It was a warm summer day. Naturally, Father and Hanabi were training and I had been immediately dismissed. Normally, I would go to Neji-san, the only boy I could talk to, but he was with his engagement. And I refused to bother him when he was with Tenten, the girl who was practically the only reason he got up in the morning. But now the forbidden forest lie in front of me...calling me..the thick shrubbery begging to consume me. I stared at it with wide eyes; the place that Neji-san and Father told Hanabi and I to never go, for a youkai could come and snatch us up. Yet the forest had such a draw to it, as if it was calling me. I needed to go home, I had only came to get away...yet the forest seemed so inviting and no one would miss me...what could it hurt to get a little closer? I walked through the plush grass towards the forest.

"Don't ever go there, a girl like you would be obliterated." I gasped as Neji-san's cold words echoed through my head. I imagined his eyes, cold and disappointed. "What did I tell you Hinata?" I was close enough to the forest to reach out and touch the hard, strong bark of the nearest tree. I shook my head, closing my eyes.

"I need to head back." I whispered to myself, turning my back to the forest. Suddenly, a strong wind rushed at me. I yelped as I nearly fell backwards with the force of it. A flash of red slid by my eyes and I realized, with horror, that the ribbon my mother had given me on my fifth birthday had slipped by. I yelped and sprung after it, reaching a hand out in an attempt to snatch it up. Mama's ribbon, one of the last things I had from her. I could not afford to lose something as precious as this, as precious as a memory of her. I didn't care that I had chased it into the forest, my eyes never left it long enough to even comprehend the danger I was rushing into. I had to get it...my hand brushed against the silky edge of the ribbon and my fingers raced to latch onto it. To my frustration, another gust of wind sent the ribbon flying.

"Come back!" I shrieked in a vain effort to get the long lost ribbon to return. My eyes slowly filled with tears. Nothing ever went my way...My head shot up and I became alert to my surroundings when the snap of a branch echoed behind me. I gasped as I heard a low murmur. I looked around desperately. Was it just the whisper of the wind amongst the trees? Another whisper sounded behind me and I whirled around.

"Who are you?" A small giggle was my only response.

"Show yourself!" I demanded, fear crawling into my belly. Was it one of the fearsome youkai the lived in these woods?

"My, what a pretty young thing...and all mine to play with..." Warm breath against the back of my neck sent shivers down my spine. I gasped, whirling around to see a tall, snake-like man with long black hair and beady green eyes. An unnaturally long tongue whipped out of the creature's mouth and ran over his thin lips as he stared me down, his cold eyes never leaving mine. Needless to say, I ran like there was no tomorrow. As I barreled through the bushes I heard the creepy man's low chuckles behind me, ever gaining. I let out a few small cries of terror as I ran, my legs burning from the pace I was keeping. Neji-san's face flashed through my mind, his scolding words echoing through my head once more. My eyes filled with tears. What would Neji-san think of this?


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