am truly sorry to break this news." Patrick said.

- "What's diagnosis about the other?" Teresa asked suddenly anxious.

- "She survived but she is an incubator Teresa she looks like you." Patrick said.

Teresa was glad the one twin survived but was heartbroken that one did not. Patrick noticed his wife was weeping. He held her as she shook in her wailing. He joined her as they grieved together.

- "I know Teresa I am sad too but think our other daughter and Amy. They are going to need us and our love." Patrick said.

- "What can we do to overcome this?" Teresa asked.

- "Together we will succeed, I promise." Patrick said.

Teresa shifted in the bed to make room for him. Patrick moved to her side wrapping his arms around his love.

- oooo -

It was not until after the New Year before Teresa could leave the hospital. Their daughter was forced to stay a little longer just to be sure she was okay.

Patrick with the help of the kids and Tommy prepared the house to welcome her home later in the day.

Grace had returned once Patrick informed her. Her help was assisting Patrick in getting Teresa from the hospital. Teresa didn't want to leave the hospital without her daughter. The separation was too hard for her. With Grace's insistence and the doctor's reassurance allowed Teresa peace of mind to leave her daughter behind.

Teresa returned home with Grace and Patrick. Her brother and her nieces, nephew and daughter all welcomed her back. Her return was difficult. The first night without her Daughter was terrible but the presence of Patrick by her side helped much. That and taking care of little Amy help reinforce she was still much needed

During the week of waiting Patrick did his best to help Teresa even if he was himself affected. The children helped to bring a smile to their aunt face and together they succeeded quite well.

And finally the big day came. Everyone had to prepare the house while the couple went to the hospital. The hours passed and finally, Patrick and Teresa returned with a little baby in her mother's arms.

When they entered the house, the whole family and friends were there to welcome them. Even Minnelli had made the trip for his favorite agent.

Teresa and Patrick smiled while she walked in the room to present her daughter.

- "Everyone, I want to present you our daughter Marianne Lisbon Jane" She said smiling while gazing softly at the little girl sleeping in her arms.

Patrick approached then hugged her. He then felt something pull on his pants leg. He looked down where he saw Amy holding out her arms. He bent down and picked her up. Amy looked at her little sister. She was a beautiful little girl with her hair as dark as her mother. Perhaps she had the blue eyes of her father. Everyone walked slowly over to greet the newcomer.

Teresa looked around her to see her family. There were her brothers with their children, her colleagues, her former boss and her husband. Finally, there were her two daughters each one held in their arms by a different parent. Things had changed. Teresa no longer doubted in her ability to care for a child.

Patrick had said so many months earlier. At first she doubted his words. Now she knew she did have the maternal instinct. Teresa looked at her sleeping daughter which was held against her. She knew she would never doubt it again.


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