Wassup my friends [insert gangsta accent]? I'm M and I am FINALLY an author on fanfiction! I had been toying with the idea and, on impulse, wrote and uploaded a story! That story ( and the second one ) is/are called Indistinguishable Features and Taken By Storm [I will upload the next chapter in a few days]. Recently, I adopted the story Flying Free from Faliara, so make sure to check out that story! I have been reading fanfiction for a while, but as I said, I am new to the authoring aspect. I can handle flames and constructive criticism so hit me with all you got babay! While reviews and compliments are important to me, I am not going to be one of those authors that -

A) Won't update until I get a certain # of reviews.

B) Will beg for reviews.


C) Will get scared or lose inspiration because of flames.

I want my readers to review because they want to, not because they feel an obligation or want a faster update ( I will update pretty regularly:). But in any case I do appreciate reviews. The reason I don't care TOO much for reviews is because I am writing for myself. I am writing because it helps me express my emotions and I love anything with an word aspect. Reader satisfaction comes second (JK ;)! In conclusion, I want reviews, I won't beg though, and I'm writing for myself! The same is with following and favoriting.

Other than that, I am OK with everything and I am looking forward to writing on fanfiction! Please review or PM me if you have any questions, comments, concerns (I sound like a teacher!) and I will be appy to respond! I hope you enjoy my stories!

Some what sincerely,

M AKA NeonEnigma88

PS… In case you didn't catch it, The next chapter should be up in a few days!