"Always watch your thoughts and actions, because from there starts desire. From desire comes the acquiring of. From the acquirement comes addiction." It's something I should have been told. Something of which, I should have been warned. But, no. Life has a cruel way of playing tricks and this was one of them. For it was my thoughts and actions that led to my downfall.

From the day that the seedling of science was planted in my mind, it invaded. It was a territorial and constant plant that never went away. I began to center my life on it. And someday, I vowed, I would change the world. I must admit that while it sounded rather idealistic at the time, I was dedicated to my goal. I would stop at nothing to be where I wanted to be. Betrayals and betraying, love or hate, I would do whatever was needed to start a revolution.

Welcome inside the mind of Jeb Batchelder….