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Chapter 1

17 years ago...

"Jesus, don't they ever clean up this place?" Red grimaced as the bottom of his heavy boot made contact with an unknown substance that stuck to it and refused to let up no matter how many times he shook his foot to get it off, "What are we doin' here again, Abe?" he asked gruffly as he turned to look at his aquatic partner.

Abe pressed a few buttons on his locator for a moment, "In answer to your first question, this is an alley way at one end of Brooklyn Bridge; Trolls usually reside here, and they see no reason to clean anything up even if you forced them to. And you would know what we are doing here if you bothered to pay any attention to Manning's briefing at all." he turned and swiftly walked to the side where a dumpster resided, holding the locator out and over the mountainous pile of trash that people had thrown into the metal unit.

Red rolled his golden eyes as he turned to look at the far end of the alley, where a woman was cooing at something, trying to hide in the darkness of shadows, "You know I really don't give a damn about Manning or anything else he has to say. That's why I ask you what we're doin' because I know you tend to listen to him." he was starting to get increasingly suspicious about that woman when her coos suddenly grew a little louder.

Abe wasn't paying attention to the woman, "A blast of lightning struck this particular spot an hour ago, it left some sort of strange magic defense in it's wake, as well as something else." he said, pressing another button on the locator.

The spawn of Satan grabbed his gun and held it out to be seen when the woman looked up at him with brown eyes, the coos falling short at the sight of him, she was holding something that was wrapped up in a golden blanket, "Somethin' else, huh? What exactly are we talkin' about here?" he asked and watched the woman get up, holding the golden bundle close to her chest.

The aquatic man shook his head and sighed when the locator still pulled up nothing to be used, "Whatever it was, it's obviously not here. I am only getting the remnants of some sort of magical power." he sighed again and looked up, noticing the gun Hellboy held in his hand, "What on earth are you going to shoot at? There's no one here except for-oh." he finally saw the woman as she stepped out of the shadows and into the light.

She stood at an incredible height of six foot two; with a beautifully stitched, golden old fashioned Greek dress that flowed all the way down to the grime covered ground of the alley way, but nothing stuck to the sparkling material. She had olive skin that seemed to glow in the light of the street, her face was set with distinguished cheek bones, full lips, and half lidded almost seductive looking chocolate brown eyes. Her hair, as brown as her eyes, was pulled back from her face by a golden tiara set with a strange purple jewel in the center. The golden bundle was held protectively in her arms, and that was when they both saw the Greek Omega sign on the side.

The woman stepped forward until she stood only a foot away from Hellboy, "Anung Un Rama?" she said in a regal voice.

Red looked over at Abe with a raised brow, before he turned back to the woman, "Who wants to know?" he asked her.

The woman smiled beautifully at him before she looked down at the bundle and patted the omega sign a few times, "I am Hera, Queen of the Gods; and I am here to give something to you from my King." at that, she slowly pulled down a part of the blanket, revealing a tiny, fair skinned baby with a tuft of stormy grey hair on it's head, it's eyes closed, and a strange electric blue lightning mark crossed over it's left eye and onto it's left cheek. It was a cute kid, that much the two BPRD members could tell, but why this woman, Hera, was giving it to them, they had no idea.

Hera walked a little closer to the two and held the baby out to Red, "This is the Demigod daughter of Zeus himself; and while Zeus is regretfully not able to see her off himself, he sent me in his place." she carefully put the Demigod into Red's right hand, seeing as his left one still held his gun as if he were expecting a fight at any moment.

Red cautiously closed his rock of a hand around the bottom of the bundle and pulled her closer to his body, looking down at the still sleeping baby he addressed the Queen, "Why are you givin' me Zeus' kid?" he asked suspiciously. No one ever willingly gave their children up to someone they just met, especially not a demon like him. Yet, here was this woman who claimed to be Hera, handing over the daughter of Zeus as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

The Goddess took in a deep breath before exhaling loudly, "I am not allowed to divulge as to why he has sent this child into your care, nor will you be able to get the information out of me; just know that as of this moment, this Demigod is officially your daughter and you are being instructed by her true father to take care of her, love her even. If you neglect to do that, then," she reached over and placed her dainty hand on the baby girl's still exposed head, gently stroking the stormy hair, "her uncle will claim her, and there will be no more hope for any of us on Olympus, same goes for the mortals of this world." she sighed and pulled her hand away as she looked up into the eyes of Satan's son, "Do you accept the responsibility of caring for the child of Zeus?" she asked him.

Red looked up at her for a split moment, and in that moment he saw that she was fully prepared to grab the child back from him if he told her no; but.. If that whole 'her uncle will claim her and no hope will remain' thing is true.. "I accept." he said in a determined voice, holding the baby, if possible, closer to his strong body and putting his gun back in it's holster.

Hera's mouth stretched into an even bigger, more dazzling smile than the first as she placed both of her hands on his right bicep and looked back down at the baby, "Zeus and I owe you our gratitude. As do all of her siblings." she looked up at him briefly before leaning down and kissing the baby on it's forehead, "Be safe little one." she whispered to it before she stood up straight and stepped back a few paces.

Red and Abe watched as Hera looked up at them one last time, "Thank you, Anung Un Rama. She is yours now." was the last thing she said to them before a great flash of lightning, and she disappeared.

Hellboy, who had held his left hand over his face to shield his eyes from the blinding light, moved his hand and looked at the spot Hera had once been standing, "Uh, Abe," he turned to address his companion, who was staring at the same spot, "mind tellin' me exactly what just happened?" he asked him.

Abe shook his head, "I am not so sure of that myself, Red." he looked over at Red and down to the still sleeping baby in his right arm, "But, I think you just became a father." in his mind, he pictured himself smiling at that thought; of Hellboy, the spawn of Satan, becoming a father to a Demigod child of the Greek God Zeus.

The red skinned man blinked and looked back down at the Demigod, his daughter...

He suddenly smiled and reached over to stroke the baby's head with his left hand, "Hey little bit," he cooed, "guess who I am. I'm yer dad." he watched the baby open her electric blue eyes and blink owlishly up at him with drowsiness written plainly on her tiny face, "And I'm makin' you a promise right now, okay? I promise to be the best dad I can be, to love ya and give you everything you'll ever need. I promise you, I will protect you no matter what." he whispered to the baby, who giggled gleefully and raised her newly exposed, tiny hands in the air to grab at his hand when he put it in her reach. He smiled at her again when her tiny fist enclosed around his much bigger finger, finding himself becoming lost in the moment; then Abe's voice brought him back.

"What are you going to name her, Red?" he asked as he came around to look at the now awake baby. She looked up at him and giggled at the fish man, still holding onto her new father's finger while Abe waved down at her in that weird way he does, "You can't just keep calling her baby for the rest of her life." he said to Red as the baby reached up and tried to grab Abe's hand with her other one.

Red hummed to himself for a moment, before he looked back down at the baby, "I always liked the name Shilo." he finally said with a smile as the baby giggled up at him again.

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