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Ch. 2 Harry Fights a Dragon

The next morning, neither of the three would wake up no matter what everyone tried. Even Albus tried with the Elder wand. Nothing worked! They had to give up and hope that Harry wake up before his first task or he would loose his magic.


Within Bardock's mind he saw a strange creature standing in a void of white.

"You should be dead." Said the creature, as it kept it's back facing the saiyan warrior. It's voice was low and raspy, yet ominous.

"Who are you?" Bardock asked.

"I am Death." It then turned around to reveal it's hideous form. It looked like a Wraith but then transformed itself into a handsome young man with silvery gray hair and blue eyes. His voice also changed to something that matched his new looks."But you can call me 'Morty.'"

"What? Morty?"

"Yes, but the only reason your not dead is because Destiny said that you fell into her jurisdiction."

"Who's Destiny?"

"We all have our jobs. Mine to to take souls to the other world where they are to be judged by King Yemma. Destiny's job it to guide people to their destiny. It's rare for our paths to cross, but when they do, she often wins. Just like with you. And the last time we had a mutual agreement was with Harry Potter."

"So why am I here?" he demanded.

"You are here because while she saw that I was finally going to win one for the first time in three-hundred years... She struck a deal with me that allows the both of us to win. She's really determined to win these. Especially since there's a prophecy about you."


"You are to help Harry James Potter collect the soul fragments of Tom Marvolo Riddle. Though he's better known by another name. Voldemort."

"Soul fragments?"

"Yes he's split his soul into several pieces. The diary he had was destroyed near the end of Harry and Draco's second year. And no they never worked well together before you showed up. Back on topic. You also need to seek out the other fragments. They are better known as Horcruxes."


"They were created by Herpo the Foul. It keeps one from dying so you can see why I personally hate that."

"I can see that."

"Anyway, the book you don't have to worry about. But you do however have to destroy the other soul fragments. You can kill them with a Basilisk fang, a Fend Fire, or the Sword of Godric Gryffindor. Now these things are the following things that hold his soul." He then created images of each one of them.

"Salazar Slytherin's Locket, Helga Hufflepuff's Cup, Rowana Ravenclaw's Diadem, Marvolo Gaunt's Ring, and I hate to say this one because I like the boy. He really got Voldy good. Harry Potter."

"Harry? You mean the kid who along side Draco helped me get away from the Death Eaters? That Harry?"

"Yes, it happened after his mother was killed. He was accidentally turned into one by the Dark Lord himself. For him either have him go to the Goblins, or have him walk into a killing curse."

"I think I'll have him see the Goblins about it." He said.

"I figured as much. But you must do this before the end of the century. Otherwise I'll have you killed in a rather nasty and dishonorable way."

"Well looks like I have my work cut out for me then don't I? Seeing as I don't even know where the rest of them are."

"Your a psychic Bardock. You'll figure them out. Not to mention your new abilities will be an even bigger help."

"Well I'm...wait? New abilities?"

"You'll see. Farewell Bardock. I'll inform you if he makes anymore of them. I hope not."


Bardock awoke in confusion. He didn't know where he was, or why he couldn't see anything. But then after a few moments he remembered that he was in Hogwarts, and still had bandages around his face.

"Your awake. Thank Merlin." He heard Madam Pomfrey say, while he was cocking an eyebrow in confusion about this Merlin guy. It wasn't like she could see it.

"I'll take them off of you then since you were asleep all day yesterday, and I need to see how your eyes are doing."

"Wait a minuet... I was out all day yesterday?"

"Yes you were." She said as she began to remove the bandages around his eyes. "Along with Harry and Draco."

'Could this be a coincidence?' He asked himself. He immediately noticed that he could see as the bandages were being removed from his eyes, as he could see light.

"How are they doing?" He asked as the bandages came completely off. He could see very clearly. It was like he was never blinded at all. "By the way, it worked. I think my vision's back to one-hundred present. Maybe even better."

"Really now?" She said looking into his onyx eyes. She was shocked to see them at such a color. "That's an interesting color. I'll inform my contacts that it worked very well for you. Harry and Draco are still sleeping, but I hope it won't be long for Harry. Today's the first challenge. And if he doesn't participate then he'll loose his magic."

"I see." He said, but before he could continue his mussing. A woman with really thick glasses walked in.

"It's you! You are the one with the third eye. I can feel it!" The woman said shocking Bardock.

"How did you..." Bardock began when Poppy shushed the woman.

"Not now Sybil." She hisses quietly. "Alastor's resting."

"The real one I assume?" Bardock asked.

"Yes. After you told us about Igor the others, they searched for them and Karkroff is in Azkaban right now thanks to you." The healer said as she checked on other things with him.

"And I assume that Moody wasn't doing too well."

"It could've been worse. Though Barty Sr. is facing Azkaban as well for using an unforgivable on his own son, and keeping him in his home when he should be dead."

"And what about you? I bet you've been up all night trying to make sure Alastor's alright."

"Yes." She said rubbing her baggy eyes.

"I need to speak to you about something important." Sybil said urgently.

"Alright, we'll talk later." Bardock said. At that moment they heard a grown from another bed. "Harry?"

"You have a good ear." Poppy said as she checked up on him.

"What is it?" He asked the Divination professor.

"I know you were spared by Death himself, to complete a task for him and Destiny." She said causing the saiyan's eyes to widen.

"How did you know about that?"

"I too possess the third eye, but it's not like yours. I Owled a woman that I know can help you with your new sight. She'll help you...I hope."

"Who is she?"

"Her name is Baba. She is the greatest seer of our time. But she uses her magic in the presents of muggles, so she could get into trouble if any Aurors got to her. But she makes sure that she is well protected."

"I see... You think she'll help me out?"

"One can only hope."

"Bardock, can you come here please?" The Healer asked. Sybil left as he got up and walked over to where she and Harry were. He was shocked to see the boy had a tail whipping around his body. He wasn't wearing his glasses so his brilliant green eyes looked at the saiyan for answers.

"What the heck?" Bardock asked.

"I was going to ask you what happened here since he's got a tail like you do." Poppy said assuming he knew what happened.

"What about Draco?" Bardock asked. They then heard the Malfoy boy groan as well. The two adults walked over to Draco's bed and saw that he too had a tail.

"I don't think you want your father hearing about this." Madam Pomfrey said in shock.

"No way do I want to. What did you do to me?" He said pointing a finger at Bardock.

"Look I don't know what happened I'm just as confused as you are right now, and your not the only one, Harry's got a tail too."

Draco then looked across the way to see Harry with at tail as well. Shrugging to say that he didn't know what happened either.

"I say we figure this out later, and get something to eat. We were out all day yesterday." Bardock said getting shocked looks from both boys.

"Well I don't think that'll be a bad idea. You just need some cloths, that's all." She said as she walked over to a closet that had some neatly folded clothing, handing it to Bardock. "Harry, even though I don't want to you have to go out there today. I want you to keep your magic. I'm sure you two want to go as well. But the moment that the first task is finished I want you here so I can check up on you. You too Draco. I'm sure you want to see Harry during the task. And don't you worry about a thing, I won't tell anyone about the extra limbs. Not even Dumbledore."

"You boys may want to wrap your tails around your waist, that way you can keep your balance. And no one will know either." said Bardock. Doing as they were told they wrapped their tails around their waists and proceeded to wait for Bardock to get dressed so they could take him to the Feast Hall.


Three belches could be heard early in the morning. They were loud enough to wake the dead. The Gray Lady and several other ghosts saw the three culprits and couldn't believe their eyes. It was Harry, Draco, and the new guy Bardock that they heard about from Myrtle. Bardock had already told them about what they were now, and what they could do.

"I just remembered that I need to grab the memory from the top of my chest of draws." Harry said to himself as he made his way to his common room.

"I have to get dressed. I'm still in my night cloths." Draco said making his way to his common room.

"And I'm left here without a guide." Bardock said as he crossed his arms wearing his new attire. He was wearing a gray sweater with blue jeans.

"Excuse me sir?" He heard a voice say to him. He looked around and saw no one until he looked down. "Dobby was wondering if you ate all the food."

"I didn't eat all of it. About one third. It was really good."

"Dobby thanks you sir. Dobby helped make the food this morning. Dobby is curious though. Are you a saiyan?"

"How did you know about that?" He asked quietly. "Let's have a seat." He said directing his attention to the tables where Harry ate at.

"Dobby knows this because of your tail sir."

"How do you know about the saiyans?"

"Dobby knows because Dobby was told about them by his father. And he was told by his father...and Dobby thinks you get the point sir."

"I do in a way. But how long ago was it?"

"Very long ago sir, long before Hogwarts ever got it's start. You must tell Dobby, did your blood mix with a wizard's?"


The house elf gasped in surprise. "Then it is you. You will help defeat one Dark Lord and reveal another."

"What do you mean?"

"Long has it been foretold among the house elves, and many other different magical creatures that the saiyans would return."

"Okay. Um. Dobby? I need you to answer me something. What happens when the blood of a saiyan and the blood of a wizard were to mix?"

"Then they would gain more power than ever thought possible form either race. The saiyan would have magic, and the wizard would have great physical power."

"So then I'm a wizard?"

"Your a saiyan blood-bonded to a wizard." At that moment the students began to walk in. "Dobby must go now and help the other elves make more food. Could Dobby ask for your name sir?"

"Yes you can, and it's Bardock." And with that Dobby snapped his fingers and it was like he evaporated away.

"Excuse me?" He heard a young boy ask. He looked up and saw a young man with messy black hair like Harry's. "Nevill Longbottom. Why are you sitting here?"

"Well it's not like I was sorted into a house. I'm completely neutral to the four houses, and the two extra schools here." He said lightheartedly. "I'm Bardock by the way." He then took the boys hand as he finally made his introduction.

After some time, he got to know a lot of the kids in the three schools. He even spoke with the teachers, but he kept quiet about all the things that he had learned about from Dobby and Sybil.

That was until he was jumped by Harry's female friend Hermione Granger. Thanks to his psychic powers he could tell that she was trustworthy with the information.


"So what kind of dragons are they going to have to fight?" Hermione asked Bardock. He decided to sit with the Gryffindors.

"I don't know. I wasn't in there when it happened. I wished him luck, told him to trust his instincts, and left."

"How was he?" She asked him. She was concerned for her best friend.

"He was nervous, but excited at the same time. It's the challenge that excites us."

"Hello and welcome to the first Tri-wizard tournament since 1792!" They heard Bagman say. "Now because two of the original judges are in Azkaban we had to have them replaced by the deputy headmaster of Drumstrang Institute, Alex Rowanoff. And the Minster of Magic Cornelius Fudge. Let the tournament begin!"

That's when the Swedish Short-Snout came in. When the cannon blast was heard, Cedric Diggory came running out. He tranfugured a rock into a dog, and was halfway to his objective, the golden egg. When she fired at him and he got the egg, and there wasn't a single burn on him. Many cheered.

The scours for Cedric were:

Madame Maxine: Seven

Dumbledore: Eight

Rowanoff: Five

Bagman: Seven

Fudge: Six

"Nice work Cedric." Bardock said as he clapped along with the others.

Then came the Common Welsh Green. The cannon went off again and Fleur Delacour comes out. She puts the dragon to sleep, and as she was retrieving the golden egg. The dragon snorted on her and her clothing caught on fire. She put it out and headed out.

"Well that could've been a nasty burn had she not thought on her feet." Bardock said as he clapped for the only female champion.

The scours for Fleur were:

Madame Maxine: Ten

Dumbledore: Seven

Rowanoff: Five

Bagman: Six

Fudge: Six

"So their headmistress is being bias I see." Bardock added.

Then it was the Chinese Fireball next. The cannon goes off again, and out comes Viktor Krum. He uses the Conjunctivitis Curse and that makes the mother destroy the real eggs by accident. And making a foul smell that almost made Draco vomit. Bardock too.

"His scores are going to suffer because of that." Bardock gagged, as Krum got his egg.

The scores for Viktor were:

Madame Maxine: Five

Dumbledore: Five

Rowanoff: Ten

Bagman: Six

Fudge: Five

Then the Hungarian Horntail came out. The cannon goes off one more time, and Harry walks out with confidence and a smirk on his face.

"Trust my instincts." He said to himself. The dragon then lunged at him, but he dodged it like it was nothing. "Is that the best you can do? That was a snail's pace." He taunted. The dragon then responded by breathing fire at him, and he pridefully took it on.

"HARRY!" Ron called out.

"He's okay, he's still alive." Bardock said as he put a hand on his shoulder. Harry was then revealed to have no burns on him.

"How did he do that?" Hermione asked.

"He's trusting his instincts." Bardock replied. That's when she started to try and hit him with her tail. He dodged it and Bardock destroyed the rocks before they could hit anyone in the stands.

'Common Harry, you can do it.' Draco cheered in his mind.

"That's it. Common mum. That's it. Leave the nest. I'll just take the one that doesn't belong." Harry said as he quickly swiped the egg at extremely high speeds. He then found that the dragon was going to throw fire at him. And if he dodged like he was planing. It would hit Draco and his friends. And Bardock was clutching his head for some reason. He knew what he had to do. He got up close to the dragon before it could launch it's deadly breath, and gave it an uppercut, he then roared like an animal, and it reverberated across the arena and beyond.

The dragon backed away in fear and respect. She wanted to stay away from him. The crowd was in shock except for Bardock as he finally came out of the vision that he had.

The scores for Harry were:

Madame Maxine: Eight

Dumbledore: Eight

Rowanoff: Seven

Bagman: Nine

Fudge: Ten


"I don't believe it Harry! You did it!" Hermione congratulated back in the common room. He had just returned form Madam Pomfrey's care again, and saw nothing wrong with the boy. Same with Draco. Harry and Ron had also reconciled.

"Thanks, I didn't even need my broom." Harry said.

The portrait swung open to reveal Bardock entering the common room.

"Hey Bardock, what are you doing here?" Asked Nevil, as many of the students agreed with the question.

"I don't know why, but the headmaster thought it would be best to sort him." Said the head of Gryffindor House as she walked in behind him.

"So does that mean..."

"That's right Harry. You are looking at the newest member of Gryffindor House. And the oldest to be sorted into a house." Bardock bragged. That caused many cheers in the common room and he was welcomed with open arms.


That night after the failed attempt of hearing the message, where the saiyan and the wizard were both withering in pain on the floor, leaving it to Ron to shut it. Harry had to ask one question to him in private.

"Why did Dumbledore sort you?"

"He wanted me sorted, because he didn't want me with you and/or Draco. He knows how strong of a team you could be together. And I'll just ruin everything for him."

"You read his mind for that didn't you?"

"Well while his ability to keep humans out of his head is strong. He doesn't know how to get into a saiyan's head or keep them out. I never had the chance to ask this morning, but how did you feel?"

"Better than I think I've ever felt in my life. I don't need my glasses. I'm stronger, faster, and my head just feels less cluttered, and more organized." He said in an excited tone.

"I'm glad. Let's get some shut eye. We both need it."

"Your right. I'll see you in the morning."

"Goodnight Harry."

"Good night."


Albus was sitting in his office. He was rubbing his temples. What the heck happened to Harry to make him that strong? And why did Bardock get sorted into Gryffindor of all houses? Why not Ravenclaw, or Huffelpuff? Those two would've been great. And he wouldn't have this headache. He just hoped that Ron would do as he said. He had to or his family would no longer have his protection.

"I do hope this doesn't turn out badly. I need Harry to trust me and do what I say. I'd hate to do to him what I had to do to you." He told his bird. He bound the phoenix to himself long ago using dark magic. Bound to him even in death. So he would have to will him to someone one day. But that won't be for a long time.

"How did he do that though?" He asked himself. "To do that he would have to be an animal... Or maybe a saiyan. He wasn't wearing his glasses. Yes, he must have somehow blood-bonded to that saiyan. I must check my personal library."

Uh oh, he's onto something here. What are they gonna do now? Well I hope you enjoyed this newest installment of the story. Thanks for reading, please review, and God bless you.