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Three months later

Felicity had enjoyed her first semester at the University of Art. It was challenging and refreshing. Some of the art projects were easy thanks to Sunstreaker's guidance and talents. His art techniques were proven to be advanced and much more efficient than humans. Her professor continued to asked how she came across such techniques. And in return she would always reply with a sad smile. "From a good friend." She would say.

As for her job at the art store she received a bigger pay. As hoped the new condos down the road did offer more customers and with that more business and more employees. She was now paying rent for her condo and buying groceries with ease.

Her popularity was growing as well. Somehow. Everyone knew her at the art store. Perhaps that popularity would come in handy one day.

It was late at night as she sat cross legged on her bed with her longer hair curtaining her face. Carefully she flipped through the sketchbook Sunstreaker had restored. Lately her sadness and loneliness kept eating at her, digging inside her heart. The bond was so vague and distant. She could barely find it anymore.

The moonlight off of the ocean water reflected the light through her open window into her bedroom. It was enough light to look at the sketch of when they were first drinking coffee in the café.

How she wished she could sit with him, just tease, and talk to him again. She gently brushed her fingers across the paper.

Felicity tilted her head and smiled fondly. She imagined him sitting across from her, drawing and staring her down. She imagine his holoform behind her, holding her hand and steadying her paint brush.

She imagined his neutral expression that had that sad tinge of pain glaring her down that she thought was more pitiful than scary. Only after she met him did she notice how much she took that pain away, easing it into something softer and kinder.

Felicity imagined his true frame and his golden lithe form. His transformation so smooth and graceful. Only now could she hear his engine rumble into the night.

A breeze from outside caused her hair to whip into her face. She glanced up at the window and draped the hair behind her ear slowly. She paused. The same sound came from outside her window again. A sudden excited smile was brought to her lips.


your responses and comments for the final goodbye of this story brought me to tears. Happy ones. I try my hardest to bring my best to the table and by far this story has been my favorite one of all. I'm so proud how it turned out and how all of you loved it as much as I have. It was a journey for the both of us. I'm saddened that I have to say goodbye to Sunstreaker and Felicity. Who knows, if my muse decides for a sequel or one shots I will totally listen to her. Until then, happy reading. :)

.Annnnd as if A Sunny Sky wasn't awesome on its own, re-read with a play-list of music that inspired and guided A Sunny Sky!

1) The Xx: "Intro" (10 hour seamless edit)- When I needed to concentrate or sit my ass down and write. Mood setter for the story in general.

2)B. Fleischmann: "Broken Monitors"- Very big inspiration! This is Sunstreaker's and Felicity's relationship progress. The mood and tone of this song really set down their relationship as it progressed. In the beginning it's slow and unsure, the undertones suggesting gentleness(from Felicity) and carefulness (from Sunstreaker). When the clocks come in just after this, their trust becomes stronger. Then in the middle where the beat calms this is where Sunstreaker tells about Sideswipe's death to Felicity. After this the beat becomes faster and stronger, indicating their growing bond and relationship. Then towards the end the instruments fade out one by one. This is where Felicity and Sunstreaker are starting to slip away from each other and learn about the bond. At the very end it's all quiet except for a few chimes. This is their goodbye.

3)The Calling: "Wherever You Will Go"- A very, very, cheesy version of their relationship.

4)Two Steps From Hell: "Clair Voyant","Color the Sky"- Mood setter for Sideswipe's death scene and "Nero"-for Sunstreaker's fury.

5) Two Steps From Hell: "Down"-Mood Setter for when Sideswipe officially passes away.

6) Halo 3 Warthog Run (Extended version)- Mood setter for Chapter 12 when the Black Aventador and Sunstreaker race thru traffic.

7) E.S. Posthumus: "Unstoppable" (Makara)- Mood setter for the fight between Black Decepticon and Sunstreaker.

8) The Temptations: "My Girl"-Mood setter for some lighthearted scenes.

9) Lorde: "Tennis Court"-Mood Setter for serious scenes. (Felicity waiting for Sunstreaker to wake up in later chapters.)

10) A Great Big World ft Christina Aguilera: "Say Something"-Mood setter for Sunstreaker's and Felicity's misunderstandings and emotions in chapter 21.

11) Audiomachine: "The Truth"-Mood setter for Felicity's and Sunstreaker's goodbye.

12) Kaskade: "4 AM"-Mood setter for Felicity's ending scene and credit roll!

This playlist is also on my spotify under my same pen name : Leonixon