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The Change

"GET DOWN!" the Doctor screamed as he shoved Rose ahead of him into the TARDIS. She hit the grilled floor, her head bouncing with the force of his push, but thankfully escaping just in time for the bolt that had been aimed at his back to pass harmlessly over their heads. The Doctor's hearts thundered in his chest as he kicked the TARDIS's door shut with one foot and looked up to reassure himself that his companion was unharmed. "Did they see you?" he demanded as she staggered to her feet, tenderly rubbing the sore spot on her head. Relief washed over him as she stumbled towards him and he gripped her shoulders, almost ready to weep in gratitude that she was alive.

"Rose? Did they see your face?" the Doctor yelled, pushing her farther into the TARDIS. "Oh, you hurt your head, are you okay?"

"I just don't know!" Rose shouted back, adrenaline surging through her full force.

"But did they see you?" he shouted. If they had seen her… The Doctor normally would give anyone one chance but if they had seen Rose…if they harmed her at all..

"I was too busy running to tell! Don't worry about me, what was attacking us?" Rose shrieked as the Doctor ran to the controls and began to pilot the TARDIS away, only to discover in horror that they were following them.

"Rose, it's important! Did they see your face?" the Doctor repeated. He cupped that face in his hands, his brown eyes a silent plea for her to remember – to know. Her blonde hair tickled his fingers and her lips quivered as she tried to recall everything that had just happened. Her own hazel eyes darted to and fro. She worried her lower lip with her teeth and then shook her head as the Doctor let his hands slip away from her face.

"No, no, they couldn't have!" Rose replied, her voice lowering as she began to tremble. The rush of adrenaline was beginning to wear off and she felt as though her legs were turning to jelly despite how sharp her mind was at the moment.

"Off we go," he muttered as he set the coordinates to get them out of this nightmare he never thought would happen. The Doctor ran to the controls and began to pilot the TARDIS away towards safety, only to discover in horror that they still being pursued. The TARDIS's alarms began blazing and the Doctor grabbed the monitor, pulling it to where he could see it. "Argh! They're following us!"

"How can they do that? The TARDIS is a time machine," Rose whispered, placing a comforting hand on the Doctor's shoulder, hoping that her words were true.

"Stolen technology. They've got a Time Agent's vortex manipulator that they must have killed for," he answered as he began fumbling with the controls. "They can follow us where ever we go now. Right across the universe. They're never going to stop. Unless…" he said as he scrubbed a hand through his wild brown hair, making it stand on end. His brown eyes stared into the far distance. Oh, this is going to be bad. Really, really bad, he thought to himself. But there was no other way he could think of. "I'll have to do it," he whispered to the air. Rose was staring at him, her hand stretching out towards him. "Rose, I don't even need to ask – you trust me."

"Of course I do, Doctor. Wait, what are you going to do that makes you have to ask me that?"

The Doctor ran his hands through his hair in frustration as he explained what needed to happen to Rose. "The Family of Blood, they want to feed off my Time Lord essence…I have to do it, I'm sorry Rose. I'm so, so sorry."

"What? What do you need to do?" Rose gasped as the Doctor lowered a strange looking device from the ceiling.

The Doctor stared at her a long moment before continuing. "Rose, this is the Chameleon Arch. It's going to rewrite my biology to human so we can hide…we need to hide for three months. I'm sorry, I won't be me anymore. The TARDIS will implant a story into my head. I will be inside this fob watch. You need to keep an eye on this watch. She'll help you with what to do," he frantically explained as he ran around the controls to set the correct coordinates. If he had to do this, better to take Rose someplace safe and familiar to her where she could find help if necessary. "We'll be around your mother, she'll just love this," he snorted, wondering how many infamous slaps from Jackie Tyler he would earn over the next three months.

Rose nodded, assuring him that it would be okay and she could deal with it herself. "It's okay," she whispered in what she hoped was a reassuring voice, taking one of his hands in both of hers "But…will you know me at all?"

"I don't know," he slowly admitted. "It all depends on what the TARDIS implants into my human memory," The Doctor said, connecting himself to the arch before he turned to her with a look of sad reluctance on his face. "Rose, I was going to take you to see Ed Sullivan and Elvis today."

Rose laughed, remembering last week when he had tried to take her there but had instead ended up getting her face sucked off by a crazy woman in a television.

However, Rose immediately stopped smiling when the Doctor turned on the Chameleon Arch and started screaming in pain, every speck of DNA rewriting itself. She tried to help him as much as she could, gripping tightly onto his hand and using a spare handkerchief she found in her pocket to wipe the sweat off of his face. Despite her attempts to remain calm, tears streamed down her cheeks as she was forced to watch the Doctor writhe in pain in a desperate attempt to keep them both safe.

"Mum! Come help me!" Rose called out as she attempted to drag the human - and now unconscious - Doctor out of the TARDIS. Thankfully, the ship had landed in a warehouse behind the Powell Estate.

"What's wrong with him?" Jackie asked as she helped carry the man into her flat and lay him down on the couch that was much too short for his tall, lanky frame. He was pale and looked as if he had been tortured recently. His shirt was stuck to his chest and his normally spikey hairdo was matted down against his forehead. Rose grimaced – there was no way he could rest comfortably like that.

"Mum, get a basin of cool water and a couple of washcloths and towels for me, would you please?" she asked, knowing her mother would help whether she liked the Doctor or not. "I'm going to run and get him a change of clothes out of the TARDIS." Rose also needed to get whatever instructions the TARDIS had come up with while she was at it. And, she really needed to keep moving. She needed to be doing something, anything really. Otherwise, the sight of the Doctor writhing and screaming in pain would make her break down into a sobbing heap that she wasn't certain she'd ever get out of and the Doctor needed her to be strong right now. Rose felt her body recoil and begin shivering. She swallowed hard, feeling a lump forming in her throat. Then, with a determination borne of desperation, she ran back to the TARDIS. There was a recording on the monitor for her – she'd look at it later, knowing she couldn't handle anything more right now. She also grabbed a set of keys and a few sticky notes that the TARDIS had thankfully made for her detailing instructions. She'd look over those once the Doctor was settled and wasn't looking so miserable.

Digging out a spare set of clothes along with some of the more common medicines she knew that the Doctor would be able to take – he couldn't abide human medications, they might kill him as he was allergic to aspirin – she raced back to her mother's flat. Her mum was no slouch and had a pretty good idea of what Rose was planning on doing to help him. Jackie had moved the Doctor to Rose's bedroom, laying him on towels she'd spread out over the mattress. By the time Rose ran back in, the Doctor's other suit was hanging over the back of the door and he was clad only in his pants. The basin of water – cool with a few ice cubes in it to keep it from warming up too much – was sitting on Rose's nightstand. Jackie nodded to her daughter, giving her a look that demanded an explanation soon, and left Rose to wash the sweat off the alien's body. With a wince, a sigh, and a quick prayer that he would forgive her this intrusion into his personal space, Rose set about cleaning him off as she had when he'd collapsed after regenerating so long ago. Then she covered him with the light duvet, shut off the light, and carried the basin and washcloth to the bathroom. She took his soiled suit and decided that she'd run it to a dry cleaner's later so he could wear it again. For now, she wanted to check out the instructions the TARDIS had given her while she also explained, absent-mindedly, to her mother what had happened - how the Doctor had turned himself human to hide out and that he wouldn't be the same person anymore. Well he looked the same but it wasn't really him controlling the body anymore. Admonishing her mum to be polite and not to slap him no matter how rude he was, Rose stood up, tucked the keys from the TARDIS into her jacket pocket, straightened her shirt and trousers so she'd look halfway presentable, and began moving once more before the images could build in her mind again.

"What do I do if he wakes up?" Jackie mumbled as Rose flew out the door to execute the plan the TARDIS had masterfully created. First up was a stop at the local university, with the help of the physic paper, to explain that the human Doctor would make a great guest professor for physics. Also, there was a set of keys to what promised to be a nice flat in a rather wealthy part of the city that she would have to check out to make sure it was ready for habitation. However, that was all the TARDIS had told her. She had absolutely no clue if the human Doctor knew who she was and hoped she could make sure he didn't get into trouble and leave her. He had been quite emphatic about that point.

"Hello, I have this." Rose said, showing the person at the front desk of the administrative university the physic paper. The taxi she had taken waited for her just outside the doors. Rose was relieved she had happened to dress nicely this morning. It would not do well for her to wear a t-shirt and jeans if she was going to pull this off.

"Oh yes, we would be delighted to have John Smith as a professor, he sure does have the qualifications for it," The woman said after glancing at the physic paper. She handed Rose several forms and explaining that she needed to tell John to come in for his first day on Monday. Rose breathed out a sigh of relief now that she had a whole weekend to figure out how she fit into the human Doctor's life.

Grinning to herself in triumph, Rose got back into the taxi, her first checkmark ticked on her long list of duties she made her way to the flat, feeling all posh and a bit overwhelmed as she watched the familiar city fly past her.

She smiled politely at the doorman as she passed by him by, trying her best to look for all the world as if she belonged here. This apartment complex was so posh it actually had a doorman. Rose giggled out loud as she entered the fancy elevator and rode up to the eigth floor, hoping that the Doctor, or John Smith she supposed she should call him now, knew her enough so that she could spend some time hanging out with him in what she hoped would be a very nice flat.

"Geez, the TARDIS did well." Rose sighed as she unlocked the correct door, stepping into the large foyer. After she finished staring at the elegant entry way that was lit by a large crystal chandelier, Rose made her way around the large flat, wondering why John Smith would need so many rooms by himself.

Studying the flat with a small frown of concentration, Rose was pulled from her thoughts by her phone ringing while she searched the kitchen. A trip to the grocers' as well as the clothing stores would be in order. Glancing at the phone, she grimaced. It was her mother calling her.

"What is it now?" Rose asked, surprised when she heard Jackie's voice filled with panic.

"Rose, he woke up. He woke up, what should I do? Does he even know who I am?" Jackie gasped, whispering that she was hiding in the small kitchen as the man began to walk around the flat.

"His name is John Smith, Mum," Rose explained, pretending like she was calmer than her mother. "I don't know anything about him yet either. Just pretend like he was drunk the night before and ask him to tell you everything about his life to ensure that he's sobered up now," Rose suggested, glad that she would soon find out about the man as her mother hung up on her to talk to John and Rose rushed to the shops to get everything the man would need.

Hours later, after Rose had finally finished making the apartment livable and believable, she was relieved to see that her mum was calling her again.

"What did he say, Mum?" Rose asked, wondering why her mother was calling back so soon again. She hoped he would remember her so she could make sure that he got back to this posh flat safe and sound. She sure did want to have time to grab a quick shower before she had to go see him. The small of her back ached rather badly and she was slightly sweaty from all of the shopping, putting things in their proper place, and cleaning the flat up. Her feet ached so much that she just longed to crawl into her own bed and sleep for the rest of the day.

"Rose, I think you should sit down for this. John is making me tea now. You better head over because I told him that you were." Jackie said, wondering how to break the news to her daughter.

"Mum? I already asked you, what did he say though?"

"His name is John Smith, he is a professor of physics and seems like a perfectly polite man, unlike the Doctor. He moved here a few days ago to get a new job…with his wife."

Rose was silent for a moment before she responded again. "Wife? How can he possibly have a wife?"

"He thinks he is married to you!" Jackie squealed. "Rose Smith I guess your name is now. The story that he told me is that you two met at University and have been married for a little over a year now. He doesn't like the fact that you have a job, but you don't care and work at a café even though he's more capable of supporting you. He seems like he is quite wealthy too."

"I'll see you soon." Rose whispered into the phone, trying to blink the tears out of her eyes as she thought of how difficult these three months would be. Although the new Doctor was much more of a flirt than before and she knew that she loved him, she knew they could never have that kind of relationship…and now she would have to be married to the man that used to be him. She reached into her pocket and ran her fingers over the fob watch that contained the Doctor. When he came back in three whole months, he was going to have a hell of a lot of explaining to do.

Rose took a deep breath before she walked into the familiar flat. She had absolutely no idea how she was supposed to act or say, but she mustered up the courage and walked inside with a smile plastered onto her panicked face.

"Where have you been sweetheart?" John, her supposed husband, said with a strange combination of worry and delight. "Way to drop me off at your mothers like that. Though she sure is acting strange today," he mumbled in an undertone so like the Doctor that her heart jerked in her chest.

Rose didn't know how to respond to the stranger that looked so much like the Doctor, so she just settled down in the chair next to him at the table, glaring as her Mum went into the kitchen to get her a mug of tea as well.

"John, I need to talk to Rose for a moment, would you mind?" Jackie asked, eying her daughter as she pulled her into her bedroom and shut the door behind her.

"What do I do Mum?" Rose gasped the moment the door closed. Tears quickly sprang to her hazel eyes. She was going to have it out with the TARDIS over this for sure! Jackie just stood there, strangely grinning at her daughter as Rose began to wonder why her mother was acting so fine about this situation.

"Be a wife to him, I suppose," Jackie grinned, her eyes holding back laughter. "You will be fine. It's only three months," Jackie added, thinking about the fact that she knew Rose so well. It was obvious that Rose was in love with the Doctor, and hoped this wouldn't hurt her daughter, even if it was for the best.

"Thanks, just thanks for the advice." Rose whispered sarcastically as her mother ignored her questions. With a final huff, Rose opened the door and walking up behind John, deciding she should go to the posh flat that she apparently lived in now.

John turned when she came in, smiling at her as he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled something out. "I found this in my pocket; why weren't you wearing it?" he asked, his soft brown eyes appearing a tad hurt and confused.

"Oh, you know how I am with cleaning. I gave it to you so I wouldn't lose it last night while I was cleaning the place and I just forgot," Rose easily lied, wondering why the Doctor had such a beautiful wedding ring with him in the first place as she shoved the ring that fit perfectly onto her ring finger. It fit perfectly, as if the ring had been made specifically for her. Rose's stomach suddenly lurched and her heart began to flutter as the reality of the situation sunk in.

"You want to go shopping for some new clothes today, right?" John questioned, nodding at her tight-lipped smile. "I'm going to go home and get some things ready while you do that," he suggested, lightly brushing a kiss on her forehead. She just remained silent and nodded, the silly smile still on her face, and hugged her mother tightly before she left the safety of the council estates'.

Rose, carrying more bags than she had ever had before in a single shopping trip, supposed she could feel guilty about spending so much money on such beautiful clothes, but shoved the thought to the back of her mind as she remembered that she had to act the role of John's wife and needed new clothes. Plus, John had told her to get whatever she wanted as he handed her a credit card, explaining how unfortunate it was that her suitcase had been lost with almost all of her clothes a few days ago.

"Hello?" Rose called out as she unlocked the door of her new apartment, wondering what John could possibly be doing.

"In the study," he called back, his voice echoing through the cavernous flat. "Thanks for buying us food earlier by the way." John added in. Rose walked into the study, a beautiful room filled with books, and gaped. John looked exactly like the Doctor as he lounged at his desk reading a thick, leather-bound tome.

"I'm just going to put this new stuff in the closet," Rose replied, hefting up one of the bags she had sat down. She walked through the flat to the bedroom, trying to ignore the fact that it was the only one and then stepped to the huge walk-in closet. She was somewhat surprised and a little miffed that John already had clothing and, with a pang that nearly brought tears to her eyes, noticed he still had a liking for suits by the large supply that hung there.

As Rose was hanging the clothes, she felt John walk in behind her. "What all did you buy?" he asked in a curious tone, more than a hint of a smile evident in his voice. "Why don't you show it to me?" Rose almost gasped in surprise when she felt John walk up behind her and wrap his arms around her, burying his face against her neck and lightly kissing her.

"No, not now." Rose exclaimed, trying to stop herself from blushing when John leaned over and pulled out a piece of lingerie from one of the bags. Rose just gaped at it in shock. She had basically forgotten about that bag in particular bag. She'd gotten it at her mother's constant insistence that John would be confused if she just didn't have anything like that in her closet. Her heart began racing as she thought of all the things he would expect from her as his wife. Absently worrying her lower lip with her teeth, she grimaced, relieved that her face would turned away from him, as she supposed she would have to eventually. She just hoped the Doctor understood since it was his fault that John even thought they were married in the first place.

"Fine, but tonight you can show me this," he whispered with a somewhat salacious grip, holding the garment a bit longer before finally setting it aside. "I made reservations for us as well," John explained as he left the room, leaving Rose practically banging her head against the wall in frustration.