Peeta POV

WHF? She's pregnant! Oh no how I'm going to take care of a child, but the words she said next surprise me more.

-And I don't know if it's yours-Then she passed out.

Well I don't know angry or relieved at some point.

Angry because she cheat on me all this time when I could spend all that time to make Katniss like me, and relieved because I don't have to worry if it's not mine.

-Where are Gale and Katniss?- Johana said and I start to worry did she listen to the second part? Please tell me yes, then Gale comes with her sleeping in his arms, it look like she's been crying it brakes my heart seeing her like this.

-I have to tell her all the truth- I said to Johana and Clove.

-No, you can't- They said at the same time I look at them with confusion, so Johana explain it.

-Look bread boy, she better not find out until is 100% sure that is not yours, because if it's yours, over my dead body you hurt her.-

-Unless you're still a virgin- Said Clove, but sadly I gave my V-card to Glimmer, I was drunk and thinking of Katniss body so you get the point.

Katniss POV

-Peeta I'm pregnant- Said Glimmer what! I can't stand it so I run as fast as I can, I hear someone running behind me, but I didn't stop until I can't see anything from the tears so I sit under a tree.

-Hey are you, ok?- said calmly Gale.

-No- My voice came out as a whisper.

-Why?- He ask.

-Because I like him, but now I'm not sure-

-Katniss you're the most amazing, funny, beautiful, and brave woman I've ever seen so don't let a douche bag change that, you're going to find someone that really love you and deserve you… like me- The last part he say more to himself than me.

-You want me to carry you inside?- He ask me such a gentleman.

-Yes, please- So he lift me in his arms, but with all the event I fall asleep.