The sun warm.

The sky blue like the sea.

Laughter surrounding and drowning us all around.

The breeze teasing towel dried hair and sand lightly swirling beneath our feet.

The condensation of cold soda cans relieving our warm bodies.

The glorious feeling of the ocean washing away our stress, inducing memories.

The hands we held will be cherished.

The smiles we shared that one summer day etched into our hearts.

Sapphire clashing with warm yet cold liquid brown normally shielded by a thin pair of glasses.

Lids closed to hide away usual fears and panic.

Lingering far behind.

Nothing that wasn't meant to be seen had been hidden.

A perfect beautiful day intimately shared with no shame.

No regrets, just happiness.

Happiness we came to fall in love with.

A smile pressed against a smile and cool hazel met upon warm sapphires.

Everything held meaning.

From a simple whisper,

To a lovely touch.

Everything meant what we wanted it to mean.

A day we shared on a warm summer day.

A day forever remembered.