Just One Week


As was predicted, this Majin Buu character showed up on Earth, controlled by an ugly looking guy named Babidi. I won't go into too many details about this threat, for it was a hard time. Buu was much worse than Cell was, always finding some way to regenerate himself.

A lot of people ended up dying. Actually, quite simply, the whole Earth got destroyed. Though all of my old friends, including Krillin, Yamcha, and Tien, showed up to help, Goku was the only one left standing. Everyone else was unable to fend for himself or herself and Goku was not always able to be right beside everyone that was in danger. However, we all depended and believed in him and in the end…he was able to defeat Majin Buu once and for all.

With the dragon balls, he wished the whole world to return to normal and have the common inhabitants forget the horrible experience they had to endure.

Fourteen years went by with all of us living together happily. For the most part, the kids grew up in a safe environment with no more Earth threatening incidents appearing. Pan and Bra grew up pretty close to each other, sticking as friends as well as relatives through their school years. Everyone else found it somewhat funny that two people such as themselves could be friends. They both grew up the way everyone predicted. Pan was the through and through tomboy, always hanging out with the guys when they went off to spar. Bra stayed into the latest fashions, always telling me about a new hairstyle she was thinking about getting.

Goten and Trunks, needless to say, changed their personalities around after they reached their teenage years. They got less interested in fighting (much to Goku and Pan's dismay) and got more intrigued in the…"finer" things in life. Trunks began to take a big liking to my field of engineering and though they were both getting chased after by their own female fan clubs, Goten showed more interest in dating those girls.

At one point during all those years, the fighters all met back up at the Tenkaichi Budoukai for another tournament. There, Goku came across a young, dark-skinned fighter named Uub. He was really good for a kid his age and we soon found out why when Goku came across the conclusion that Uub was Buu reincarnated. It seemed a bit off, considering the two looked nothing alike, but he reasoned rationally.

Goku said he wanted to go to the lookout and train Uub in the Time Chamber, because he was to be the new hero after Goku was gone. Everyone complained, especially me. I hope he didn't think that I would let him go just like that, again. He mentioned quite casually that he would only be gone about ten years, but that was ten more years than I would have liked him to be gone.

After some arguing and threatening, I made a deal with him. I would fix the Gravity Room for both of them and Uub could have a temporary home at Capsule Corp. Uub was a nice boy, I wasn't worried about him getting in the way and I still had more than enough money to tend to him.

Pan was a little jealous at first of this arrangement, because her grandpa began paying more attention to Buu's reincarnation. She was very disrespectful and cold-hearted towards the boy for quite some time before she began to warm up to him.

Gohan and Videl turned out just fine, having successfully finished high school and getting jobs for working in my company. They stayed together through thick and thin, but they never had another child, nor do I know of them ever talking of having another.

Quite sadly, Goku and I never had a child of our own. After I gave birth to Bra, I just felt that I was too high up in age to go through childbirth again. Two children were fine for me. Though, Bra was Goku's child in practically every aspect, the only ones knowing the wicked truth being myself and Gohan.

I always told myself that one-day, when everyone was old enough and mature enough to handle it, I would let it be known what happened all those years ago. Actually, I was planning on telling everyone a couple months after Pan's eighteenth birthday.

Which was coming up quick…

I'm not sure how they'll take it. But I must not keep the reality in the past from any of them. I will tell Trunks that Goku was not really his father and Goten that I was not really his mother. I will tell Bra that Goku is also not her father…that being the time that Goku finds out that Bra is not really his daughter, also. I know it will be hard, not just for them, but for me, too.

I can only pray that I am forgiven.

I always believed that no matter how much everyone accepts what has happened and how things were and are, things would never be the same. Deceitfulness is a shameful thing to bear through life. But the truth has to be told.

And when it is…well…I can at least say that a huge burden had been lifted from my shoulders.

And when that day comes…it will turn out to be a whole different legacy of events.

No end of story.

Well…that's it everyone…for real this time. Just One Week has come to a close after two short years…almost exactly two years now that I think about it. Anyway, I am seriously thinking about making a sequel to this story, this epilogue being the thing that basically leads up to it.

Only thing a little different about the sequel will be that it will be told in Bulma's, Bra's, and Pan's POV. It's not just about Bulma and Goku anymore. They worked most everything out. But I do promise to add more than some romance between the two, plus some romance between others.

I'm not sure what it'll be called yet, but I think I'll still put it under the characters of Goku and Bulma, since I'm still trying to stick mainly around them.

Hope to see you then!

Thanks for reading!