Just One Week


If you know me, you would say that I'm lucky. What with being the beautiful genius that I am, I would think that also. But if you know me well, you would just say that I lived an interesting life. Of course, that explains a lot more than what it sounds. It's more explained as a dangerous, weird, twisted form of interesting. But I have no regrets…well, not much anyway. I admit that there are some things I would have done differently, or not even done at all. Why worry about it though? You can't go back in time…okay, so maybe you can, my own son has taught me that.

Anyway, I'm getting off the subject at hand. What this whole thing is really about is what happened to me in my short (but interesting) life. I met Goku when I was only sixteen and I have to say that running into him (literally) was the best thing that has ever happened to me. That right there scares me more than anything does…

I also met Yamcha when I was sixteen and I fell in love with him quickly. Or…I thought I did. It seems like I was living a lie for years.

Along the way, I also met Chi-Chi, Krillin, Master Roshi (whom I can still live without), and many others. When Goku got married and had a son, Gohan, I was shocked and also a bit…jealous. I always had images in my mind of me and Yamcha getting married and having a family first…but then it turns out sweet, innocent Goku is the first. At that time, I didn't know I was jealous for a different reason.

To make this brief…the Saiyans' came, we all had to go to Namek, Goku stayed there to defeat Freiza, came back, we met a young, handsome boy from the future (that turned out to be my son), and he warned us about the androids. The Z gang had three years to prepare and in those three short years, Yamcha and me grew apart and Vegeta and I became closer. We ended up having that son of ours named Trunks. The androids came soon enough, followed by Cell and after him…you would think life would be much better, but for me? Everything seemed to go downhill.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Bulma paced back and forth quickly in front of the static filled screen of the television with Trunks in her arms. She was silent, looking at the blue carpet that she walked on before she let out a frustrated groan, making the baby jump a little.

"What did the TV have to break now?!" Bulma screamed, kicking the couch with her left foot, trying unsuccessfully to let out her stress.

"I mean, aren't they done fighting that lizard yet?!" she groaned again, about to flip the station to see if anything else showed a picture, but the door burst open as soon as she did.

"Woman!" came the voice from the door before another slam.

Bulma smiled immediately, "Vegeta…" she rushed to the other room where she found Vegeta holding his right shoulder and dragging his left leg. Blood covered various parts of his body and the clothing he wore was now nothing more than torn rags.

"Oh, Vegeta…" she gasped, "You look horrible!" Bulma knew it was about the most stupid thing to say, but she couldn't think of anything else, not when a sight like that walks into her house.

Vegeta only glared at her as he made his way slowly across the room, "Where's that ship you've been working on?"

Bulma blinked, "Wha—?" she began before she realized what he was talking about. Right after she had Trunks, she thought she needed to lose weight to get back her figure. So she began building a space ship to do that, knowing that building one did take a lot of energy and Trunks always found it amusing to watch her. She just finished it about a half a week ago when everyone was under a large amount of stress.

"It's in my lab out back, why? What's that have to do with anything?" Bulma asked, but never received an answer as the injured Vegeta staggered on to her lab.

Of course, she followed him, "Vegeta, tell me what's going on. What happened?" she entered her large lab behind Vegeta, constantly switching Trunks from arm to arm; she was so anxious.

Vegeta ignored her questions; "You built a rejuvenation-tank in there, right?" He stood beside the large, off-white ship, looking it over.

Bulma pursed her lips together, trying as hard as she could not to snap at him, "Mm…yes. Now will you tell me?"

He didn't answer her.

She scowled and walked over beside him, "Vegeta, come on! At least tell me the main points!"

Vegeta sighed, letting her know how annoyed he was getting, "Fine…your future son died and so did Kakarot. Everyone else went home. The end."

Without even waiting for her to take in this information, he pushed a green button on the ship, making a door open up and a ramp fall to the ground.

Bulma's face became pale, "No…Trunks…Goku…no," she kept repeating this until she got snapped out of her thoughts from the sound of Vegeta limping up the ramp.

"Where are you going?" she asked, "Are you going to Namek to wish them back?"

Vegeta snorted, reaching the platform of the ship and turning around to look down at her, "Hardly. Even if I was supposed to, I wouldn't."

She tried to comprehend what he was saying, but only drew a blank, "What are you saying?"

He pushed another green button on the right side of the door frame, making the ramp gradually rise up, "Trunks is already back, but Kakarot decided to stay in the other dimension," without pausing, he went on, "And with Kakarot dead, I have no purpose for staying on this pathetic planet. I am going back into space where I most enjoy myself."

"What?! No!" Bulma screamed, now only seeing his head. From her yelling, Trunks began to cry loudly, "Vegeta, what about me…what about your son?!"

Vegeta chuckled, "That's just the question, isn't it? What about you?" Before Bulma could respond, the ramp closed, making Vegeta disappear.

"You bastard, get back here!" she shrieked, running to the ship to press the green button, but Vegeta already started it, having the ship give out a big gust of air from the bottom, sending Bulma flying backwards to land on her rear. She held Trunks tightly to her chest, not sure if the ship or the baby was louder.

The ship slowly ascended, making the sun roof top from her lab open up automatically for Vegeta to leave Capsule Corp. Bulma knew she kept screaming "no", but was unheard from the much louder noises. As soon as the ship was completely out of the lab and floating above, it froze and for a moment, Bulma thought Vegeta was going to come back. That thought soon faded as the legs of the ship folded to be apart of the bottom and the ship blasted off in a blink of an eyes and Bulma watched it go until it was no more than a little speck in the distance.

Besides the sound of Trunks crying, everything got quiet and it almost seemed to Bulma that the quick incident never occurred. Almost. Her eyes dilated and she blocked out Trunks.

Vegeta…I could have sworn that he cared about me…even just a little bit. Oh Goku, why don't you want to come back? We need you…I need you. Bulma suddenly came out of her trance when Trunks wailed deafly in her ear. She looked down at him and that's when she realized she herself was crying.

She sniffed and wiped her eyes roughly with the back of her hand and got to her feet wobbly and bounced Trunks on her hip, "Shh…don't cry, Trunks, everything to going to be okay."

I hope. She thought in her mind as she walked out of her lab and back into the living room. Already, Trunks was settling down so she lay him on the couch, hoping he was tired. He proved her right once he saw that his mother wasn't going anywhere and he stopped crying.

Bulma picked up the cordless phone that was laying on the coffee table in front of the couch. She pressed in the familiar numbers that leads to the Son household with shaking fingers. Pressing the phone tightly to her ear, she began pacing again and biting her fingernails. Bulma let the phone ring loudly for two minutes before hanging up and trying again, thinking that maybe she dialed wrong with her unsteady fingers. That time she was sure she didn't make a mistake, and she waited another two minutes when at last she threw the phone down to the floor roughly, making it bounce and opening the lid in the back, causing the batteries to fly out.

From the noise, Trunks stirred in his sleep and Bulma had to hold her breath, hoping Trunks would stay asleep. To her luck, he just made a sigh and fell back to sleep. She made a sigh herself and ran out of the room to head upstairs, but before she got that far, she bumped into her mom.

"Well, hello there, Bulma dear! What's your hurry today?" her mother asked in her high-pitched voice.

Bulma ignored her, "Mom, I'll explain later. Right now, can you just watch Trunks for me? He's sleeping on the couch, thanks!" With that, Bulma headed out the door, grabbing a capsule quickly. She threw it, watching it hit the ground and making a loud bang and a cloud of smoke.

Jumping into the green plane with the CC logo on the side, she pulled the stick shift towards her, making the vehicle go to the air immediately, where she then pushed the stick away from her, soaring off towards the Sons'.

It only took her about ten minutes to arrive, a new record on her speed. She jumped out of the plane before it landed. She ran to the Sons' little cottage-like-house, knocking on the door loudly.

"Gohan! Chi-Chi! Anyone home?!" Bulma called, putting her ear to the door to listen for any sound. None came but just as she was about to knock again, she heard a loud scream that could belong to no other besides Chi-Chi. Bulma turned the doorknob and was relieved to find it open.

"Gohan?!" she yelled again, flying from room to room, "Gohan?!"

"Bulma, is that you?" a little boys voice called from down the hall. Immediately, Bulma ran down to the last room on the right side, gasping as she stood in the doorway.

Gohan stood by the door also, looking even more frightened than when he first saw Cell. Chi-Chi sat on her bed, her eyes dancing wildly and her normally pulled back hair that went into a tight bun all over the place on top of her head and getting in her face's way. She quickly stood up and ran over to a closet, shoving it open so hard that it made two hinges come out of the wall, also making the door slant at an odd angle. Chi-Chi began pulling out all of Goku's gi's and tossing them on the bed.

"Gotta hurry up and pack his clothes! The sooner he leaves, the sooner he'll be back!" Chi-Chi screamed like she was talking to someone that was in a different room.

Bulma made a weird face, trying to figure out what Chi-Chi was doing. Didn't she know that Goku was dead?

Gohan averted his eyes from his mother to Bulma, giving a sad expression with his eyes lowering, "I came home and broke the news to Mom that…that Dad was dead. I don't know what happened, she just started going crazy." He explained, hanging his head low when he felt warm tears sting his eyes.

Oh…so that's what this is about. Bulma said to herself, putting her hand gently on Gohan's head to try to soothe him, even though she knew there wasn't much she could do. Slowly, she walked in the room and over to Chi-Chi, who was half way in the closet.

"Chi-Chi?" she asked, wondering if she could even get her attention normally.

Of course not. The only thing Bulma was greeted with was one of Goku's blue shirts thrown on her head. She slid it off, messing up her straight hair and looked sympathetically at Chi-Chi's back.

"Chi-Chi, listen, you got to stop this. Goku's gone and your son needs you right now, so—."

Abruptly , Chi-Chi turned around and got right up in Bulma's face, a look of pure anger written all over her features, "Are you saying my Goku's already gone and he didn't even pack any fresh clothing?!"

"Uhh…" Bulma took a step back, clinging tightly to Goku's shirt like it would protect her, "No. I mean…yes. I mean…" she shook her head, trying to get a hold of herself, "Chi-Chi, Goku's dead and he's going to stay dead. That's all there is to it."

Chi-Chi stood straight up with her hands on her hips, scowling at the air, "Oooo, when I get my hands on him…he should know by now that he can stink up a storm when he trains like he does! Doesn't he want some fresh clothes!"

"Maybe…" Bulma tried to think of a reasonable explanation for Goku until Chi-Chi was able to calm herself down, "maybe he's just going to buy new clothes wherever he's at."

The dark hair-ed woman stared at her blankly for a moment, lowering her arms so they fell to her sides, "Buy new clothes?"

Bulma nodded vigorously, glad Chi-Chi was buying it.

But suddenly, another glare came across her face, "Buy new clothes?! Goku knows that we don't have the money for that! And Kami forbids that that man get a job! That's it!" Chi-Chi stepped forward, pushing Bulma out of the way. Since Chi-Chi was stronger than she was, Bulma stumbled back, feeling like she was going to fall backwards, but Gohan quickly caught her. As his hands rested on her arms, she then realized just how beat up Gohan really did look. He had scratches and bruises all over his body, his clothes torn and dried blood staining his skin.

Before another thought could cross her mind, she got pushed out of the way again as Chi-Chi walked out of the room carrying all of Goku's clothes in her arms.

"Mom, where are you going?" Gohan asked, running out into the hall to see her walk towards the door, struggling to open it and hold all the clothing at once.

About time Bulma and Gohan got to her, she succeeded with the door and continued her way outside. They both followed, filled with questions with what she was planning on doing.

Chi-Chi moved out about ten feet from her house before dropping the pile of clothing in a big heap on the ground. She reached into her house-dress's pocket to reveal a lighter.

What the hell is she doing with that thing? Bulma asked herself and, needless to say, Gohan was thinking just about the same thing.

Without another passing moment, Chi-Chi bent down and lit the lighter, putting it to one of Goku's orange pants, stepping back as soon as the flame traveled quickly through all of the clothes, making a medium sized fire.

"Chi-Chi/Mom!" they both screamed at once, shocked beyond believe that Chi-Chi would go to such measures. Hearing her name, she spun around on her heels and glared at them as if they started the fire right outside her house.

"Well, if Goku wants new clothes, he sure in hell is going to have to get new clothes!" she stated proudly before turning back towards the fire, which was slowly beginning to pick up on some leaves that were close by the clothes.

Gohan gasped, "Mom, don't say that!" Already, tears upon tears were sliding down his cheeks, his fists tightly clenched together to draw more blood in his palms.

Bulma looked down at the child, blinking in confusion. How could Chi-Chi do and say all that in front of him? She was sure it was hard enough on him that his father was gone and never coming back, but with his mother going crazy, that could just as well push him over the edge also. Just thinking about that possibility made her angry beyond believe. Being a mother herself now, she knew that the well-being of the child was the most important thing a mother could think of.

That's the only thing that kept her from losing her insanity when Vegeta left. Trunks gave her the will-power to be strong, for him, for her, and for all her friends.

Holding Goku's shirt tightly to her chest, thinking that it would make her brave, she took huge steps to where Chi-Chi stood. Without thinking twice, Bulma spun her around and held her tightly by the shoulders so she could look her in the eye. Chi-Chi sure enough looked surprised from the motion.

"Just what do you think you are doing?!" Bulma yelled in her face, fury running through her veins, "Goku's gone and you have to accept that! Gohan needs you more than ever right now!"

Speaking his name made both of the woman look over to the house to see Gohan, not really crying anymore, but still looking just as helpless. They turned back to each other at the same time.

"You lost your husband, but he lost his father. And at that young an age, I would say that's just as bad, if not worse. Chi-Chi, you have to come to your senses!" That was all Bulma could think of to say, for if she couldn't get through to Chi-Chi that way, well…she could always try knocking her out.

At first, Chi-Chi's expression was blank, as was her mind. Not knowing what to say, she looked down in shame as tears spilled to the ground, "Why isn't Goku coming back?"

"I…I don't know," and that was the truth. Bulma didn't find one reason Goku wouldn't come back if there was a way for it.

"He thought the world would be better without him." Gohan spoke up, yet never leaving his spot where he stood.

"Better off?" Even Bulma had to chuckle a little at the thought, "How could it be better without him? He's the one that always saved the world time after time and—."

"Yeah, but he found it to be his fault," Gohan explained, his eyes softening even more so, "The reason the world was always in danger so he could save it was because of him. Everyone always wanted him dead for one reason or another and…he figured that with him…dead"—she saw Gohan cringe just from saying it—"no one would be out to destroy his home."

As soon as he ended Goku's reasoning, Chi-Chi sobbed loudly, bringing her hands to her face, "But I need him more than ever right now," she muffled out.

Bulma's eyes softened also, knowing that feeling of need, "Yeah, but Gohan needs you. Imagine the pain he'd feel if he lost both of you, do you really want him to feel that?"

Chi-Chi only shook her head with her hands never leaving her face, but she took in a wavering breath and spoke again; "It's not just that…"

Big, blue eyes blinked, wondering what else Chi-Chi was going to say.

Sniffing, Chi-Chi finally lifted her face from her hands, feeling the heat from the growing, yet momentarily forgotten, fire. She looked into the eyes of her only female friend, "I'm pregnant."

Once again, Bulma gasped. She watched as Chi-Chi buried her face in her hands again before turning towards Gohan to see his reaction, which was mostly stunned. He opened and closed his mouth a million times, oblivious as to what to say or think. She turned back to Chi-Chi, wrapping her arms around her to give her a gentle hug.

"It's okay, Chi-Chi, me along with everyone else will help you through this, all right?" Bulma spoke softly, pulling away from the other woman to see if her words did any good and, by the look of it, it really didn't.

Suddenly, a small flame shot out to get the bottom of Bulma's jeans, making her cry out and swat her hand at it, making it go out. She thanked Kami that it wasn't a large flame.

Thinking quickly, Gohan ran up and blasted some sort of blast at the fire, making it all go out. That left the badly burnt clothes, now mostly ashes, to be seen clearly. Bulma turned away quickly, getting unpleasant visions of how Goku died.

Looking down, Chi-Chi turned to her house, walking inside, not even bothering to close the door behind her. Bulma looked sadly after her, then turning to Gohan who looked down at his fathers once favorite clothes.

"Hey," Bulma began, getting down on one knee. Even though he was a lot taller than he was when she first bent down to look him better in the eye, she still felt the need to do it. "Try not to worry, Gohan. Your mom is just in shock from it all, but I'm sure she'll snap out of it soon."

Gohan only looked down at her miserably, squeezing his eyes closed to let the access tears fall. Bulma bit her lip to keep from crying also, knowing she had to be strong for Gohan at the moment, since his mom wasn't. She wrapped her arms around his torso to give him a hug, feeling his own arms wrap around her neck and cry silently into her shoulder.

This must be the worst day of his life… she commented in her mind, running her hand up and down his back to quiet him. And since Gohan had to learn to deal with pain, his sobbing quickly subsided and his tears stopped flowing, though wetness still clouded his vision.

Bulma pulled away all too soon for his comfort, but he wasn't about to hold onto her, for he felt he had to stop being so childish and push away his pain.

Bulma saw this as she looked into his eyes, but decided not to comment on it. She felt that maybe it would be for the best if he grew up a little quicker…he was going to have to be a brother and a father to his new sibling. It wasn't fair to him, but at the moment, it seemed to be the only way for this family to get by.

She kissed him on his cheek before standing up again, attempting to give him a small smile, "How 'bout you go see how your mom is doing, okay?"

Gohan only nodded, wiping his eyes roughly with his arm.

"You can call me anytime you need me, all right?" she asked, looking from him, to his house, to her plane further off to the right.

He nodded again, walking slowly to his house, waving non-enthusiastically behind him, "See ya later."

"'Bye, Gohan," she said before walking in the other direction towards her plane.

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