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Harry's POV

I was laughing and talking with Ron and Hermione, when something…..rather interesting happened. The doors exploded. We all pointed our wands at the figure in the smoke. "What do you suppose it is?" I whispered to my friends. They shrugged, eyes still on the figure. The smoke cleared and we could see a boy about 18 or 19. We also noticed that the figure was literally glowing with a blue light. The blue light was seemingly harmless, but an aura of power pulsed through it. I could sense it and I knew that even those dim-witted friends of Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle, could sense it, too. He must be really powerful, then.I thought. The boy's eyes opened and all of us were a little freaked because his eyes were also glowing with a blue light. Then, he spoke, but it seemed like a dozen people, men and women, were speaking through him. "Behold, Perseus Jackson, the most powerful man to ever walk this world."He said, then, he collapsed on the floor, the blue energy fading.

Ron's POV

Bloody hell! That was one of the most amazing things I had ever seen! And this boy, Perseus, was the most powerful man ever? Wow. After he collapsed on the floor, Madame Pomfrey, our school nurse, rushed over to him. "Stand back! He needs air." She commanded. She waved her wand and a stretcher appeared. She floated Perseus into the stretcher and she hurried into our clinic, dragging the stretcher and Perseus with her."Head Boys and Head Girls! Lead your houses into their respective towers for the remainder of the meal." Dumbledore said. I walked with Harry and Hermione. "I wonder where the boy came from," Harry said. "I don't know, but that was bloody cool!" I said. Hermione huffed. "I don't believe it. It's just an act!" She said snootily. "Who cares if that was just an act? It's still cool!" I argued. "Guys, calm down. Ron, Hermione has a point. But, Hermione, Ron also has a point. It's still cool. But, what if it's real and he could help us fight against Voldemort, assuming Voldemort hadn't known about him, yet." Harry said, ignoring me when I flinched when he said Voldemort. "I still want to know whether that was fake or not." She said. "Tomorrow, Hermione." I said, wearily. By then, we had reached the Gryffindor tower. Harry gave the fat lady the password. "Riptide Anaklusmos." He said. I headed straight for my bed in the boys' dormitory and fell asleep almost immediately.

Hermione's POV

What a ridiculous name, Perseus. I would say it was all faked, but I need proof. Last night, I set up my clock for 6:30. I had planned to visit the boy before classes started. I brought a bottle of truth potion with me to the clinic. Let's see if last night's act was real or fake.I thought. I knocked on the clinic doors three times and waited. Madame Pomfrey answered the door. "Good morning, Madame Pomfrey. I would like to know if I could visit Perseus." I said politely, mentally gagging at the name Perseus. "Oh, all right. For five minutes. He needs to rest," Madame Pomfrey replied, as she opened the door wider and ushered me in. She showed me to him and then left. I studied his face for the first time. He was handsome, but not really my type. He looked a lot like Harry. Ok, Hermione. One drop equals one question. Only one drop needed, then. I thought. I opened the boy's mouth and forced a little of the potion into his mouth. "Did you pretend the little act last night?" I asked him. "No," he muttered in his sleep. I was shocked. So, here was a powerful being, right in front of me! Suddenly, Madame Pomfrey called out: "Ms. Granger, please hurry! You've only got five minutes left to get to class!" Goodness, I didn't realize it was that late! I ran out of the clinic, straight to History of Magic, my first class, along with Harry and Ron. I couldn't wait to tell them what I've found out.