Chapter III

Hearing the sudden noise, Izaya's grief stricken face shot up. Seeing Shizuo, he panicked a bit.

"Shizuo I said I would leave Japan." He stated staring at the wall with no emotion.

"…Izaya…" he threw himself onto the bed and wrapped his hands around the smaller male, holding Izaya's back with one hand and his head with the other. His chin leaned on Shizuo's shoulder.

"It's alright to cry. Don't hold it in. It'll make you feel worse."

Wide eyed, Izaya's thoughts rocketed through his head. But he felt…comfort. His eyes closed once more and he shed many, many tears. The informant's tiny, but strong hands clutched the back of Shizuo's bartender outfit as he dug his face deeper into the man's shoulder. He cried and he cried and he cried. His thin frame was trembling violently as he was wracked with tears. All the while, Shizuo held Izaya close, rocking him back and forth whispering soothing words into his ears.

Finally, when Izaya thought he could cry no more, he sniffled and looked up with puffy, red eyes to be met with a smiling Shizuo. Lifting the brunette's chin, he captured him in a sweet kiss. It lasted forever. The taste of cigarettes and milk lingered on the pale man's lips.

"Don't leave Japan. Then you'll be alone," he said, wiping the tears that streaked Izaya's face.

"But I don't have anyone here."

"But you do," he replied to the confused raven. "You have me."

The drowsy boy smiled and lay down on the bed, Shizuo following suit. The smaller male buried his face in the larger man's chest while he hugged his raven. His raven, yes. He liked the sound of that.

Before Izaya drifted off, he thought to himself, 'That's right. I might have been left by family, but I have…love.'