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Black Cat

Chapter 2 "Cat Again"

Kyosuke POV


"Ahh, what the... AHH!"

I rolled over in my bad, and immediately heard a thump on the ground. I reached over and grabbed my lamp light.

"What..." Even my usual nee jerk obnoxious reactions to things fell silent at what I saw. On the floor was a mysterious girl dressed in black... But that wasn't the weirdest thing, she had cat ears. I realized that the thump I heard when I rolled over was her falling on the floor.

"Well, that's not a very nice thing to do when someone tried to wake you..." She said, her voice not nearly meeting the tone of the situation. "Who... WHO ARE YOU!" I shouted, finally getting my voice back. "To you, I'm Ruri, but to myself, I'm simply Kuroneko." she stated, still too monotone for the situation. "Ruri...?" I scanned the room for my new cat, discovering it was gone, and with my door and windows shut, there was no way it could have left my room, but still... "Do you really expect me to believe that YOU'RE my cat?" I blurted out. "Believe what you want, but if you're going to keep having trouble with figuring out the current situation, I suggest you do it a bit quieter, you might wake someone." Ruri said, shutting me down again."But... How?" I asked "Well, if the cat ears and tail don't convince you..." "No I mean, how are you now human?" "I honestly don't know, your guess is as good as mine, I just woke up like this..."

I sat down on my bed, rubbing my temples, trying to assess the situation better, I mean, there is a human crossed with a cat in my room, this is the kind of stuff you only see in those moe animes, not that I would know much about that... Of course. She even has those ears and... Oh, she does have a tail. I examined her a bit more, she had long dark hair, complimenting her dark clothes, her eyes were a crimson red. She is pretty cute, seems to be the unspoken rule of cat-humans.

"Well, if you're done thinking about it, I would actually like to go back to bed." I looked over at the clock, it was about 4:00 AM. "Yeah... I guess." I replied, still kind of out of it. "Wait, why did you want to wake me up?" She stopped in place, and tilted her head slightly. "I... Forget, but I think... I lost something..." She stood there for a while before shrugging it off and laying down. "Hey, do you need a bed?" "No, that's fine, I can sleep on the ground."

I woke up groggy, as per usual being a high school student. "Ughh" I moaned as I rubbed my temples. Wow, I had the weirdest dream I thought to myself, someone woke me up in the middle of the night, and it turned out my cat had turned into... And that's when I rolled over and saw her, sleeping on the floor, my cat that had turned into a girl. "Ahh!" I shouted as I jumped up onto my feet "You're... You're! Ahhh!" I was freaking out, mostly because... "Kyosuke, are you up?" My mom shouted from the downstairs, not good... "Umm, yeah I am, be down in a sec!" I shouted back. At this point Kuroneko had woken up and was rubbing her eyes. "Ruri... Eh, Kuroneko, whatever! You have to leave now, this is going to look super bad if my parents find us up here." She turned and looked at me before simply sprouting a "what?" And then immediately fell back down to the floor in exhaustion.

"Aww come on! You gotta get up!" I shouted, pulling her upwards, suddenly I lost my grip and fell back into my nightstand. "Oww!" I shouted as it tumbled over. I was on the floor cradling my head from the sudden pain. "Kyosuke, what was that?" My mom again shouted, holy crap... "It... Oww, it was nothing!" I looked over at Kuroneko, she quickly let out a "huh" before she picked up something. It was her collar from when she was a cat, she was looking at it. "Kyosuke, I'm coming up!" My mom yelled.

I heard footsteps "crap, no!" I turned and looked at Kuroneko, she had put her collar around her neck. "That's not exactly a..." suddenly, a bright light emerged from the collar. I shielded my eyes and turned away. When the light had subsided, what was left was a cat. The cat I had found a day earlier. "Ohh, the collar!" I realized.

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