Naruto watched with wide eyes as Itachi chased the little child across the floor. Kisame laughed as Itachi finally managed to catch the hyperactive toddler. Mizuki giggled as Itachi bounced him up and down. Recently, Mizuki's light hair had began to darken, blue streaks running through it.

"Take care of your munchkin." Itachi hissed as he dropped Mizuki into Kisame's arms. Kisame grinned in response, frowning as the kid squirmed and reached for Itachi.

"My own flesh and blood prefers you, Itachi. Something's not right here." Kisame speculated as he tried to bounce the toddler. The toddler immediately broke into tears, screaming Itachi's name until the reluctant Uchiha was forced to reclaim the little boy.

"Maybe Mizuki would like you better if you actually spent time around him." Ami entered the room with narrowed eyes, bags circling underneath them. Her hair was a mess and her outfit looked thrown together. The baby on her back snored softly as she zipped out of the room, weaving her way through the halls.

"I swear, every day she loses a piece of her sanity." Kisame stared after the muttering woman, watching as Namida rushed through the room. She dragged Sasuke forcefully behind her.

"Come on, Sasuke, you can't wear your hair like that! This is your wedding, young man, and you will look perfect for Karin!" Namida screeched as Sasuke broke free. He began running from down the hall, retreating quickly from his noisy captor. Namida collapsed to the floor, her eyes closing. "At least you look nice, Naruto." The woman turned to study the tan blonde behind her. She smiled at him, proud of the results of her hard work.

"Wait 'til Hinata sees you!" Namida whistled, earning a blush from Naruto.

"Namida!" Itachi lectured, his eyes narrowed as he held the drooling kid. "Don't be so crude." Namida grinned at Itachi, rubbing her protruding belly.

"I do what I want. After all, I'm pregnant." Namida stated, a smug look on her face.

"That doesn't mean you can do whatever you want." Itachi replied as he grabbed her arm, helping her up. She instinctively took Mizuki, holding him propped over her shoulder.

"Itachi, go catch Sasuke and make him look nice!" Namida yelled, earning an aggravated sigh from Itachi. She swiveled around, facing Naruto with slitted eyes. "Follow him and make sure he does what I said." Namida watched as Naruto skirted past her, rushing down the hall. He could barely squeeze past the room where the brides were preparing as he trailed Itachi. He followed Itachi into the garden where Sasuke sat, a distant look on his face. Naruto approached the two, collapsing next to Itachi.

"Hn." Itachi sighed, peering over at Sasuke. Sasuke frowned, an irritated look crossing his face.

"Ugh. Do I have to go?" Naruto rose an eyebrow as Itachi grunted again. He watched as both Uchiha stood, darting back into the building. He shook his head, not quite sure what was going on. He trailed them distantly, ignoring the jabberings around him. He smiled when he found the two people he had been looking for.

"Naruto! Where were you!?" Kushine hit her son over the head, planting her hands firmly on her hips and bending down to glare at her son. "You have to get ready! I just saw Hinata, and she was breath-taking! Looking how you look, people will think she's settling! And no one thinks that of my son!" Kushina grabbed Naruto, pulling him towards a room. Naruto was immediately swarmed by servants, his trusty orange yukata ripped cruelly away from him. He was put in a traditional outfit, the cloth draping off of him as his tail whipped back and forth behind him. Kushina smiled at the result, ignoring the glare of her son.

"Kushina, could I talk to Naruto?" Naruto smiled up at Minato. Kushina turned to face Minato.

"About what?" She asked, not liking the thought of being kicked out.

"Um...Guy things? Advice?" Minato smiled sheepishly as Kushina considered this.

"Fine, I'll go help with my daughter-in-all and my niece," As she walked to the door she paused to add one more thing. "Since I'm not allowed to be with my own son." She gave one final pout before sliding the door shut behind her, storming off down the hall. Minato laughed lightly before turning to Naruto, his blue eyes promising wisdom.

"She can be a handful, huh?" Minato smiled kindly, sitting beside his only child. "But I can't imagine myself this happy with anyone else. I want the same for you, Naruto. Hinata is a good young woman and I know you love her now, but love can be fleeting. The last thing I want is for you to not be happy, to regret your choices." Minato watched his words sink into Naruto's thoughts.

"So you're basically saying that this is my last chance? To change my mind, I mean." Naruto asked, staring up into his father's caring gaze. Minato patted his back, standing up. He offered his hand to him.

"We'd better hurry if we're going. The ceremony starts soon." Naruto stared up at Minato, his mouth slowly forming a smile. He took his father's hand, standing up and following him to the door.

"One more thing, Naruto," Minato said as they exited the room to find the halls nearly empty. "Good luck." With that, Minato stepped away, following the flow of the crowd. Naruto watched him go, sucking in a deep breath before he turned to find Sasuke.


"Kushina?" Hinata whispered, turning her head to watch the older woman adjust her kimono.

"Yes?" Kushina asked with a wide smile as she readjusted Hinata's hair. Hinata's long, dark hair was pulled into a tight bun with only her bangs and a few strands framing her face. Her outer kimono was a creamy lavender that matched her eyes, her lips painted a sunset red. She met Kushina's eyes before she continued talking, her nervousness clear in her voice.

"Do you think I'll be a good wife?" Hinata whispered, not sure how to voice her concerns. Would she be able to make Naruto happy? Kushina laughed lightly as she began messing with Karin's dress.

"You'll both be excellent wives," Ami announced from where she sat, rocking her baby back and forth. "If I were you I would be more worried about the husbands." She snapped loudly, causing the baby to wake up and begin screaming his heart out. Namida ushered her out of the room, telling her to attend to her baby elsewhere. Hinata, however, wasn't listening to the other women. All her attention was focused on the redhead sitting in front of her. Kushina put her hand gently on Hinata's knee, a comforting smile on her face.

"Hinata, you will give me beautiful grandchildren. Even Naruto can't contaminate your genes." Hinata blushed a dark crimson at that, her eyes widening.

"G-grandchildren?" She muttered, realizing that she hadn't thought about that part of marriage. She bit her lip, earning a short lecture from her future mother-in-law about how long it had taken to paint her full lips. After Kushina had finished her nagging Hinata deemed it appropriate to voice her concern. "I-I haven't thought of kids..." Hinata looked at the floor for a moment before meeting Kushina's eyes.

"What do you mean you haven't thought about kids? What do you think marriage is for!? What do you think you're gonna be doing all night tonight?" Kushina interrogated her blushing soon to be daughter-in-law a little bit too loudly. Hinata turned to notice that Sakura had entered the room, a light pink dress kimono adorning her thin figure.

"Um...the ceremony's about to begin." Sakura said, a small blush on her face. "Ino sent me to tell you that." Hinata blushed even harder when Sakura ran from the room as though she was going to catch the plague. With a deep breath she stood, straightening herself. She smiled at Karin before turning to walk out. Karin followed her, and the two stood in the hall as Namida and Kushina scrambled into the room ahead of them. Hinata took in a deep breath as she tried to move her thoughts to places other than Kushina's questions. She walked in beside Karin, looking around her. She blushed as all the eyes turned onto her and her red haired counterpart. She walked up slowly, feeling as though she was going to pass out the entire time. She turned her eyes up to the alter, and for a breathtaking moment azure met lavender. Hinata stared into Naruto's eyes, a smile crossing her face. As long as she was with Naruto, everything would be fine. Nothing could go wrong...Suddenly, the doors slammed open behind them and Hinata was left praying she hadn't thought too soon.

"Itachi, Kisame, you motherf*ckers! How could you throw a wedding and not invite us!" Hinata whirled around to see a tall man with slicked back white hair, amethyst eyes, and a pendant dangling from his neck. He had two large wolf ears protruding from his head and a long grey tail swooshing behind him. He stormed in, another man walking in behind him. This man had wild red hair that fell into his eyes. Hinata watched, with horror, when his head whirled in a full circle to watch a familiar blonde walk in behind him.

"Danna, that's freaky, un!" Deidara whined as the redhead's eyes followed him eerily. Deidara carried a small bundle in his arms. Suddenly, a hand swooped into the doorway, grabbing at the child. "Kakazu, stop trying to take my kid, yeah!" Deidara pulled the bundle away quickly as another person walked in. This man had dark brown hair shagging in his eyes and tons of stitches. He had jade irises surrounded by a bloody red that glared at Deidara.

"A weird baby like that could sell for a fortune on the black market." He said, his voice eerie and raspy. Just as Deidara was about to protest the child was snatched from him.

"Deidara, you have to support his neck!" A girl with short, dark wavy hair and bright pink eyes glowered at Deidara before cooing at the bundle. Deidara shrugged.

"Whatever, un. You can carry it, mouse-woman." He said as the woman glared up at him. Hinata noticed that curved ears slumped against her head, the slick tail swishing behind her looking surprisingly soft.

"For the last time, Deidara, the correct term is 'chinchilla.'" The girl snapped, cradling her baby as he giggled lightly. He reached a hand towards her, earning a loud squeal. Deidara rolled his eyes, turning to watch a man with an orange mask walk in. Cat ears leapt off of his head and his tail swayed behind him as he began incessantly babbling to Deidara.

"Sempai! Tobi wants to see little Sempai! Can Tobi see little Sempai?" Deidara glared at Tobi hatefully before responding.

"His name is Ginzou, Tobi, and no. The last time you got to see him you dropped him and Kuro nagged me for hours, yeah." Deidara crossed his arms as he glared at Tobi firmly. He rejected all of Tobi's pleas to hold the tiny baby. Hinata's attention was diverted from Deidara and Tobi when the door opened once again. Three more people walked in, a man with spiky orange hair and furry ears popping out of the midst of his messy locks. A short tail hung limply behind him. Hinata was reminded distantly of a bobcat as she took in the rather bizarre piercing-covered man. She turned to study the next man, this one having the trademark Uzumaki fox ears and tail. Hinata noticed, with a frown, that he and the orange haired man next to him both had purple eyes with black rings rippling through them. Strange. She then turned to study the last, and only female, member of the group. She had blue hair cut in a short bob and flashing auburn eyes. A piercing sat underneath her pouty pink lips and she stood with a hand on one of her hips. She had striped ears poking out of her hair, and the tail that slowly swung back and forth behind her completed her resemblance to a tiger. Hinata watched, with wide eyes, as Itachi addressed the goup.

"Akatsuki," He said, gathering the group's attention. "Please find a seat so the ceremony can continue." The group dispelled respectfully, leaving only one. Hinata noticed that this was the white-haired man from earlier.

"Itachi, you silent little f*cker, you should know that Jashin-sama has to bless these weddings!" He yelled, causing a few people to jump. Itachi responded with an annoyed sigh as his sharingan flickered on.

"I would hate to ask you to leave, but I won't falter, Hidan." Itachi growled. Hidan held his ground, pulling a scythe off his back.

"Let's go, Itachi!" Hidan smiled evilly as Itachi rolled his eyes.

"After the wedding you can bless the couples. For now, just find a seat." Hidan glared skeptically at Itachi. With a loud sigh Kisame stood up too.

"I'll let you baptize this." Kisame said, plucking Mizuki from his seat.

"You've got a f*cking deal!" Hidan announced before he went to find a seat. As everyone resettled and the music began again Hinata turned towards the alter with a deep breath. Her eyes met Naruto's only to see a baffled expression on his face. She smiled eagerly at him, her nerves subsiding as he grinned heartily in return. As she reached the alter she separated from Karin and walked towards Naruto. She stared jovially into his cerulean eyes, listening as the Priest began the ceremony. She found herself lost in his aquamarine gaze and quickly entered a daydream. In her mind she and Naruto were still in the forest, their only company being each other. Completely, utterly alone, chasing each other through the underbrush and holding hands. When they were done running they would collapse on the ground and stare into the stars. Maybe they could share those three beautiful words, words that were all too perfect coming from Naruto's lips...

"I do." Hinata was snapped back from her daydream at the sound of Naruto's voice. His gorgeous ultramarine eyes bored into hers, the gentle smile on his face never breaking. Before the priest could even finish his question Hinata had said her answer.

"I do!" She leapt forward, wrapping her arms around Naruto's neck and meeting his lips. She was awarded with some applause and a hearty laugh from the Priest.

"Typically the groom is the eager one." Hinata's face burned red as a tittering of laughter sounded in response. She watched as he moved on to Sasuke and Karin, reading them their vows. She blushed when they politely waited for the Priest to finish, their kiss barely a peck on the lips. She met Naruto's eyes as he tilted her chin upwards to look at him.

"May I kiss the bride?" Naruto whispered in a seductive tone, a grin on his face as he took the initiative to bend down and steal a kiss from Hinata. She blushed as he scooped her off the ground, hoisting her upwards in a bridle-style position. He kissed her again as they made their way to the reception, the smile stretched across Hinata's cheeks only half as big as Naruto's.


To all the people I told I wasn't going to add an epilogue to this after all : I lied. Sorry guys, I went on vacation and eight hours trapped in the car with my family must have gotten my creative juices flowing. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed! I may or may not do a sequel...who knows...Also, sorry I forgot to put Neji and Tenten in. I remember Akatsuki but I forget Neji and Tenten! And Lee, and Gai, and argh! I hate this stupid epilogue T-T I hope this didn't ruin the ending...