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They told him that he was the best of the best, the unbeatable, the master, and a god. However, it all came crashing down when a certain young boy from a faraway small town in Newbark Town at the Johto region, had defeated him. HIM, the one and only true master of pokemon, the one who took down the mafias known as Team Rocket, the one who had gather all the badges in Kanto, defeated the Elite Fours in the Pokemon League, and the one who crushed his hated rival Blue. But this pokemon trainer standing in front of him with a wide grin filled with happiness and shock had shattered him, crushed like his rival Blue, but worse. He did everything he couldn't do or ever obtain in his life. Friends, not once did he ever made friends with anyone else other than a pat on the shoulder by the professor in Pallet Town; Blue was a narcissi asshole who is really arrogant on his behavior never really called him a friend. He's more of a jerk who lived next to his home that teased him since he was a child. He was beaten by someone who had it all, a happy family, friends, and motivation while he has none. His mom never really mentioned him at all on his behalf, and Professor Oak was just as close as a friend, but nonetheless, he was nothing by a scientist who happens to research pokemon all day, in other words, it was his job.

"…." A boy with the red jacket, red signature hat, dark blue jean pants, and a black T-shirt underneath, mumbled softly as he glares at the boy named Ethan. The other young trainer Ethan kept smiling as he looked at his Typhlosion and gave it a pat on the back, his pokemon is tired and worn out as it nuzzled against his master's face. Ethan giggled as he continues to pet him, with Red staring with intense red eyes. Things were piling up in his head, everything he ever known was being a champion, a fighting machine that learned only to fight and nothing more. Like his heart that is frozen in the desolate frosted mountain, it is as cold as it can be. He had no soul anymore, and to put it bluntly, the boy before him had taken his only meaning of life and he lost it all. This anxious and irritating feeling swelling up inside of him was about to burst out until something clicked in his head. He started walking backward, while at the same time still staring at Ethan. The boy named Ethan looked at the direction towards Red and his eyes fell in horror as he saw what Red is about to do.

"Don't do it!" Ethan yelled out towards the boy in red with his arms stretch out, but it was too late; Red took one last step as he plunged down towards the rocky steep of Mt. Silver. He looks up and sees Ethan's face filled with worry as it has gotten smaller and smaller until it was naked to the human eye, and the blizzard is adding to the effect. The drop felt long, but he figures if he could just close his eyes, it'll all be better, and so he did.

"…Ugh…" the boy in red mumbled as he slowly open his eyes. His vision is blurry as the gleaming sun shines down on his face; he lifted a hand to cover his face from the glaring sun as he sat up and looked around. His eyes filled with wonder and confusion, there were so many questions piling in his head, how when, why, and why. He was back home, back in Pallet Town. The boy in red slowly stood back up as he dusted himself and looked around. There were people walking around, as if seeing him lying on the ground was just a normal routine. What's even stranger is that no one is looking at him, not a glance or quick look. Hell, no one seems to notice anything that has happen upon him.

"Hey…" He said to a nearby man standing next to a sign that says "wild pokemon up ahead." The man didn't respond as he stared out in the open, as if he didn't give a care. He sighed as he tries to put a hand on his shoulder, but it just went right through him. Shock and worry, he looked at his hands in bewilderment. He starts trembling and questions kept piling in his head. However there is one question he must know, what the hell was that? Was he dead or even alive? He looks around as worries and anxiousness is starting to overwhelm him. Then it hit him, his mother.

"Home…" He whispered as he looks towards the direction of his house, he began jogging towards his home. He reached into his back pocket and found a spare key to his own home. He immediately unlocked the door and entered, everything seems to be in the right place and order the last time he's been at home. In fact, it looks exactly like the time where he went on his journey the first day of his way of becoming a pokemon master. He enters as he slowly closes the door, then suddenly something or someone was coming down the stairs and Red recognized immediately, it was his mom! He smiles and was about to embrace her once she reached the bottom, but he went right through her and as though he was going through air, it felt just like that. His eyes widen as he turned around back at his mother in disbelief.

"M-Mom, it's me, your son; Red!" Red exclaimed as he tries to touch her shoulder, but again it went right through and completely ignored his presence. She turns towards the kitchen as she starts cooking breakfast with the smell of bacon and eggs filled in the air. Red went into complete confusion as he stares at his hands again and started trembling.

"What…is going on?" Red whispered to himself quietly. Suddenly his mom yelled out a name that he never heard before.

"Leaf dear; get ready for your adventure!" She called out as she got out of the kitchen with a pan that contains sausages, sunny side eggs, and two strips of bacons. She poured out the content on a separate plate; Red could only smell the delicious food before him, but it was reserved for someone named, 'Leaf.' Footsteps starts scrambling up the stairs as Red looked at the direction on where the noise is coming from. He could see a pair of legs with light blue socks and a white sneaker with a red strip on the side, the view came into full sight as the person before him was a girl with brown straight hair with a white hat resting on her hair, that was brushed down straight wearing a light blue sleeveless shirt and a red miniskirt came down the stairs with a bright smile. Red was caught in her beauty as he stared at her with wide eyes and mouth hanging open. She came down the stairs and noticed Red right away, she froze in sight of Red as she turned her head towards her mother, who was sitting down cutting out coupons from a magazine. Red raised an eyebrow as he looked behind him to see if there's anyone there, but there was no one.

"Uh…mom? Do you have a guest in the house?" The girl named Leaf questioned her mother as she looked at her mother, and then looked back at Red.

"She can see me?" Red whispered quietly as he looks back at her blue eyes.

"What do you mean dear? Oh Leaf, don't tell me your still imagining things again, you have to grow up one of these days you know and the pokemon journey is a part of it." Her mother said as she looked back at her daughter. Leaf raised an eyebrow and gave her a look that says, 'seriously?'

"Mom, there's a boy in the house with red clothes and black hair. He's standing by the doorway!" Leaf exclaimed as she point a finger at Red as he flinched from her gaze. Her mother looked at the direction where her daughter is pointing at and seems puzzled, she can't see him at all, she sighed as she shook her head.

"Leaf, there's nothing there, just sit down at eat your breakfast, otherwise you'll miss your chance with Blue!" Her mother exclaimed which got Leaf into a flinch as she quickly sat down and started to scarf down her food. Red raised an eyebrow, he was too shock and stunned to say or do anything, so he stood there as she kept eating her food. Leaf gave quick glances at Red, which Red tries to advert his eyes somewhere else as she scratches his chin.

"Mom, I'm not kidding there's a boy there standing by the doorway!" Leaf exclaimed as she kept her finger pointing at Red. Her mother shook her head and sighed.

"You know Leaf, ever since you were a small child, you were a cry baby and you still are, heck even Blue starts to become more distant, and the last I heard, he threw a rock at you-" Her mother was suddenly stopped as Leaf quickly stood up from her chair and pounded her hands on the table, this took Red by surprise.

"Don't talk to Blue like that! He didn't mean it; he was just being a boy!" Leaf exclaimed with her nostril flared up. Her mother shook her head and sighed.

"Look Leaf; Blue has changed for the worse, he's not your friend anymore, he's a bully-"Her mother was cut off again by another pound on the table.

"Enough mom, I'm going!" Leaf exclaimed as she took another bite on the sausage and quickly headed towards the doorway. She stopped dead in front of Red as she looked at him with intense eyes; Red moved out of the side awkwardly, allowing her to leave the house. She still didn't move as she kept staring at Red.

"I don't know what's up with you, but something is definitely wrong here!" Leaf exclaimed as she pointed a finger at Red. Her mother looked at her daughter and raised an eyebrow.

"Leaf dear, who are you talking to?" She questioned; Leaf groaned as she waved her hand in the air, telling her that nothing is wrong as she left the house. Red looked back at her mother and sighed as he too left the house and closed the door. Her mother raised an eyebrow as she wonders how the door closed like that when no one is there. Red decided to follow the girl as she headed towards the lab.

"This reminds me of my first adventure…" Red said silently. Leaf turns around and could see Red following her, she picked up the pace as she power walked towards the lab; Red walked faster too. They finally headed inside of the lab as Leaf was feeling very nervous and edgy as she entered the lab and immediately closed the door. Red tries to open the door as he tries to open it, but Leaf was using her weight and was pushing the door, the prevent Red from opening it.

"H-Hey, let me in, I need to talk to you!" Red exclaimed as he pounded his hand on the glass door. She shook her head.

"No way, I don't know what you want or what you were doing in my house and why my mother can't see you, there is obviously something wrong with you!" Leaf exclaimed as she still had the door blocked.

"Miss Leaf Green, we're waiting here!" A old man called out as he folded his arms. Leaf turned around and placed her back against the door, preventing Red from getting in and started blushing out of embarrassment. Another boy the same age as her rolled his eyes, he has spiky orange hair with a black T-shirt and purple jean pants. Leaf looks down on the floor in embarrassment as she walked towards the professor in nervousness.

"Good morning Professor Oak and g-good morning B-Blue." Leaf nervously said as she blushed in front of Blue with her hands behind her back. Blue rolled his eyes as he looks at the professor with serious eyes.

"Ahem…anyways, today is the day when you youngsters first get your pokemons, and it is an experience that everyone goes through at such a young age." Professor Oak said as he shuffled his collars on his lab coat. Leaf turns her head back at the entrance, the boy wasn't there and the door wasn't open. What the hell was all that about?

"Dangit…I guess I have to wait, there's definitely something wrong here." Red whispered as he leaned against the lab building. He watches the people walking by, he tries to wave his hands to try to greet them, but like before, and he was ignored. He looks at his belt, all six of his pokeballs are gone, all of them!

"Ha! I win you loser!" Blue exclaimed as he puffed out his chest in the air with his hands on his hips. Leaf looks down on the floor in disappointment as she returned her Bulbasaur in her pokeball, she fell on her knees as she starts crying, her hands covering her eyes. Blue walks towards her as he put a rough hand on her shoulder; Leaf looks up teary eye, attracted to his strong aura.

"Once you get stronger Leaf, I'll acknowledge you even more. Hell I might even go out with you!" Blue exclaimed as he chuckled. Leaf smiled as she slowly stood back up and wipe the tears from her eyes; Blue rolls his eyes.

"You were always a crybaby, even when I first met you." Blue said as he crossed his arms.

"I-I'm sorry, it's just that…I'm still new at this, but will you teach me how to battle better?" Leaf pleaded with hopes her in eyes. Blue rolled his eyes and shook his head, he removed his hand on her shoulder and turned his back on her.

"No, you have to do this yourself, just like me, and I want you to get stronger for me to even look at you. When I become champion, I'll make sure you know the true meaning of being a pokemon master!" Blue exclaimed as he fist pumped in the air. He starts running towards the door.

"Smell you later!" Blue snickered as he rushed through the door; Red sees Blue running towards Route 1 in a hurry, he shakes his head. Few minutes later; Leaf walked out of the lab, teary eyed as she was about to head home, until she turns around to the side of the building and saw Red there leaning against the building. Her eyes were in shock and were a bit creep out by his presence, especially his red eyes. She started making a dash for it, but Red immediately grabbed her arm before she could even move a foot, she struggles against his strong grip, but it was still latched on.

"Hey, I can touch you!" Red exclaimed in excitement as he still kept his grip on her. She struggles once more as she immediately slapped him across the face with her other free hand, he flinched as he fell to the side and Leaf started to run. The townsfolk look at Leaf as if she's crazy or something, for they can't see Red either. Before she could reach her house, she was tackled from behind by Red as they rolled over on the ground until they finally stopped.

"Ohhh…that hurts." Red moaned silently, as he use his other hand to rub his head, but he noticed his other hand is on Leaf's right breast, she was unconscious and she doesn't know that she was being violated. Red immediately turned red as he noticed the position he's in with him being on top of Leaf and his left hand on her right breast. Leaf opens her eyes immediately as she saw her right breast being groped by Red, she screamed at the top of her lungs, causing the townsfolk to look at Leaf in a strange way. She turned beat red as she punched Red off of her as she covered her chest in embarrassment and was kneeling down with her legs across from the side. She looked cute when she's embarrassed that matches with her innocent look.

"Oh shoot, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Red exclaimed as his face is red beyond belief as he shakes his hands around. She stood up slowly as she walks towards him with anger in her eyes, still covering her chest.

"YOU PERVERT!" Leaf screamed as she kicks Red's face, which leaves a shoe mark on his face. He fell on the ground as he starts seeing stars. Red immediately stood back up and grab both of Leaf's arms when she was about to run away. All the towns people shook their heads as they see leaf acting very strangely.

"Look I need to talk to you! There's something I need to tell you!" Red yelled back as she struggles against his arms.

"Why should I listen to you, you're a molester!" Leaf barked back as she again struggles against his clutches.

"God damnit, look you're the only person in this town that could see me! Blue, couldn't see me, and neither can my mother!" Red barked back as he still has his hands tightened. Leaf looks at Red in confusion.

"What the hell do you mean no one can see you!?" Leaf exclaimed. Red rolls his eyes as he nudged his head to the side. Leaf looks at the spot where he nudged his head and noticed that some towns folks were walking by as if nothing had happened and a few were staring at Leaf awkwardly.

"If they could see me, then why couldn't they call for help or anything to help you for that matter? Look, I'm not here to hurt you, I need your help!" Red exclaimed as he stars at her blue eyes.

"Let me go, I won't run, just let me go." Leaf demanded which Red slowly nods his head and let's goes of her hands.

"I can't help you, I don't know what your problem is or what the hell is going on, but that's your own problem, so deal with it." Leaf said coldly as she crossed her arms.

"Look how about we cooperate with each other?" Red suggested as he looks at her. It seems he ignored her question as she raised an eyebrow at him.

"Didn't you hear me? I said-"Leaf was cut off when he cut in.

"I know what you said, but what if we make a deal, you're a new trainer right? What if I can help you become a better trainer, heck be a champion? In return, you help me by getting me somewhere." Red suggested as he lick his upper lip in nervousness. Leaf raised an eyebrow at him.

"Why should I trust you?" Leaf questioned as she looks at his red eyes. Red sighed as he open his jacket on the side and showed all of the badges he had acquired from his journey around Kanto and defeating all of the gym leaders, indicating that he is quiet a trainer. Leaf's eyes bulged out as she looked the colorful badges pinned into his jacket.

'Holy smokes where'd you get all of those badges!?" Leaf questioned as she looks at them intently. Red sighed as she withdrew them back into his jacket which leaves Leaf in disappointment.

"That's not all, I'm a champion, and to make matters better, I'm a Pokemon Master." Red said as he introduced himself. Leaf's eyes nearly bulged out as she had her mouth dropped open.

"N-No way! Y-You're a master!?" Leaf exclaimed. He nods in response. She looks around him, but was surprised that he has no pokeballs around him.

"Where are you pokemons?" Leaf questioned. Red shook his head and shrugged his shoulders.

"I have no idea, the moment I woke up at Pallet Town, I have no pokeballs, and it just vanished." Red said as he twiddled his thumbs. Leaf was puzzled too and somehow she was beginning to feel more comfortable around him.

"Let's start over shall we? I'm Red Fires." Red said as he extended a hand out for a handshake. Leaf looks at Red and nods her head, she too extended a hand and took his hand, and they both shook it.

"I'm Leaf Green, so where did you say you wanted to go?" Leaf questioned. Red sighed as he shook his head.

"To Mt. Silver." Red said as he looks into her blue eyes. Her eyes widen in surprise and horror.

"Why would you want to go there!? Didn't you know that that mountain is place where people commit suicide! On top of that, it's filled with strong pokemons, no one else can enter that place, except the champion!" Leaf exclaimed as she started feeling nervous all of a sudden. Red looks down on the ground as he sighed.

"I know." Red simply said as the cold wind starts blowing in the air.