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Chapter 51 The Epilogue

Panic filled Harry as he ran through the mansion with his two oldest children following behind him while Seto waited for them at the bottom of the stairs with a knowing look on his face with their youngest daughter and the school trunks.

"Have you both got everything? This won't be like your old school remember," Harry said as he looked at his watch, they were running late.

"Dad we have everything!" James Potter-Kiba wined out as his twin brother, Sirius Potter-Kiba nodded his head madly, "And you know that too! You checked our trunks eight times already!"

"I just want to make sure that we have not forgotten anything, with Hogwarts finally back on its feet and its reputation better than before I want everything to go right, I want nothing to go wrong for you both," Harry ranted as they made their way down the last few steps.

"If we do not hurry we are going to be left behind and that will result in a very upset Grandfather, he wants to see the boys off and made sure to make room in his schedule," Seto said as his mate and oldest son's came to stand next to him, "How that man ever became the Minister of Magic for Britain I will never know."

"Daddy! Papa!" Lily Kiba-Potter cried out as she pointed to the Portkey in her Papa's hand, "The Portkey is starting to work!"

With several colourful words, some quick thinking and some very quick moving for Harry and his son's to grab the school trunks they disappeared from the entrance hall of Kiba manor only to reappear on Platform 9 and three quarters.

As the familiar red train blew its whistle Harry found himself crying as he hugged his two twin boys good bye and allowed them to board the Hogwarts Express.

"You know it feels like it was just yesterday that they were born," Harry said softly as he leant in against Seto and held his daughter's hand while waving to his son's as the train began to pull out of the station, "They grow up so fast, in just two years Lily will be joining them at Hogwarts..."

"Then how about we get started again then?" Seto suggested as he placed a loving kiss on Harry's check, "After all did you not tell me that you wanted at least four children?"

The End!

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