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Knock knock knock.

There it was again. That persistent knocking at his door. At five o'clock in the morning.

Yata Misaki stomped to his front door after drowsily, and angrily, getting out of bed.

'Whoever the hell it is better have good reason for being here at ass o'clock...'

Nearly pulling the door off the hinges, Misaki opened the door to be met with the Blue King, Munakata Reisi. He held a shuffling bundle of fabric in his arms. Before Misaki had a chance to curse the man to hell and back, he heard sniffling from the bundle. The Blue King, sensing the red clansman's already short fuse coming to an end, gave a very brief and blunt explanation. In the size of a toddler.

"I appologize for disturbing you before the sun has even fully risen, Yata-kun." At that, the shorter male snorted sarcastically, as if to say "Yeah, no kidding." "But it seems an emergency... situation has occurred concerning your former ally, Fushimi Saruhiko."

Misaki was immediately awake and alert when something concerning his ex-best friend is mentioned. Especially if it was what the King himself considered a "situation."

"Oi. What the hell happened to Saru!"

When he finally had the chance to speak, Misaki heard a small "ah!" from the bundle and plenty of squirming.

"Oi, monkey king, what the hell are you carrying, anyways."

Munakata sighed and revealed the bundle. Yata's eyes widened in shock.

"Don't tell me..." He couldn't believe it. He shouldn't believe it. Misaki tried to convince himself that he was still drowsy and tired and this was probably all just a dream. A really bad dream that his former best friend-

"Ah~! Misaki!" The small child cried out in excitement, stubby little arms immediately stretched out to be held by the shocked boy. Munakata tried to keep his hold on the small toddler but the baby continued to squirm out of his grasp in favour of reaching out for Misaki. "Misaki~~~!"

"This is ... A predicament Scepter 4 has yet to face." Munakata tried to explain to Misaki the problems that occurred the night before. The entire oragnization worked to restore Fushimi to his original age, but to no avail. They concluded it was a strain that they needed to track down and that required the entire Scepter 4 to search and attain the strain, except the captain. He was left behind to care for the child. However, he had difficulties subduing the child into behaving, which lead him to the doorstep of the red clansman.

"So your shitty clansmen left you to babysit Saru... But you don't know how to take care of kids...?" Misaki asked while Saruhiko snuggled into his chest. He had long given up trying to pry the child off of him.

"It is not that I do not know how to take care of them. Fushimi-kun is merely a special case." The King shifted his glasses.

"Uh-huh." Misaki said disbelievingly. He looked down at the child. He noticed that his hair and skin tone remained the same, but his face became rounder and eyes larger, to retain that child-like appearance. Instead of wearing his manic, bloodthirsty grin, the now-younger Fushimi wore a dopey, innocent, toothy grin. He wore an oversized, white t-shirt and nothing more. The child could not be any older than three years of age.

The russet haired boy sighed in resignation and place the child on his lap, shaking his legs to provide entertainment and comfort for the small child. Fushimi giggled happily at the shaking feeling he was experience, his small, chubby body leaning back to lay against Misaki's chest.

The Blue King watched this interaction with mild interest. "I did not know you were good with children, given your short-temper." He stated, not intending to be insulting.

Misaki chose to ignore the comment and settled for explaining himself to Reisi. "I used to work as a day care assistant as one of my part time jobs. Kids liked me for some reason, and found my outbursts funny. Damn brats." Misaki smiled fondly at the smiling faces of the children he cared for.

Two small, nimble hands were on his face almost immediately. His attention directed back down to a pouting Saruhiko, the boy's arms outstretched to hold his face. "Misaki~"

"Oi, Saru. Don't call me that." Yata chided half-heatedly, ruffling the small boy's hair.

Reisi cleared his throat. "Well, I do ask that Fushimi-kun stays in your care for the time being, while we search for the strain,"

"Aaahhhh? You expect me to take care of a kid by myself? You have got to be mental." Misaki argued. Even he knew it was dangerous for a baby to be under the care of a gang member, no matter how strong the vanguard may be.

"I will take responsibility, Yata-kun. I am aware of your circumstances, so I am here to offer my assistance in caring for the child." Reisi looked the russet haired boy directly in the eyes as he spoke with a straight face.

"... Don't say it like that. It's creepy." Misaki made a face of disgust that the Blue King would say such a thing that sounded like a proposal.

"Creepy!" The child in his arm mimicked, pointing at Munakata and looking at Misaki expectantly.

It was silent in the room for a minute before Misaki roared out a laughter and Munakata shifted his glasses. Yata petted the boy on the head and gave him a thumbs up.

"Yata-kun, if you are going to care for Fushimi-kun, I do request that you do not teach him such things, and restrict your crude mouth."

"Hahah, nah. Saru's always had a mind of his own." In his arms, the toddler yawned, passing it on to Yata, as he nuzzled his face into the chest of his beloved.

"Misaki~" He whined drowsily. Yata yawned as well.

"Yeah I hear ya, Saru." Misaki looked up at the Blue King. "I'm going to bed, it's still early." Misaki stood to hand Fushimi over to Reisi, but the baby clung to his pajama shirt.

"No! Misa~ kiiiii~!"

"Ah, it appears Fushimi-kun would like to stay with you instead. I suggest returning to bed with Fushimi-kun while I leave for a supply run."

Yata glared at the Captain for several minutes before sighing in resignation. "Fine but it you ditch on me, I'm hunting your ass down and shoving my bat up there." He yawned, carrying a dozing Saruhiko in his arms to his futon.

"Rest assured, Yata-kun. I will return."

Fushimi was grasping the the edges of the futon for his source of heat. The room was dark as the child groped around for his beloved.

"Misaki~" He crawled out of bed towards the door to the living room and pushed it opened. He peeked into the room to see his Captain-turned-babysitter at the stove in the connecting kitchen alongside Yata. "Misaki?" He called timidly. The pair looked like a married couple assisting each other in making dinner; Misaki was adorned in a simple apron and Reisi sported a dark blue one with his uniform jacket absent and sleeves rolled up to his elbow. The pair were preparing a delicious smelling dinner (considering how late it was already).

Munakata hovered a little too closely towards his Misaki for his liking. As an adult, his response would be to charge into the kitchen and claim the boy in that very spot. However, he did not have that ability anymore, so he resorted to doing the only thing he could do in his condition: cry.

"MISAKIIII!" The young boy threw the door open, shocking the two adults, and ran to his beloved flower. He clung to the taller boy's leg and cried into fabric of his pants.

"Oi, Saru, you alright?" Yata crouched down and lifted the boy up into his arms, cradling him to sedate him from his sudden outburst.

"I wonder if Fushimi-kun had a nightmare of some sort?" When the older man reached out his arms as an offering to hold the child, Saruhiko only clung more tightly to Misaki, glaring at his captain.

"Mine!" He pouted childishly, snuggling into the fabric of Misaki's shirt. The two were in shock momentarily but snapped out of it almost immediately. Munakata held in a light chuckle, the curving of his lips betraying his usual expressions, and Misaki was openly laughing with an endearing smile to his face with a faint pink adorning his cheeks.

"It appears Fushimi-kun has misunderstood." Munakata explained out loud, earning a 'yeah, no shit' from Yata. His mind concocted a plan to tease the young boy, considering how adorable his recent actions were and the reason behind it. The older officer placed one hand on Yata's shoulder and the other cradling the arm holding Fushimi. He leaned in, invading Yata's personal space, trying to imitate an image of a couple and child. "Yata-kun. Would you like any assistance with our little prince here?" He joked without making any change in his usual tone. It would not have required much effort to fool the child.

"Eh? Pfft hah! Saru's as bratty as one now, anyways." Misaki laughed at the nickname for Fushimi, completely missing the emphasis on 'our' and forgetting the fact that an enemy king was invading his space. When he looked down at the child, he could see Fushimi throwing a childishly menacing glare in Reisi's direction, his mouth formed into a pout with his cheeks puffing out. "Hey don't make that face." Yata chided lightly, pinching at a cheek with a free hand. "You already frown enough as an adult."

Fushimi's backlash was sticking out a tongue at Misaki; he was happy that his beloved's attention was on him.