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On their way home, Fushimi started nodding off from the tiresome events that day. Glaring at Munakata was really a sport! Misaki settled the boy on his back with his arms supporting his bum to ensure that the toddler would not fall.

"Guess he finally stopped being a big baby." Yata muttered, making his way towards his apartment wit Munakata by his side.

"Technically speaking, Yata-kun, he is a big baby." He retorted, earning another glare that day but from Yata.

"No one asked for your input, smart ass." Misaki whispered harshly. he was already cranky from entertaining the small child all day and playing parent.

Munakata chuckled, one the first signs of informality and casualness he had shown since the whole fiasco occurred. He was carrying the bags of clothes and groceries given that Yata was occupied holding a child.

"If you want, I can carry some of that for you." Yata offered, taking notice of how much they bought that day and bearing in mind that it was Munakata who paid for everything. He felt guilty, even if he was a blue.

"Nonsense. Fushimi-kun tends to move a lot in his sleep, so supporting him physically is an upmost priority." He explained. Yata shrugged but did a double-take upon realization on what he said.

"... And how would you know that?"

"Every Scepter 4 dorm is equipped with fully functioning security cameras."

Misaki shuddered internally and suddenly pitied his ex-best friend just a little bit.

"On a different note, I heard from Totsuka-san that you will be absent tomorrow for a mission assigned by Izumo-san, is this correct?" Munakata asked, all signs of casualty gone.

Yata adjusted the boy on his back to keep him from falling and nodded, hoping to forget the embarrassing encounter with his fellow clansmen.

"Yata-kun! Would Saru-kun not look adorable in these overalls?" Totsuka asked with great enthusiasm. He basically rampaged the store in hopes of finding a suitable outfit for Fushimi. The pseudo-parents pair stood to the side, not wanting to interrupt the man on his new found project. While Munakata had objections to how informal the clothes appeared, Totsuka retorted back, stating that 'children are still children. It's only normal for them to dress their age.' Really, there was no argument to that and the Blue King stood on standby.

Fushimi, however, was not amused and objected to every outfit Totsuka coordinated for him. The boy would throw a tantrum whenever he was not with his Misaki and cause a scene in whatever store they were in.

Meanwhile, Kamamoto took that opportunity to ask Yata some questions while Anna and Totsuka were occupied playing dress up with the toddler.

"Um... Yata-san?" He started cautiously, testing to see what Yata's mood was to determine how he would approach the situation.

"Ahh?" Yata grunted, looking up at Kamamoto with his usual fierce expression.

Kamamoto concluded that he was basically walking on eggshells at this point and mentally said 'fuck it.' He was predestined to get a headlock everyday regardless.

That didn't make him any less scared. "Are you and the blue king... Y'know...?" It was an awkward conversation to begin with and he'll be damned if it does progress better somehow.

"What the hell are you suggesting, dumbass?" Misaki growled, glancing over at Munakata to keep his trap shut.

"J-just...! It's se-seems a little strange that you would even c-come out in public with him?" He explained unsure.

"Kamamoto..." Yata was basically seething at this point. One could have nearly sworn they saw his red aura erupting any minute.

"What he is suggesting, Yata-kun, is if we are now a couple." Munakata clarified.

"Shut the fuck up!" Yata roared, attracting the attention of the other patrons in the store besides Totsuka and Anna. They were too accustomed to Yata's constant outbursts.

Whispers were heard from all around.

"What is that hoodlum doing in the children's department?"

"Is he going to cause a fight!"

"Honestly, who raised that child to behave that way!"

Before Yata had a chance to raise hell, he felt grabby, little hands tugging on the hem of his shorts. Looking down, he noticed several children gathered around him. Several mothers looked horrified and were prepared to apologize for their respective child's behavior in fear for their safety.

It wasn't until Yata himself crouched down to their level and patted some of them on the head awkwardly.

"H-Hey... You shouldn't do that to strangers you don't know, kid..." He advised them with an awkwardly gentle smile etched on his face. Munakata couldn't help but find it befitting for him to be like that.

Yata immediately shooed the memory away before he recalled several elder women asking to adopt him anymore younger women asking if he was single. It was an awful memory, given he was terribly shy and awkward around women in general.

"Let's not bring that shit up..." Misaki muttered into his palm. He dragged his hands downward and composed himself again. "And yeah. I do. What about it?"

"Then I would have to assume responsibility of Fushimi-kun for the time being in your absence." Reisi stated upon arriving at Yata's apartment complex.

"Ah...right. Might not want this brat to get into trouble while I'm on a mission." Misaki agreed, remembering that he probably had more enemies than HOMRA as a whole. Taking a kid along, bad idea, got it.

"Luckily it is my day off tomorrow." The Blue King added as-a-matter-of-factly.

After the red clansmen unlocked the door to his home and invited his temporary partner inside, he unconsciously gave a greeting, "I'm home", despite living alone for nearly more than three years.

"Misaki... Welcome ... Home." Fushimi muttered drowsily. Realization did not dawn upon him very quickly, but when it did, Yata smiled tenderly at the boy now laying on his couch. Even if he said it while asleep, it was what made it so endearing.

The younger blue clansmen sat up and yawned, crawling over to the crow sitting on the other side of the couch from him. He climbed onto Misaki's lap and cuddled into his shirt while rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

Munakata observed their interaction from the adjoining kitchen. He noticed Yata trying to keep a scowl on his face to maintain his tough guy act but to no avail. His facade was slowly diminishing under the unadulterated innocence of Fushimi's child-like charm.

Reisi looked out the window and noticed the sun setting. "I should be taking Fushimi-kun to the dormitories now. Fear not, Yata-kun. He will be staying in the same room as me under my supervision." He assured the smaller boy upon receiving a look of uncertainty. He approached the pair and carefully lifted Fushimi in his arms.

'Shit, they look related!'

"Mi~saki~" Little Fushimi murmured, groping about for his beloved. His eyebrows scrunched together when he felt glasses. His Misaki didn't wear glasses!

The baby clansman's eyelids opened immediately to see the perpetrator, only to be met with a piercing gaze behind frames.

"Good morning, Fush-MEHI-" Munakata was cut off when the boy in his arms flailed about and kicked him in the mouth and knocked his glasses off.

"Misakiiiii!" He screeched with tears threatening to fall from his eyes. It was not out of fear of being taken away, but he was crying from being separated from his Misaki.

"Ah geez!" Yata ran to the two and took Fushimi from Reisi's hold, cradling and soothing the boy. "Damn, he did a number on you."

Reisi wiped his mouth and retrieved his glasses from the floor, grateful for them not shattering. He cleared his throat and pushed his glasses back on his face. "Maybe taking Fushimi-kun home would not be ideal."

"No fucking shit, Sherlock." The red vanguard spat, rolling his eyes at the more than obvious statement. "Just come pick him up tomorrow. I can't really leave him with anyone else I know." HOMRA members were out the question, even Totsuka. None of them really have experience taking care of a child younger than Anna, and even then, Fushimi was a handful. There was no guarantee that someone would go insane taking care of him. Or in Totsuka's case, be a little too enthusiastic taking care of a baby.

Yata continued patting Saruhiko's back and alternate to rubbing soothing circles on his back until he heard soft snores from the small boy. He settled Fushimi back on the couch and made his way into the kitchen. "Um... Do you, wanna stay for dinner?" Yata asked awkwardly. He felt guilty for making Munakata pay for everything that day and could only think of offering to make a meal to compensate.

The Blue King was taken aback by the sudden question, but accepted nonetheless. It would be rude to deny the invitation, but he couldn't help but ask, "You can cook, Yata-kun?"

"Well duh! I live by myself! I ain't gonna live off of just ramen cups and convienent store lunches." He yelled, preparing the ingredients and an apron. "...you can just watch some tv in the living room and watched over Saru. I'm fine here." He just really did not want to be observed by "the stupid monkey king."

"Oh? Thank you, Yata-kun." He smiled down at the shorter male. "I trust that you do not poison my food when I'm not looking." He joked, hoping to lighten the mood between enemies.

"Tch. For that comment, I shoul- DID YOU JUST MAKE A JOKE?" Misaki screamed at the sudden familiarity his arch rival showed. Had it been Fushimi making the joke under those circumstances, he would've just been normally provoked. However, it was Munakata Reisi who made the joke. Munakata 'stick-up-his-ass-and-probably-a-rule-book-too' Reisi.

"I have made several jokes today, Yata-kun." He pointed out. Clearly, Misaki did not hear a word of it, still being frozen in shock for the umpteenth time that day. Reisi merely chuckled and made his way into the living room. Fushimi was still asleep and there was nothing to do, seeing as how little interest he took in television.

Looking around the room, Reisi noticed photos that showed tidbits of Yata's life. Most did not include him, but of HOMRA members. Reisi took notice on how there were no family photos, and the only photo that featured the russet haired boy himself was a middle school photo of him and Fushimi. The two were facing the camera with Misaki's arm slung around Saruhiko's neck to bring the taller male down to his height. Misaki flashed a grin and a cheesy peace sign at the camera, but Reisi noticed how Fushimi's gaze was motioned towards Yata, as if he did not even realize that they were being photographed at the moment.

'What an...accurate depiction of their relationship.'

Once Reisi had left after dinner, and Fushimi and Yata had bathed peacefully, the red clansmen immediately knocked out on his futon, tired from the day's events.

Fushimi was wide awake, but silently observing Misaki.

He stroked at the face of his beloved and recalled ruefully of how well his captain and his beloved got along that day. He held back his tears upon realizing that his love was always one-sided from the beginning, but being a toddler, the tears fell freely, accompanied with light sobbing.

Yata stirred from his sleeping when he heard sobbing and noticed the child convulsing from trying to hold back his sobs. Arms outstretched and embraced the child against his chest.

A consoling hand, yet again, rubbed comforting circles on the child's back. "Are you hurt anywhere, Saru?" Misaki asked quietly. The child shook his head. "Monkey King made you sad?" There was a moment of hesitation until felt the child scoot closer towards his body. "So that's a maybe?" The russet haired boy asked, too tired to really get upset at the child. He shrugged and cuddled closer to the boy.