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Chapter 40

'It looks like he decided to just tell them everything right now' Harry thought as he walked towards the group only to spot tears of relief and hope on Neville's face as he got closer to the Lion's table and that Hermione Granger along with Ron Weasley had yet to arrive in the Great Hall for Lunch 'I wonder where Ron is? He would never miss a meal...I wonder what Hermione has dragged him into now...'

"Harry! There you are!" Neville blurted out as his shocked hazel brown eyes rested on Harry, "Did you hear about Ron! My Ron is not really with that girl!"

"You knew about Ron and the potion that Granger and Dumbledore are feeding Ron?" Harry asked in shock as he turned to Seto who was standing tall and proud with a blank emotionless expression on his face, "How?"

"I ran into my younger brother on my way to the Great Hall, he explained everything to me," Seto replied stiffly with a voice as cold as ice, "So when I found Mr. Longbottom sitting in the Great Hall I decided to pass along the news to him."

At Seto's ice like attitude Harry found himself frowning in confusion as his mind tried to work out just why his dragon was being so cold towards him for. Unwilling to let his own problems bring Neville down Harry turned to his long time friend and offered him a calm and kind smile.

"Congratulations Neville, see? Seamus, Dean and I told you not to give up home," Harry said with a smile causing Neville to sit up proudly and give Harry a large smile, "I will talk to you guys later okay? I need to talk to...Professor Kaiba...here about his class..."

"Alright Harry, we will see you around," Seamus replied with a kind smile.

"Just do not forget to have something to eat, your thin enough as it is," Dean said with a pointed look.

At Dean's words Harry watched carefully as a flash of emotion passed through Seto's eyes before disappearing again and being replaced by a blank and ice cold stare.

'Good, it looks like whatever is bothering him is not as bad as I thought if I can still get through to him' Harry thought with a wave of relief washing through him.

"Remember that we agreed to meet up in the common room this evening to talk Harry," Neville offered with a happy smile, "I might be a bit late because I am going to ask Professor Snape if he knows anything about mind controlling potions."

"Take all the time you need Neville," Harry replied with a kind smile before turning to face Seto with a serious look on his face, "Se-Professor Kaiba is there somewhere private that we could talk?"

Nodding his head Seto wordlessly turned and walked out of the Great Hall leaving an amused Harry standing behind him. Shaking his head Harry shot his friends a small grin before turning and quickly following Seto out of the Great Hall.

As Harry followed Seto out of the Great Hall it did not take him long to realise that they were not going far, Seto had chosen to talk to him just outside the portal door.

'It makes sense through...I do remember Mokuba mentioning that there are several advance spells and wards around this area to make it safe' Harry thought as he walked around the corner only to find Seto standing only a few feet away leaning against the wall with his arms crossed.

"Oh love do not be like this," Harry said softly causing Seto's ice cold mask to slightly crack, "Do you think I am going to yell at you? Scream and shout insults at you? Love...my precious dragon...the gifts you gave me...really surprised me and at first I was shocked-"

"So you do not want to be with me anymore...I have pushed you to far," Seto said cutting Harry off, "I understand, I will-"

"Let me finish first," Harry growled out as he walked closer towards Seto, "I said at first, but after I talked with Ace, who fell onto our sofa when he fell through our ceiling, and well after we talked a bit I worked up the confidence to try the female underwear on and...and...oh well here, feel for yourself."

Not giving Seto a chance to do anything Harry reached forwards, grabbed hold of one of Seto's arms and firmly placed Seto's hand on his bum allowing the large more dominate male to feel the female underwear through his trousers. As Seto's hand landed on Harry's bum Harry found himself having to bite back a small giggle at the look of pure shock and happiness mixed with a small bit of lust that appeared on Seto's face.

"Y-Y-You...you are w-wearing a pair?" Seto asked as he suddenly found his mouth becoming dry and his hormones awakening, "You...you really like them? You really are wearing a pair? Which pair are you wearing?"

"Yes, I am wearing a pair, the sky blue pair to be exact," Harry said with a grin at how his precious dragon was behaving, "If you like me wearing them as much as I like wearing the female underwear that you got me then can I ask for you to buy me some more if you ever feel the need to treat me to another gift?"

At Harry's words Seto totally lost it, his blood split into two halves, one half rushing downwards while the other half rushed up to his face. Unable to form a proper sentence Seto simply nodded his head dumbly while taking no notice of the trail of drool that was coming out of his mouth, bent down slightly and claimed Harry's soft red lips for his own.

In reply to Seto's sinfully delightful actions Harry let out a low pleasure filled moan and happily opened his mouth only to find his knees going weak as Seto's sinful tongue entered his mouth and started to explore every little area of his mouth no matter how small or how big. Letting out a soft kitten like sound Harry shyly licked the sides of Seto's tongue only for a wave of smugness to wash over him as he felt Seto shiver against him. Seto let out a low moan of pure pleasure as he found his mind quickly becoming nothing but a blank slate filled with lust, his hands moved downwards on their own accord as they cupped Harry's bum, giving it a small squeeze, and enjoyed the feeling of the female underwear against Harry's body along with the small rubbing sensation against his own body.

'You really want to do this and you really should do this' a small voice suddenly appeared in Seto's mind as one of Seto's hands began to leave Harry's bum and rub the smaller male's clothed chest 'But do I really want to do this here? Do you not want your first time together to be special?'

As the voice in his head became louder and louder Seto found his mind beginning to clear itself of the lust clouded state, slowly and lovingly so he would not upset Harry Seto pulled away from the kiss heavily panting with a look of pure love on his face.

"Seto?" Harry asked softly with a small whimper as his hands gripped the back of Seto's robes tightly, his mind half clouded by lust and the need to mate with Seto.

"Hush love, it is alright," Seto said softly as he leant down and rested his forehead against Harry's forehead, "I just do not want to take this to far...I want our first time together to be something special and something that we will remember, I do not want to...go all the way with you in some hidden hallway...yet..."

Giggling in understanding Harry nodded his head and placed a quick loving kiss on Seto's lips before pulling back.

"I understand, I guess that we both just got caught up in the moment," Harry replied softly as sent Seto a mock glare, "It is all your fault you know, you gave me these female underwear, if it was not for these evil and comfortable and sexy underwear we would of never of lost control like we did."

"Oh I do not know that it was that bad," Seto replied teasingly as he gave Harry's bum a small squeeze with the hand that still rested there, "I found myself enjoying it...I would not object to doing this again."

"Me neither," Harry replied with a teasing grin to his face, "You have the most wonderful tongue."

Suddenly feeling very smug at his mate's words Seto lent down and began lightly licking Harry's neck causing the other male to let out a soft moan of pleasure. Grinning at the beautiful sounds that was coming out of his beloved mate Seto continued only to find himself stopped from sucking on Harry's pulse point because of a strange thick leather black cord that was not there earlier.

To Be Continued...