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I was mortified. 'Why on earth did I do that? Of course Kevin doesn't need me or my input, it was so

obviously clear. I was, after all, nothing but a dork to him. Mr. popular with his lean, strong muscles and

fabulous looking hair. How I want to-'I cut off mid-thought. What sort of thoughts are these? I felt myself

flush ever so slightly and stuck my tongue trough the gap between my two front teeth. A rather nervous

habit I had developed a few years back. This was strange. I coughed nervously and slid into my first class,

advanced literature. All of the classes I took were advanced. Because of my excellent display of knowledge

in middle school I had already gone through the high school course already and now they were preparing

me with the college courses. It was absolutely a delight to take these classes. As always I was the first to

arrive. I took my normal seat, the one right in the front middle, and began waiting. I tapped my finger

impatiently on the desk, glancing at the clock, willing it to go just a tiny bit faster. A tiny bit. When not

even a full minute had passed I released a slightly annoyed sigh and reached into my messenger bag to

produce my class textbook. A little extra studying never hurt anyone. I became so engrossed into my book

that I honestly didn't notice the three people walk up behind me. But I did notice them when the one

closest to me smacked me in the back of my head. The force was strong enough and took me by enough

surprise that it caused my head to slam down onto the desktop. "Agghh…" The low groan escaped as my

head swam. "Well well well. Look what we have here fellas. We caught ourselves a dork." I gulped down

the bile that rose in my throat. 'Oh no… Jocks!?' I stood up, turning to face the three boys who were

noticeably bigger and stronger than me. "Gentlemen please. I'm sure you all are very reasonable human

beings and wouldn't resort to harming someone of little importance such of myself?" I tried to reason. They

of course ignored me. The one who most likely had hit me in the head grabbed me by the neck. I gave a

tiny squeak and tried to escape. The guy laughed at me. "We have some free time. Let's make this

enjoyable for our little dork. A meeting he won't forget in a hurry." I felt fear rise up inside of me like a

snake. 'Someone help me!'

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