Hey guys, so with me being sick right now I decided to write this up in my spare time. So beware its not going to be very good, I'm just rolling with the first idea that came into my head when I decided to do another fanfiction. I hope some of you can come to enjoy this, PEACE! Also note this does not follow the storyline at all, it's events do not correlate with the anime.

-That One Genius

Story: Black Cat

Written By: That One Genius

Pairings: Kyosuke x Kuroneko (Ruri Gokou)

Summary: Kirino has left for America, leaving Kyosuke all alone, one day, while walking back from School, Kyosuke comes across a black cat... Literally.

POV: Kyosuke (1st Person)

"Hmm, America huh? Just like that, she never even said she was leaving, or even bothered to say goodbye" I thought as I walked down the road. The sun was setting ever so slightly, soon reaching the horizon peak, it only sparked more thoughts from me.

"All alone, I thought I was lonely before I got to know Kirino, but at least she was there, now the house seems almost devoid of any life at all, the past year had been kind to me as I bonded with my sister more, but now it seems I'm all alone." I gazed out into the empty streets of... Wait? Where am I? Did I walk too far? I was so lost in thought I don't even know where I am. "Alright, stay calm Kyosuke" I said to myself "you can find your way out of this."

So began my trek through the endless vacant streets, I was about to give up when all of a sudden...


What was that? I sounded like someone... Or something, had scampered behind me.


There it was again, in a panic, I ran my ass off, swerving through obstacles only to be met with a wall.

"Damn!" Not only was I trapped, but the sun was quickly going down and I was losing eyesight. With my quick thinking I pulled out my cellphone and used the LCD screen to see into the dark... Only to be met with a pair of red eyes.

"Ahh!" I screamed as I dropped my phone, it hit the concrete with a thud, but still on, it illuminated the rest of the figure. It was a cat, a black cat as I could just barely make it out with the setting sun. I was still frightened though, but I pulled my hair back a bit before sighing and moving towards the figure and crouching down to meet it.

"Hello there" I said as I gave it a bit of petting of it's head. "You scared me little guy, now go run back home" I said in an encouraging upbeat way, "Shoo!" Still it remained there, sitting, wagging its small tail. I got up and walked and it followed me. "Hey, come on, I'm not your owner, shoo! Go away!" And yet it still remained with me. Sighing, I said "Alright, but the only way you get to stay with me is if I can get home, which seems to be impossible right now." Still I kept walking

It proved true, I have no idea where I am, or rather, where WE are. All I know is now is that I gotta get this cat back. Hmm, maybe it can be good company, I had always wanted a pet. No, damn it Kyosuke, focus on the task at hand.

"Meow." The cat said, then stopped moving along with me. "Wha...?" Then I noticed its outstretched forarm, pointing down a different way. "Alright" I said, reluctantly, "lead the way." The cat did so, taking me through twists and turns until, miraculously, we ended back at my house.

"Wow... How did it... Wha...?" I shook my head, best not think about it. I picked up the cat and cradled it in my arms before walking in. "Hi, I'm home." My usual greeting as I walked in. I went towards the steps until I was stopped by a certain someone...

"Welcome home Kyosuke, aren't you a bit laa... What's that?" My mom asked me. "Oh, hey mom, its just a cat I found, it doesn't seem to have an owner and it follows me, actually, I got lost and it led me back to the house." I said, with a straight face. "Ohh, is that so, well, if you promise to take care of it, you can keep it." "Thanks mom." I said as I raced up the stairs with the cat. I sat down on my bed and put the cat right next to me. It simply stared up at me with an expectant face, smiling. "Well, I guess I need to run to get some food... Ahh wait, I need to give you a name first..."

What's a good name for a cat, maybe... Wait, whats that? I just noticed the cat had a collar on, reaching for it, I read what was on it, but all that was given was a name. "Ruri" I said, wait, that's a girl's name, this cat is a girl? Ahh well, whatever. "Okay then, your name is Ruri, now I'll be back soon with some food." I said as I pet it once more. It purred as it snuggled into my hand, quite an affectionate cat, I almost laughed.

After I brought back the food, laid out a bed, and did all my work, it was time for some sleep. As I got into bed, someone decided to join. The cat jumped up onto the bed and snuggled in. "Well, I guess that's okay, sweet dreams." I said, feeling less alone already.


"Ahhh... Wha...?"


"Ehhhh... Kiri...no...?"


"Ahh, what the... AHHHH!"

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-That One Genius

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