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Chapter 1

I watch as she walks across the street with her brother, holding her hand, assisting her. She's not blind, nor is she disabled, but after the accident he's been much more careful with her. He watches her like a hawk watches its prey. And because of that I couldn't go near her. It's been two years since I last spoke to her, last heard her adorable laugh, her brightening smile. It's been two years since her brother threw me out of her life.

And she couldn't protest.


She doesn't remember me or anyone.

I don't blame him, I almost killed her.

"Honestly Jon, we should go. Chris's going to know you're in town." Colby warns.

Honestly didn't give a shit if he knows I'm in town, he doesn't fucking own it. Being in Los Angeles is not a crime last time I checked.

"I know, but I need to see her." I sigh, looking over at her once more. She's entering therapy, to try and help her retain her memory. She's back in school, getting her life together, but I know something is missing. I can't even try and relate to how she feels, how can I? I came out of that accident with a couple of broken ribs, but she came out losing who she was.

I put the rental into drive, moving away from the office building. It's my day off today, it gave me the opportunity to see her, even if it's for the briefest time. Thankfully, my sister still gets along with her brother, so she keeps me updated. She's regain a bit of her memory, but not fully. And from what it seems Chris never mentions me to her. Not surprising, but I was a big part of her life for twelve years, you can't block me out.

"I'm surprised Chris is still talking to your sister." Colby states.

"My sister's his best friend, those two are inseparable. He wouldn't stop talking to her because of me." I scoff. It's true. My older sister and Chris are best friends; he wouldn't stop talking to her. They stopped talking for a couple of months, but eventually, the two started talking to one another again. It's hard for them to stay away from one another.

"But she's okay with him being an absolute asshole to you?"

"I think she tries to talk to him about it, but at the end of the day, Amelia's his sibling, not hers." My grip on the steering wheel tightens, thinking about this whole situation. Amelia's my girlfriend, I know in some ways the accident was my fault, but he has no right to take her away from me. I could have helped her regain her memory back, I would have quit everything for her; just to make sure she'll remember me again.

The thought of Amelia leaving me while we were together was frightening. But for her not to remember me, for her to not know how much we love one another, and for her to not know how much I miss her kills me slowly inside. At least work hasn't been affected; well not as much as I thought it would.

Wrestling takes me away from this harsh reality and maybe that's the reason I've been doing well as of late. I've been focusing all my time on wrestling and that alone. It's the only thing that can distract me. Honestly, I went on a slump for quite some time, but I bounced back because I knew she wouldn't be happy if she saw me. That alone motivated me.

I stop at a stoplight; my phone vibrates as the car comes to a halt. Looking around quickly, I grab my phone, unlocking it and opening a text message from Chris.

'I saw you just now, Jon. I'll play nice, but this is my last warning, stay away from my sister.'

Taking a deep breath, I tried to control my anger the best I can. This asshole is just pissing me off. I know he's her brother, but before her accident, he was hardly a brother to her. Yet the person who's been there is the one he shuts out? This is bullshit.

A sigh escapes my mouth as I place my phone back on the cup holder. Colby looks over at me, shaking his head.

"Chris texted you too?" Colby questions.

I look over at him. "He texted you?"

"Yeah," Colby nods. "I told you he would find out."

"She's my wife, I think I have the right to see her." The light turns green, I press on the gas pedal, the car cruises along the road. I shouldn't be taking out my anger on the road, that never ends well, but it's the only thing I can use to channel my anger right now.

"You two never got married," Colby protests. "You two were engaged, but you never got married." I know Colby hates reminding me about this certain fact, but she should have been my wife by now. Amelia was it for me. No one else in this world mattered but her. She will always be it for me, she's the one.

That's cheesy, I know, but she really was it for me.

She was my life, all I saw was her, all I still see is her. I proposed to her a year before the accident. Being domesticated was something I never wanted, but the thing you least expect always hits you.

"I know," I sighed, stopping at a stoplight once again. "I don't know what to do anymore man, I'm trying to figure out a way to please that asshole, but whatever I do, he won't let me talk to her."

"Chris is an asshole like that, you know he can hold grudges."

"Exactly, but for what? Time and time again, I've apologized, doesn't he think this shit is affecting me too?"

Colby sighed. "But you're not the one who lost their memory."

I pursed my lips, choosing not to reply to Colby. We didn't need to argue, there's nothing I can say to that.

I sit in my room browsing through the television channels. I just got in from following Chris and Amelia. Colby invited me to the room he shares with Roman, but I rather be alone.

I turn off the television, finding nothing interesting on. I laid back on my bed and sigh.

My phone starts ringing. I look over and find my sister's name flashing on the screen.

"No work today?" Jackie questions

"I already told you, it's my day off." I answer.

"Never knew you can get days off, cause you never really come around to visit your lovely sister." She teases.

I laugh. "I think we've seen enough of each other while we were growing up."

"It wounds me that you don't miss your own sister," I can see her glaring at me, Jackie loves hearing me admit that I miss her. For her, it's the joy of getting the "psychotic, unpredictable" Dean Ambrose, to say that he misses his sister.

"If I say it, will it make you happy?"

"I don't want you to say it just to make me happy, I want you to say it 'cause you mean it."

I groan. "Jackie, you're so annoying."

"You're not any better, Jon, so if I were you, start singing your praises."

"I miss you, Jack." I bite my lip to keep my laughter down. She absolutely hates it when I call her Jack. She would beat on me endlessly after I call her Jack. Only advantage I have right now is the fact I'm half-way across the country for her to do anything.

"Where's Raw going to be in two days? I'm coming so I can kick your ass."

Laughter escapes my lips, causing my lovely older sister to release a couple of cuss words.

"I'm kidding, you know I miss you, Jackie, I had some business to attend to," she didn't need to know what I did today. Jackie never exactly told me to back off Amelia, a few times she warned me about Chris, but other than that, she never exactly told me to leave her alone.

"The only business you can possibly have is your job. Unless you're doing other things besides wrestling?"

"No, helping a friend out,"

"Jon, please, do you think you can fool me?" She sighs. "Look, I understand that you want to see her, but we need to respect Chris's wishes right now. He wants Amelia to regain her life."

I couldn't help but feel angered by her statement. She knows how I feel, why would she try and make me think otherwise?

"He's being a douchebag, I could help her out." I argue. Jackie knows I'm right, I would be a better help than any doctor could.

"Jon, I know that, but Chris, he's being stubborn."

"What about Jay? He's the oldest, he has no say in this?"

Jackie laughs. "Jay has a say in this and he's been trying to convince Chris for the longest, but he's just not having it."

"This is bullshit," I groan. "She's my fiancé."

"I'll try to make progress tomorrow when I go out to dinner with Chris." Jackie offers. "I'm not telling you to give up, I just need you to be patient."

"I admire your loyalty and love for Amelia. I know you can be patient for her and wait for her, but you need to be able to accept that she might not regain her memory." There's a pause for a moment. I know she's waiting for the words to sink in my mind. That's hard. I don't want to admit it, but I've thought of it countless of times. What if she never regains her memory? What if I become a forgotten memory, buried with the rest of her past? "Sometimes moving on can be the best way to help her."

"I'll call you tomorrow," I didn't give her a chance to reply, I hung up on my sister.

I start laughing, not sure as to why I am, but I'm laughing. That idea is beyond ridiculous. Amelia's the one for me. I'm not going to give up on her, that's not how things go, at least not for me. I will find a way to get back in her life, with or without Chris's approval.