The war is still at hand between the Greeks and us. I know the people of Troy are getting

tired of fighting, and if it goes on any longer we might not prevail. It is my job as Prince of Troy

to stop this once and for all. I do not see a very great future for us if we continue, all we want is

peace. Those Greeks only want war. How has it come to this? All the fighting, all the

bloodshed, it is horrible. At least we have our wall, that way no one can come in, not even the


"Hector, sir, the Greeks are coming. What should we do?" This question has been asked a lot

throughout the last few years.

"We shall go to the top of our wall and fire if they come to close." My response to this question

is now automatic, it usually does not change. "Get my armor and meet me there."

"Yes sir", and with that the messenger is off.

Even though this is not the first attack, I have a feeling that this one will be different. That

maybe the war will end today, or even tomorrow. My hopes are high and I do hope they are right.

All my men on the top of the wall with me, look out at the distance to see when the Greeks are

approaching. That is when I see the most amazing site, a huge wooden horse.

"Sir, what is that?" There is commotion all around me now. Everyone is thinking the same thing

but no one knows for sure. As soon as the Greeks bring the wooden horse, they walk away, we

all burst out in excitement. They have surrendered! The mighty Greeks have surrendered! I send

two men to claim our new gift, which looks even bigger when they bring it inside.

"My people", I start off telling them the good news, "We have won the war. We are now free to

live our lives in peace again!" Even as I say it, I still cannot believe my own ears. We have been

fighting for so long, it feels so good to stop and start living our lives again.

"Excuse me my Prince, but should we not burn the horse to symbolize the end of our war with

the Greeks?" Even though I do agree with this young man, I feel that the majority do not wish to

do so.

"That should not be done. We will place the horse in the middle of Troy to show everyone our

great victory."

The soldiers are sent to place the horse for all to see and many follow it in admiration.

My people are happy and peaceful once again. After it is moved, it is time for me to go back to

my palace and eat. My wife and son are there waiting for me. My son is thrilled to hear about the

horse, as is my wife, and we spend the whole night talking about it until it is time to rest.

That night I was woken up with a bang. My messenger stormed into my chamber, and told

me the horrible news, that the horse was filled with Greek soldiers and that those thirty soldiers

let in the entire Greek army. I am terrified for what might happen to my family and tell them to

leave as soon as they can for safety. My wife tells me that she has always had faith in me and that

I will come out of this miraculously. After we say our goodbyes, I go to fight the soldiers. How

could this be? Did they not declare peace? They have tricked us.

By the time I reach the fight, I see that many have perished on both sides. Then with my

sword held high, I charge into the war, knowing that if and when I do die, I was a great Prince

and that my family will be safe. A few minutes later, I feel a burning in my chest and fall to the

ground. I look down and see a dagger at my shoulder and blood spilling out. It is my time to die.