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Chapter 13: Renee Part I

Two days! Two days! I've been on bed rest and Edward won't have it any other way. I hate it I don't like being in bed all day. I would have thought that I would get some work done in bed, but no my dearest husband decided to call Mr. Johnson and ask him to refer all of my manuscripts to one of my other co-workers.

I eventually got Edward to ease up and let me walk around in our penthouse. It took pouting, getting mad and crying. Yes, I was using the pregnancy against him, but I didn't want to be cooped up in there.

Currently I was sitting on the couch seeing The Real Housewives of New Jersey. It was season one where I can't remember her name flipped the table. I had nothing better to do so I was watching it.

I did however start planning the nursery. I had been researching furniture and everything for my little one. I couldn't wait until I was able to start everything.

Edward told me the day we got back from the hospital and after all that transpired between Alice and I that we where going to go on vacation for two weeks. When I asked him where he said that we would discuss it later. He just said he needed to rearrange some stuff at work and that probably by the middle of next week we would be able to leave and have a relaxing vacation.

I looked at the television and saw a Jimmy John's commercial. I instantly wanted a sandwich from there. I went to the kitchen and looked at the drawer with all the take-out menus and dialed.

"Jimmy John's, good afternoon may I take your order?"

"Good afternoon, yes, I would like a Turkey Tom with extra turkey, extra mayo, with some ham, tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, extra lettuce, please."

"Would you like something else ma'am?" the guy asked.

"Could I get a chocolate chip cookie, lemonade no ice and a pickle sliced in fourths please?"

"Okay, ma'am you want a turkey tom with extra turkey, extra mayo, with ham, tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, extra lettuce, a chocolate chip cookie, lemonade no ice, and a pickle sliced in fourths?"

"Yes." I said confirming my order.

"How would you pay that ma'am? Cash or credit?"


"It will be fifteen dollars ma'am."

"Thank you."

"You're order will be ready in thirty." He said. "Could I have you're address please." He asked after I gave it to him I hanged up and went to sit on the couch to wait for my order.

After The Real Housewives episode was finished I changed it to Detective Mysteries on HLN. About ten minutes into the episode the doorbell rang. I grabbed my wallet and went to open the door.

There was a teenage girl waiting outside the door with my order. "Good afternoon Miss, that will be fifteen dollars." She said looking at the receipt. I opened my wallet and took out a twenty.

"Here you go." I said giving her the money. "Keep the change." I said.

"Thank you Miss." She said giving me a genuine smile. I returned it. It was the least I could give her having to be bombarded with reporters that where still camped out front.

After she left I situated my self once again in the living room and watched the show while I ate. I must have fallen asleep after eating because when I woke up there was a different mystery on. I cleaned up all the trash and went to the kitchen to throw it away.

The phone started to ring. I answered. "Cullen residence." I said not looking at the ID.

"Hey, baby how are you?" It was Edward I instantly smiled.

"Hi, baby I'm good how about you?"

"I'm okay," I could here the strain in his voice I knew something was off.

"Edward? Are you sure you sound off?" I asked. "I mean you sound stressed out or something. Is everything really okay?"

"Yeah, I just called to tell you I'm probably going to be late. I'm in a meeting and we just took a break and it's taking forever to try to get everything in order for this contract. I'm sorry baby," he said sounding really upset.

"Its okay honey I understand. I mean it's important I understand."

"I'll try to make it out as soon as I can. I love you. I have to go baby. I love you."

"I love you too, baby." I said and he hung up.

After that call Edward didn't come home until seven we had a late dinner and then we went to bed. He being tired from the long day and I just being tired.

The next two days flew by and it was the same. Edward was really trying to fix that contract that was giving him a lot of trouble.

It was January 27 my mother and grandmother's birthday. It has been almost six years since my mom Renee and my grandmother Marie died. They died just before my move to Forks.

It started like this I was running away from James my ex-boyfriend he had wanted to take our relationship to the next step and I wasn't ready. He was upset about that. I told my mom and step-dad Phil and they decided it was best for me to come and live with Charlie and with my step-mother, step-sister and half-brother.

My mom and my grandmother had been out on a lunch date a few days before I had to leave. I was in school so I wasn't about to be with them. It was around two in the afternoon my school was having an assembly for the end of the year. I wasn't leaving until the end of my junior year. I had only a week left.


"Good afternoon students and faculty. I am glad to announce the end of the year pep rally. We are here to honor our senior class this year. With out—"

"Mr. Smith!" I saw the front desk secretary run up to him and whispered something into his ear and then step away from him.

"Well, would Isabella Swan please come with me?" he said into the microphone. Everyone looked around looking for the person. "Please Isabella Swan come with me it's important." He said I hesitated and then walked down the stairs from the farthest corner I was sitting in.

"Hey, look she's right there." Someone yelled. I felt everyone's eyes on me as I walked towards Mr. Smith.

"Ms. Swan I'll like you to accompany me to my office please." I just nodded and followed him after he gave the microphone to Coach Stevens.

"Is something wrong Mr. Smith?" I asked as we headed to his office.

"Let's talk about this in my office." He said opening the door to it. "Have a seat" he gestured to one of them in front of his desk. I thought he would he would have taken his chair but he sat on the other chair and turned to look at me.

"What's wrong Mr. Smith? Why did you call me up?"

"Well we just a got a call and it seems your mother and grandmother have been in a car accident."

"OH MY GOD!" I sobbed. "How? What? Who?"

"I don't know anything else the police are waiting outside the other side of the gym for you since we had to block out all the hallways and entrances."

"I have to walked through the gym?" I asked my voice broke.

"Unfortunately I'm sorry but I'm not allowed to let anyone go through the hallways." He said handing me some tissues.

"Thank you." I said after a while I tried to control my tears and I sort of did they where still there. "Can we go I want to see my mom and grandma?" I said standing up.

He walked with me and we made our way to the gym. I could still hear the pep-rally going on. We opened the doors and just thinking about my mom had tears coming down. I didn't look up, but I could tell everyone was looking our way. Nobody was cheering anymore or doing whatever they where going to do in this assembly. I could hear whispers here and there but nothing else.

When we walked through the other doors I saw the police officer at the end of the hall. His back was facing me. I walked directly to him as fast as I could. "I'm Isabella Swan." I said while he turned around.

"Miss Swan, please come with me. My partner is waiting for you at the hospital." He said opening the door. We walked outside and he opened the passenger seat for me. I thanked him as he closed it.

After he got into the police issued SUV I asked him, "Could you please tell me what happened?"

"I think we should wait to tell you at the hospital. I don't really know my self. I was sent to look for you as soon as we found our Mrs. Dwyer's family." He said looking at me from the corner of his eye.

I stayed quiet the rest of the ways to Phoenix Memorial Hospital [Don't know if it's a real hospital…I just made it up.] After we got there I didn't wait for him to open the door for me I just got out and walked towards the Emergency entrance.

"Excuse me could you tell me about Renee Dwyer and Marie Robinson." I told the older nurse at the nurse's station.

"Yes, one moment could I know you're relationship to them?"

"That's my mother and grandmother." I told her holding in the tears.

"Umm, let me call the doctor that's attending them." She told me as she got the phone to call him. I didn't pay attention to what she was saying.

"Family of Renee Dwyer and Marie Robinson" a doctor came into the waiting area I was with still with the cops there. I had asked them if they knew something and they said that they didn't. I just wanted to know what was happening but no one was telling me and Phil called and told me he was stuck in traffic.

"That's me! What do you know about my mother and grandmother, are they all right?" I said running up to him.

"You are?"

"Bella Swan, Renee Dwyer's daughter from a previous marriage. Please tell me my mom and grandmother will be okay?"

"I'm sorry Ms. Swan but your grandmother died at the scene and we are doing everything we can to save your mother." He said and left to do his job.

"What exactly happened?" I asked one of the officers.

"When we arrived to the scene Mrs. Dwyer's car was hit from her side. Mrs. Robinson died at the scene and Mrs. Dwyer was still conscious. The intersection was blocked so that no one could pass."

"The car was hit from your mother's side and she took the whole impact. When the other emergency correspondents arrived they had to cut your mother out of the car because it was so badly hit." Said the one that picked me up at school.

"What about the other driver?" I asked.

"Unfortunately, he walked away from the scene before we got there. Nobody saw who he was. On witness only saw the back of him and said he got in another car and speeded away. It appears there was a woman driving the car another witness stated."

"Can't you get an image of him? I mean there are camera's in the intersection, right?" I asked hoping the answer was yes.

"The man was not seen in any of the cameras. The car that was driven by him was reported stolen two days ago." The one that had a badge that said his name was Hernandez said.

"Is there anyone you can call? Besides your step-father?" Officer Young said. He was the one that brought me here.

"Yeah, my father and step-mother." I said numbly. They nodded and walked away. I started to dial my dad's number.

"Hello, Swan Residence," I hear Sue my step-mom answer.

"Hello, Sue it's me Bella, is my dad there?"

"Oh, hello Bella dear, yes let me just give him the phone." There was some noise exchange.

"Hello, this is Charlie Swan speaking." I guess she didn't tell him it was me.

"Hey, dad."

"What's up Bells?"

"Daddy, please I need you to come to Phoenix, please. Mom's been in an accident and grandma Marie died." I said crying.

"Baby girl, I'm on my way don't move. I'll take the plane and meet you there. What hospital are you at?"

"Um…I'm at Phoenix Memorial. Please daddy, I need you." I said crying into the phone.

"Don't worry baby girl I'm on my way. I'll be there by ten or eleven. Don't move honey. We'll figure something out."

"Okay daddy." I saw the time and it was five in the evening I've been at the hospital for at least four hours.

Still there was no Phil. I wonder where he was.

I dialed his number, "This is Phil please leave a message after the beep." It went straight to voicemail.

"Hey Phil, it's Bella I'm just wondering where you are. I've been here and I called you about two hours ago and you're still not here. Mom still in surgery last time I asked. Please hurry. Bye." I hung up and started to pace.

I wondered where Phil was he loved my mom and he told me he was stuck in traffic and coming this way. I sat down on one of the chairs. Waiting. Just waiting for news anything.

"Did you hear that baseball player from the Phoenix Bears [A/N: An actual team…I looked it up.] is in the operating room, right now." One of the nurses said to another. Phil was in the Phoenix Bears.

"Excuse me you just said one of the baseball players was in the OR who is it, if I may ask?"

"Phil Dwyer. We are trying to look for his family but we aren't being successful."

"Oh my god." I said crying. "I'm-I'm-I'm his step-daughter. What happened?"

"We want to tell you, but is your mother around?" asked the red headed nurse.

"No, yes, I mean she's here but you can't talk to her she's also in the OR. He doesn't have any other family just me and my mom. Please could you tell me what happened?"

"He was hit with a trailer that lost control. Apparently the driver fell asleep behind the wheel and your step father was unfortunately in front of him and he lost control."

"Nurse have you found Phil Dwyer's family?" asked a doctor with a buzz cut.

"Yes, she's right here. This is his step-daughter." The blonde nurse said.



"Miss Swan I'm sorry to say but unfortunately he lost a lot of blood too fast and I'm sorry to say he's dead." He finished.

"Oh my god." I sobbed. Next this I knew was that my whole world went black.

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