When Spock Prime rushed urgently onto the bridge everyone was surprised. It was unusual to see him display that much emotion, even though he was more emotional than your average Vulcan. Things had settled down since the incident with Nero. Star Fleet was rebuilding their programs, and the Vulcan people were rebuilding their species entirely. The Enterprise was preparing for their first mission under the command of Captain Kirk. Things were finally starting to run smoothly, or so they thought.

"The D'Vahl is being attacked by Romulans. She was destroyed in my time, only the Enterprise can save her."Said Spock Prime not one second after he reached the bridge. Kirk immediately had the ship put on red alert, before heading to the ready room with both Spocks. Spock Prime had barely finished explaining the situation when Ensign Pavel Chekov came racing in.

"Ve must go quickly, ve have to go now" The Ensign pleaded desperately. "We're doing our best Ensign, but we aren't even sure of their exact location" Said a confused Kirk soothingly. Usually Chekov didn't get so worked up about these things, but he was still a teenager. Who knew what was going through the kids head? "I've been in communication vith their science officer, I know where they are. But ve have to hurry, they vont last much longer without our help. I've set the location in already, Sulu's just waiting for your command." Chekov rambled worriedly. Kirk reached for the com. "Kirk to Sulu, get us going towards Chekov's location. I'll be up as soon as I'm able." Hearing this Chekov breathed out in relief. "Now Chekov," Kirk said with concern "What was that all about?"