Author's Note: Welcome to the 1st annual "31 Days of Hurt Sam" where I write hurt!Sam stories based on prompts given by you! Got a summer related prompt that you want to see turned into a story? Have a plot bunny that's bouncing in your brain, but you're too busy to deal with it? Then, you're in the right place. For the month of May, I will be writing little hurt!Sam stories based on prompts you give me. So, how do you submit a prompt, you ask? It's really simple! Just leave a review with what you would like. Prompts can consist of a word (example: jet skis), a first line or phrase (example: Castiel was beginning to notice that summer was Sam's least favorite season) or a situation (example: Sam and Dean are at the beach hunting a water spirit that's been drowning people. All seems to be going well until the spirit gets ahold of Sam. Cue Dean to the rescue.).

In order for your prompt to be filled, please observe the following ground rules:

First, I am a Gen author. I don't write slash of any kind. Sorry! I do accept cannon pairings though.

Second, I only write stories T and below. Do not give me an M-rated prompt. Nothing about rape or lemons or anything like that!

Third, Sam must be hurt in this story. You can be specific about what you want Sam to endure (example: sunstroke) or you can leave it up to me. Either way, Sam will be the one that gets the brunt of the hurt and someone else will take care of him.

Fourth, there is a theme that must be followed. That theme is summer. Your prompt must have something to do with this theme. It can be any aspect of summer, just make sure that you pick something when you submit your prompt.

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So, we'll set this pre-series, during Sam's time at Stanford. Please enjoy!

"It's a smile, it's a kiss

It's a sip of wine, it's summertime

Sweet summertime."

Kenny Chesney, "Summertime"

"He's cute, don't you think?" Amber asked with a small smirk and Jess just shook her head, wondering yet again, why she had been dragged to the beach with her roommate. Don't get her wrong, Jess loved the beach, but she wasn't looking for a relationship right now and frankly, she'd rather be swimming than lying on a rough towel in the sand while watching stupid guys try to impress them. She had dated one of their types in high school—you know, the guy obsessed with his looks and treats his girlfriend more as arm candy than a person.

"Nope." Jess grimaced and sat up, rubbing her shoulders. She was certain that she had put enough sunscreen on, but judging from how hot her skin was that it had worn off or Amber had been mistaken about how high the SPF was.

"Jessica," Amber began in a warning tone. "You're not being fun, you know?"

"Why can't we just go swimming?" The blonde complained. "I told you that I wasn't interested—"

"In a relationship," Her friend continued, taking her sunglasses off and placing them on top of her auburn hair. "But, the truth is, Brady said he would meet us here and—"

"Brady!" Jess exclaimed. "No wonder you dragged me out here then." It was no secret that Amber had fallen head over heels for Brady, another sophomore that was in their English class. Jess liked him well enough, but she hadn't had a chance to get to know him really. "So, what? I'm the third wheel?" The last thing she wanted was to be the odd one out.

"No, of course not," Her close friend replied quickly, a reassuring smile tugging at her pink lips. "He's bringing his roommate along. Sam Winchester is his name, I think."

"Sam Winchester," Jessica echoed, shaking her head. "Amber, I told you that I did not—"

"Would you stop being a killjoy?" The brunette chided. "Just give him a chance, okay? You never know what could happen." With her piece said, she put back on her sunglasses and laid down on the towel.

Jessica just pouted.

Sam Winchester was . . . well, tall for lack of a better word. He was handsome though, and Jess could see why Amber would've attempted pair them up. Though he didn't have his shirt off—that fact made her kind of sad, though she wasn't sure why since she was content with being single, thank you very much—it was obvious from his appearance that he was quite muscular. An athlete perhaps? He was also quiet and a bit shy. When Brady introduced them, Sam made eye contact for only a few seconds before ducking his head and practically hiding under long bangs. It slightly annoyed Jessica, but she had resolved to grin and bear it, for Amber's sake. Her friend was clearly thrilled at being by Brady's side and from the looks of things, Brady was happy to have Amber around as well.

The duo then promptly ditched the two of them to go have their own fun in the sun.

Ah, summer love.

"So, uh, Sam?" His hazel eyes met hers and Jessica found herself smiling without meaning to. He hadn't really relaxed completely and she wondered if he was nervous. Jess felt slightly self-conscious in her white bikini, but she was determined to salvage this day and if she had to drag Sam Winchester along, so be it. "What are you majoring in?"

She might as well had said, "Nice weather we're having, huh?"

But something lit up in Sam's eyes and she watched as he came alive, discussing his plans for law school. He began to lighten up and Jess found herself doing so as well. The more Sam talked, the more Jess found herself warming up to this shy stranger. He cared deeply about making a difference in the world—he wanted to be a public defender—and she found herself nodding along to what he was saying.

Things went smoother after that.

Jess soon found that she had a lot more in common with Sam Winchester than previously thought. He was a secret fan of Spanish Soap Operas—thank God because she had thought she was the only one who had watched them—and they both loved to read. She told him about her plans to become a writer and he cheered them on—the first positive reaction she had ever gotten from someone, besides her family. She hated to admit it—especially after the show she put on for Amber about being happy being single—but she was falling for this mysteriously shy guy. He had grown on her and she found herself wanting to spend more time with him.

And just as they were about to possibly cross into the "I really like you and I possibly might want to date you" zone, it happened.

In hindsight, it probably would've been better to have their conversation closer to the water, instead of the net set up on the shore, but she had been so taken in by Sam that she honestly hadn't paid any attention to it.

Which is, of course why a volleyball chose that precise moment to hit Sam straight in the head.


He staggered back, a dazed look in his eyes and Jess instantly reached forward to grab his arm to steady him. She glared at the muscled idiots who had possibly ruined her chance of becoming something more to Sam and they stayed their distance, seemingly frightened by her.

"Sam, are you okay?" He blinked at her a few times and she wondered if he had a concussion or worse. "Sam?"

"Dean?" He asked and Jessica tilted her head to the side. Dean? Who the hell was Dean? Sam wasn't . . . if he was gay, she was going to kill Amber! "Dad?" He kept blinking and it occurred to her that perhaps Dean was family. His brother, maybe?

God, please let it be his brother.

Because, contrary to what she had stated earlier, she was starting to fall for Sam Winchester.

"Sam, it's me, Jessica," She prompted, guiding him to her blanket and having him sit down. "You remember me?"

"My date," He echoed and a swell of pride flushed through her. "Brady said . . . you're pretty."

"Thanks," She tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear and grinned. No, he was straight—thank God! "Do you know where you are and what date it is?" A curt nod; she let out a sigh of relief she hadn't realized she'd been holding. "Sam, you okay? Do you need me to get you some ice or—?"

"Jesus, Sam!" Brady exclaimed, running hand in hand with Amber.

"Oh my God, is he okay? We saw what happened." Amber met Jess' gaze and the blonde nodded.

"I think so," She confirmed. "It hit his head, but he knows what's going on and where he is."

"That's good." Amber breathed.

"Dude, I thought we talked about playing sports without me," Brady teased with a smirk. "After that stunt with the baseball team—"

"Shut up," Sam groaned, his eyes more focused on Jess than Brady. "You promised never to talk about it."

"About what?" Amber asked good-naturedly.

"Nope," Brady replied. "Sam will have to tell you ladies that story another time. Let's just say the bat ended up doing the same thing the volleyball did."

"Brady—" Sam hissed and his roommate laughed.

"Anyways," Brady began, offering his hand to Sam and pulling his up. "I'd better get Sam back before he causes anymore chaos."

"Oh." Jess whispered, disappointed.

"I'll see you Friday?" Amber questioned and Brady shot her a dazzling grin.

"You know it." The two then began to walk towards the parking lot, Brady's hand on Sam's back supporting him. As they passed Jess, Sam stopped suddenly.

"Sam?" Jess whispered.

"It was . . ." His face screwed up and he no doubt was having a hard time concentrating. "Nice to meet you."

"You too." She smiled warmly.

"I'll see you soon?" He asked and she wanted to throw her arms around him with joy.

"For sure." He grinned and then the two disappeared into Brady's car.

"So?" Amber began, hands on her hips in a clear, I-told-you-so pose. Jess laughed.

"He's nice." She answered.

"Nice?" Amber echoed, patiently waiting for further details.

"I . . . I wouldn't mind seeing him again." She replied shyly.

And with a shriek of joy, Amber embraced her.

Author's Note: This piece got away from me and became more Jess/Sam than I had intended, but I liked it. So, please submit your prompts! I look forward to fulfilling them! Please review and request if you have a chance. Thanks!