Title: The World Only Knew

By: Metamorcy

Pairing: None

Summary: Tsuna wanted to be a normal person, to have a normal family, a normal life. That was all he wished for, but the world told him 'No'. Years later, Reborn shows up to find something odd afoot within the quiet town of Namimori.

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Tsuna peered around the hut on the shrine grounds, pondering over the entire place in question and curiosity. It was horrible-looking with how run down it appeared - the hut seemed like it would collapse at any moment. It was oddly surprising that it hadn't before with the strong winds this area seemed to get frequently. He glanced back behind him towards the stairs from paranoia, afraid that someone would be there waiting for him, but he saw nothing. There was only the wide blue sky and the black stone with the well in the center. Tsuna sighed heavily in relief, glad that there was no one there. He collapsed on the wooden surface, hoping that the boards would be able to hold his weight. Luckily for him, classes were over for the week, something he was positively glad for. He was able to get a small break from his beating for two days, giving himself some time to recover from everything. It was better than nothing and he could only take so much without some sort of rest in between.

The brunet reached into his beaten backpack and pulled out a few towels, nothing fancy since he knew it would just get stolen at school. His bullies hadn't bothered with them, thinking nothing about it. Tsuna sighed deeply to himself in relief that they had left this alone and tossed the towels to the floor. Crawling across the hut, he pulled out a small bag he had hidden there earlier in the weak, tugging out a few supplies he had taken from the house. Before he had started gathering items here, he had decided to spend the night at the shrine in hopes of getting some peace and quiet. It was safer here after all. But before he could sleep, he wanted to clear this place up to the best of his ability, something to kill time with until it was dark.

Some other stuff that was in the bag was a flashlight, some snacks, water bottles, a sleeping bag, and some cleaning utensils for both bedtime and for the hut. It had taken about three trips to get everything up, he had to do it early in the morning before his family was awake, but he had managed. Tsuna pulled off his jacket and tossed it on top of the pile and immediately set to work. It would take some time to complete this place or at least get it nice enough for viewing, but it didn't matter. He had enough time to work on this.

By nightfall, he had finished up only the floor of the hut and the lower half of the walls, as he was unable to reach further due to his height. Tsuna grumbled at his shortness, but didn't think much on it, he was proud at the rest of his accomplishment. He dusted his hands and tossed the cleaning items to one corner of the room, getting everything ready for bed. He was already feeling sleepy with his eyes barely staying open but he took a moment to peek outside once more. His paranoia of someone finding him was still running strong and he left the door of the shine cracked open, enough so he could see any shadows and to let the moonlight in. The flashlight was on and facing the center ceiling of the room to send its radiance around, giving him enough light to do some bedtime routines. A few snacks had already been devoured from hunger, the trashed contained within his bag in hopes of keeping the place clean. As for any bathroom problems, Tsuna had no choice but to take care of that outside in the woods. He hoped that no one would get mad at him for resorting to this.

As he pulled the top of the sleeping bag over his body, he zipped up the sides to keep himself bundled within and sighed blissfully. It was a cool night, not too cold, but not hot either: it was just right. The wind was gentle, slowly rattling against the opened door and Tsuna could feel it touching his face comfortingly. Drifting off into peace, he smiled to himself happily. He was glad he had made this decision.

Two weeks later, Tsuna found himself wandering around the town in hopes of losing his bullies before he headed towards the shrine. He didn't want anyone to corner him there, there were too many factors to take into account if that happened. Despite everything, during those weeks, he had been spending more time up at the shine and keeping away from his family almost completely. It was easier this way. Tsuna ended up using his free time to clean the shrine, the place was almost done with what he could manage on his own. It wasn't much but if he was going to use it as a safe haven he wanted it somewhat up kept. It helped that the wind up on the mountain, though it tended to vary throughout the day, always seemed to be gentle to him for some odd reason, like it was saying thanks for taking care of its place.

Tsuna shook his head at the thought of that. The wind was emotionless; it couldn't do anything besides blow. Still, it was an interesting idea. He noticed pretty fast that no one ever visited the shrine, no one. He had been hanging around it so often and yet not a single soul had appeared, but that worked out just fine. Tsuna didn't want anyone around him after all. During that time, he managed to recover most of his old bruises and cuts, the fresh ones recovering much quicker now that they weren't piling over each other. This left him with less pain and soreness, making it easier to run away from his bullies and actually focus in class. Of course, the teachers had already given up on him so he was on his own.

He sighed heavily as he made his way across the street, wanting to leave this part of the town through a bridge to get to the other side. It was quite the walk and his already pained body was hardly making the trip with a wince here and there to complement his movement. His bullies had managed to corner him during class today, wanting to get some lunch money, and when they found nothing (which was normal), they simply beat him up. His brother wasn't too far away, laughing at him as if he was some sort of pathetic animal.

Tsuna bit down on his bottom lip and looked up from the floor, forcing back the tears that were threatening to fall. As he did so, he spotted a group of familiar people ahead of him. He froze.

'No…' It was his bullies; a different group that didn't run with his brother, but it didn't matter, they all hurt him the same. Of course, the moment he saw the group of five, they saw him.

"Hey, look! It's Dame-Tsuna!" One of them called out, rushing forward to capture the helpless brunet. Tsuna let out a squeak in surprise, turning around to attempt running away. Sadly, with his already bruised body, he was helplessly outrun. Within seconds, he was surrounded by all five of them with gleeful eyes and sinister grins staring down at him. "Now where do you think you're going?"

Tsuna didn't respond, squeezing his arms against himself in hopes of protection, but he knew better. He shuffled within his spot, hoping to find a small opening he could take advantage of, but sadly, his bullies had covered most of them already.

"Eh? Don't want to talk? Maybe he finally lost his voice?" Another bully snickered darkly, laughing at the thought of Tsuna speechless. The laughter followed all around, the rest taking in that idea. To them, it was wonderful – a gift. "What an idiot."

"I take it he's trying to get home, back to Mommy." The center one spoke this time, drawing Tsuna's attention towards him. "Too bad your Mommy doesn't care about you!" With those words, he punched forward. The bully aimed for the abdomen and hit its target, watching as Tsuna's eyes widened in a mixture of fear and pain. He let out a small yell and fell to the floor, gasping for breath.

"Aw, so soon? Too bad for you!" The rest followed the other bully's example, kicking or punching the poor child on the floor.

"Stop that!" Tsuna cried out, biting back the tears that were threatening to fall down his cheeks. The hits didn't stop, they continued and with power. Each punch stung painfully, each kick burned. Tears were beginning to well up thickly in his eyes from the pain, his consciousness barely hanging on. He wrapped his arms around his body tightly in hopes of protecting himself, but it didn't work. There was only one of him and five of them. He couldn't protect himself, not at all. He whimpered weakly as a punch hit him on the shoulder, making him flinch painfully, and glanced up to see the leader of this particular group of bullies grinning at him. His honey-colored eyes glanced around the bridge area in hopes, wishing that someone would come to save him from this. However, no one did. The adults just walked by as if this was the most normal thing in the world, like what was happening before their very eyes wasn't there.

Tsuna glared hatefully, cursing each and every individual who didn't even spare him a look of pity. No one helped him, leaving him there to be tormented. The bullies laughed at his predicament, enjoying the sight of the weak boy cowering in fear. It was funny to them, to cause pain, to watch as someone screamed. They continued their beatings, never letting up, and eventually one boy slammed hard enough to force Tsuna to slide across the concrete ground towards the railing of the bridge. The metal bars dug into his skin, causing another burn, but the coolness of it helped alleviate it soon after. Tsuna winced as he tried to shuffle away from the spot, his body screaming out to him in pain. Everything hurt; everything was throbbing, begging for him to stop and go to sleep. But he couldn't sleep, not here, not if he wanted to make it through this alive.

"Look at him! How pathetic!"

"Is he crawling?" The bullies laughed at that before the same one spoke again. "Then crawl like a pig! Crawl like the measly creature you are!"

"This is just sad. You should just die!"

"Yeah! Die and be gone from our lives!"

"Die, Dame-Tsuna!"

Tsuna squeezed his fingers into the palms of his hands, his eyes gazing towards the ground. He couldn't move, he couldn't do anything but lie there and await his fate. He couldn't do anything at all and that was what he hated the most about himself: he would never be strong enough. The voices echoed around his mind, taunting him endlessly, and he waited for it to all be over. He wanted them to get sick and tired of him, to pick on a different target. Why did they always have to come to him? Was he really that interesting to beat up and torture? He shuffled in his position, trying to ease the weight on his knees. As he did that, he saw a shadow coming over him and he froze in fear. He didn't know which bully it was and he didn't care. They were all evil, every one of them.

He saw the shadow of a hand coming towards him on the floor and he squeezed his eyes closed in hopes of everything just stopping. It was a fierce wish that resonated deep within him, but wishes didn't come true, did they? The hand grasped the back of his head, digging into his hair and scalp. He hissed from the pressure and felt his head being yanked back, yelping loudly at the pull. His eyes opened to see one of the kids gazing down at him and the sky right behind, just staying in that cursed color. His attention was pulled back to the bully when he was yanked at again at his hair, enough to pull a few strands out.

"Stand up, Dame-Tsuna!"

He struggled to comply, his legs shaking, and eventually collapsed back down in agony. The bully sneered at his non-compliance and pulled again, harder this time. Tsuna screamed, afraid that his hair was going to be pulled out at this rate, and used that pain to make himself move.

"How lame!"

"Can't do anything by himself without a little bit of pain."

"Can't hurt, right? He probably needs it to get through the day!"

"Then maybe we're doing him a favor by beating him up every day!"

"Ohhh, I like the sound of that!"

Tsuna found himself standing after a few minutes, barely holding himself up correctly. Blood dripped from his nose and he reached up shakily to wipe it away. It smeared, but that was the best it was going to get. He shuffled back against the railing, using the bars to help support himself. It was a sad attempt, but he was trying. He couldn't do much else but wait for what happened next. But what would happen next? Even he didn't know. Why did they want him to stand? Why did they want him to remain like this?

He gazed at the bully who had finally released his hair, seeing as he had followed the 'command', and stepped back to look at his companions. They were talking among each other, plotting something, and the grins on their faces that seemed to grow at each moment meant nothing good for Tsuna. He wondered if this was going to be the end of him, the end of what he knew. Tsuna stood still, his expression blank as he stared at the ground in wonder. His eyes, however, told a different story. There was rage, burning rage that threatened to consume him whole. It burned as black as the night, a darkness that had consumed the fire with its own source of evil. Tsuna stared at the bullies for a second, glaring at him in a pitiful attempt, and squeezed his hands against the railing until they turned white.

And still, people continued to walk by like there was nothing wrong. They spoke among each other, chatting about the weather or matters pertaining only to them, and laughed as they went by. Tsuna could hear it all and yet it didn't help his situation.

"So does everyone agree with this?"


The brunet gazed back at his bullies and watched as they pulled apart from each other with an ominous grin on their faces. He could only observe them as they came forward and finally one person went ahead, grabbing his jacket roughly. Tsuna didn't speak, merely keeping his gaze on the individual before him.

"Looks like Dame-Tsuna is going to have a great fall." Tsuna's eyes widened at that announcement, snapping his gaze down to the river behind him. He could see the bottom and gasped out in cold fear that grasped his heart. It was around five stories in distance between him and the ground, a height he swallowed loudly at. Down below there was hardly any water, the rainy season having already passed. The river that was normally so full had dried up from the sun, leaving behind a thin stream of water. There would be nothing to protect him if he was too tall. His eyes could even make out everything through that small amount of water too easily. He snapped his gaze back towards the boy who was holding him, wondering how this was going to go. He wanted to resist, fight back with all his might, but his body was tired. It was exhausted, it was in pain. He could do nothing against his attacker.

"It's just like out of that English nursery rhyme: 'Humpty Dumpty'. All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty together again! Dame-Tsuna will be broken after this! And no one will be able to put him back together again!"

The bullies just laughed at that proclamation, not caring on who heard them. And then… he was pushed back roughly. Tsuna's eyes widened at the force, his back slamming hard into the railing and he knew that this was the end. The laughter continued in the background, ringing painfully.

Tsuna didn't understand why this was happening to him. Why he was the only one who had to suffer like this all the time? It wasn't fair, it wasn't right. Tsuna ground his teeth together in frustration and felt his body falling backwards over the railing of the bridge. He could see the snickering faces of his regular bullies, the people who tormented him day in and day out looking at him in delight. Oh, how he wished to see them disappear, to leave him alone forever. How he wished… But he knew better, he knew wishes didn't come true. They were a pack of a lies, all of them. He hated this world and the people that inhabited it, he hated all of it. Why couldn't he be born normal? Why couldn't he have a normal life? Why couldn't he have the power to make those that harm him suffer?

Tsuna silently screamed out in frustration, cursing out the heavens for leaving him like this. Everything that was happening to him was going so slow, the world around him falling backwards. His eyes could make out those just passing by gasp out in horror at his falling, but they didn't move, none of them. They did nothing but watch and they didn't even bother to scream out. Tsuna could feel the metal bars digging into his back, tumbling to the other side and to his fated death. He was going to die, he knew it. He didn't need to be smart to know that. A fall at this height… he wouldn't survive.

He wanted to close his eyes, hoping that all of this would be over before he knew it. How he wished that this would be the end of his life. It would make things so much easier. Perhaps he'd finally be getting that wish? His final one. 'Well, why hadn't I thought of taking this way out before?' Tsuna's view of the bridge disappeared, rolling back to see the bright blue sky was if it was mocking him. He hated the sky as well for its plain massiveness. But he couldn't help but admit that he hated his brother the most as he fell. He wanted to see his brother gone. 'If he wasn't here, I might have lived a normal life. A good life!'

Tsuna let out a scream as he tumbled through the air, heading towards the ground rapidly. There was hardly any water below, just rocks and dirt. For a split second, he wondered how he would look when he landed. Would his body explode? Would his blood be drained away through the tiny stream? Would his body look like a pancake to the spectators? The possibilities were endless, but he wouldn't see any of it. He would be dead, that was it. By now, he was halfway between the bridge and the ground, seeing the smiling faces looking down at him mockingly. They didn't care that they had committed murder, they didn't care about the trouble they would get into, they didn't care. Tsuna was going to die and that was it to them. The people passing by continued to gaze on in shock, just looking at him in horror, but still did nothing else. They just watched, that was all they did.

Tsuna hated them too even if they were just innocent people. He couldn't help it. He wanted to see everyone pay for this, but of course, that was just a wish as well. That, too, would never come true. He tore his gaze away from the bridge for a second, taking a look around the town before he perished on the ground. He looked at the school, the familiar buildings, before stopping at the shrine he regularly visited. He wondered who would take care of it now. Probably no one. The shrine would just rot until there was nothing left. The people of Namimori were so uncaring.

'Huh?' Tsuna blinked, staring at the shrine. He could see something, a figure standing at the edge of the shrine where the stairs were located. In that brief second, he could make out the figure as an adult who had his arms crossed against his chest, standing there like he was watching something. Tsuna didn't think much of it before he closed his eyes.

At least everything was over.


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