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Skies are crying, I am watching
Catching teardrops in my hands
Only silence, as it's ending, like we never had a chance.
Do you have to make me feel like, there's nothing left of me?

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[Jacob's POV]

Why? Why am I empty? Why have I, the one strong fearless alpha been reduced to a helpless, broken heap? Why is my life filled with suffering? Am I that meaningless? My life is at this point. The world is my enemy. My antagonist. It tortures me with its endless possibilities and outlets. And I would take one of those outlets to leave this world if it weren't for one thing. That steel cable that tethered me to this earth. Nessie. She was the only thing that kept me from ending it all. She managed this with her rapidly fading presence in our memories. And every day I was alone broke another piece of my heart. I couldn't keep doing this.

The agonizing silence didn't quite draw me out of my thoughts. But I noticed that we had arrived. My eyes instinctively looked away from the gravestone. I knew what I would see anyway.

Renesmee Carlie Cullen

Missing and remembered

A beloved daughter, niece, grandchild, family member, and imprint

Dearly missed and forever awaited

Come back

I was the only one who had objected to having a gravestone. To everyone else, it provided some measure of closure, despite the little good it did. To me, it made it all the more real. Nessie, mangled and bruised, shuddering her last breath. And it hurt. It hurt to think that my imprint, my steel cord, would snap. That I wouldn't have a reason to live anymore. IfThat I would have lived in vain. That my promises would have been in vain. I had promised Nessie that we had forever. And we hadn't. The Volturi had been prepared. And we hadn't. We went off to celebrate. While they were rallying their forces. We were of relaxing. Then they attacked. They took my Nessie you right out of my very arms. Barely thinking of that night would cause me to phase. Even now I could feel myself shaking. I had to control myself. While I was in the process of doing that a rapid flapping noise reached my ears and I realized that I was the only one not poised for battle. And then a girl crashed. From the sky. On Nessie's grave. She had wings. I knew her. She was my gravity. At last.

And there you have it! Max=Nessie! Yes, it's overused,cliche,(other cliche synonyms),etc. but I wanted to do my own and my plot will be REALLY different! I had 2 pages all ready to type and when I did, it came to this much, only about 350 or so words :+( Also, I hope you liked seeing a different character's POV. I will be switching POV's a lot, so get used to it! Any of my male readers (if I have any), I would highly appreciate it if you told me more of what being in a dude's head is like. Just in case you didn't realize, I am a girl (despite what my friend's say about my tomboyish personality). So please, any guys out there, tell me what a guy thinks like. (Girls who can help, your advice will also be used!) I want to make my writing as authentic as possible. Oh, and if you were wondering why Jake was so sappy and heartbroken in this chappy, it's cuz I think in this scenario he reserves all rights to be as depressed as he wants.

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