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The Will of the Forgotten

Hokage Tower, Council Chambers

"Naruto Uzumaki you have been found guilty on all charges. You are sentenced to 10 years within the Elemental Nations maximum security prison." Finished Tsunade. Naruto couldn't believe his ears. He had just gotten out of the hospital from the wounds he sustained during the attempted retrieval of Sasuke Uchiha. He didn't even get to say anything in his defense. They just dragged him here forced him into the chair and sentenced him. No trial, no chance to explain what happened, hell he didn't even know the charges against him. "What are you talking about? What have I done to deserve this?" he asked. He looked at everyone in the council chambers. The civilians had shit eating grins, the clan heads looked indifferent or relieved, the elders looked stone faced as usual, but you could practically feel the joy coming from them, but it was the last one, Tsunade Senju, the Godaime Hokage (fifth fire shadow), that really threw him through a loop. She sat there with a smug grin on her face, looking for all the world to see how excited she is at his expression.

Danzo was the one to address the as of now shaken jinchuriki. "We have evidence that you not only tried to kill the 'Last Uchiha', but you also lost control to the Kyuubi. As such you have been deemed to much of a risk to every one around you. Unfortunately, we could not execute you for fear of the nine tails escaping." He couldn't believe what he was hearing. They were sentencing him for fighting for his life. He didn't know how to feel. He was numb to everything around him. He didn't hear them as they continued to talk about what he 'supposedly' did. He didn't respond when they led him out of the tower and through the streets. He briefly remembered seeing the angry, smug, or disappointed looks on the rookie 10 and their senseis. Everyone except the Ichirakus. Old man Teuchi had a disappointed look but it was not directed at him. It was directed at everyone else. Ayame, though, was in tears. Her head in her hands while sobs racked her body. All that did was dig the knife deeper into the wound. He didn't even pay attention when they bodily threw him into the carriage. He only came to when he was roughly shoved into a jail cell.

3 days later, Unknown prison

Startled he examined his surroundings. It was a piece of crap. The sink was rusted through, there looked to be a strange mold on the toilet, the walls and ceiling are fractured and look like they will collapse any moment, and the beds are just a slab of stone with dirty sheets covering them and a single pillow. All of a sudden he saw movement in the dark corner near the sink. An old man stepped into the dim light. He was wearing a heavily stitched prisoner outfit with some rags serving as a hat of some sort, the only other thing he could find noteworthy was the scarf and the mans medium sized slightly pointed beard and mustache. "W-who are you? Where am I?" he stuttered while moving backwards till his back hit the bars. The man seeing this stopped his advanced and raised his hands showing he wasn't armed. "Greetings child. I mean you no harm. My name is Victor Resnov and you are in Vorkuta. Welcome to the darkest pits of hell."

Sound Base, unknown location

We see one Sasuke Uchiha looking in the mirror before he brings his hands into the ram sign then mutters a quiet 'kai'. He was consumed by smoke and when it clears it shows a girl wearing the same outfit as Sasuke was but a bit snug with hair that fell to her mid back. It would seem that Sasuke was nothing more than a henge. She was about to head to the bed when a knock on the door alerted her. She made her way over before opening the door to reveal the smirking face of Kabuto. "What do you want?" she asked. His smirk just widened. "Orochimaru-sama wants you Sayuri-chan." She just grunts before following him towards Orochimarus throne room. Entering the room she got a foreboding feeling but shrugged it off as being in the snakes presence. Sighing she asks "What do you want? I'm sure whatever it is can wait till tomorrow." "I just thought you would like to hear the news about what happened to your dear friend Naruto-kun." Her eyes widened and she gave the snake her full attention. "What happened?" she asked, the feeling in her stomach increasing.

"Kukuku. It would seem that Konoha has deemed him to much of a loose cannon, and since they can't execute him for fear of the fox breaking free, they sentenced him to 10 years in Vorkuta." Her eyes widened at the name of 'that' prison. Vorkuta had a reputation as worse if not even more so than the snakes. Most people that get sent there don't survive the first year. Giving him 10 years in 'that' place is literally the maximum sentenced. If you go there you will most likely die and for those poor few who actually survive never return the same, physically, mentally, and emotionally. She clenches her teeth to the point of them actually threatening to break, her fists clenched so hard her hand was bleeding, and tears start falling from her eyes. "Why?" It was a demand not a question. His smile threatening to split his face he answered "Because he failed to bring you back. And it was never a question of why but when. Apparently Naruto-kun proved to headstrong to submit to them. They were going to sentence him whether he came back with you or not. Don't you see Sayuri-chan? Konoha is far to corrupt to continue existing. Help me burn the leaf." She raised her head, determination shining in her eyes. "What do I have to do?" The smirks Orochimaru and Kabuto were wearing only increased.

Unknown location, Akutski base

"Zetsu, report" a shadowed figure with what seemed to be rippled eyes demanded. A man that looked like a venus fly trap with half his body that was half white and half black stepped forth. "I'm afraid to report that the Kyuubi jinchuriki is now out of our reach." the white half spoke first then the black half took over. All the shadowed figures shifted slightly from this admittedly startling news. "Explain" the apparent leader commanded. "It would seem that Konoha has sentenced the jinchuriki to 10 years in Vorkuta for failing to capture Sasuke Uchiha when he tried to defect." That news caused everyone's eyes to widen. They all knew about Vorkuta's reputation. Vorkuta is a prison/labor camp that is said to be around since before the time of the Rikudo Sennin. The prisoners are kept underground to work in the mines, while the area above is a fortress that has said to have survived a fully powered Bijudama (tailed beast ball) from the Kyuubi. And if that wasn't reason enough not to attack, the mines are said to be extremely fragile where any attack B-ranked or above could cause the mines to collapse. A figure stepped forward revealing a shark like man with a bandaged object on his back. This was Kisame Hoshigaki, the Monster of the Mist. "What do we do now leader-sama?" he asked. The leader closed seemingly lost in thought. When he reopened his eyes he gave his answer.

"Nothing as of yet. We cannot risk losing the jinchuriki to missed attack collapsing the mines. We shall wait until we can come up with a plan that will allow us to break in to the prison without accidentally collapsing the mines and killing the Kyuubi Jinchuriki. Report back to me if you come up with a plan. Dismissed." And with that all the figures disappeared till only Kisame and his partner remained. His partner is none other than Itachi Uchiha, S-ranked criminal of the Leaf, wanted for massacring his clan. "Well ain't that just some bad luck, hey Itachi?" Kisame said. All he got in response was a nod. "Ugh. I swear sometimes that you're a robot. Well nothing we can do now except see if the little brat survives." he said before he to disappears. Left alone Itachi could only think, 'I hope you survive Naruto-kun.' before he too vanished.