Chapter 3-

Harry watched as Lucius screamed an endless cry as he rolled around on the ground like helpless worm. When Voldemort finally released the curse, there were what looked like tears streaming down the Death Eater's face.
Now have you learned your lesson Lucius? Voldemort asked in a soft whisper that made the hairs on the back of Harry's neck prick up.
Y...yes Master, o-of course I have, Lucius' words came out as a strangled cry as he tried to pull himself to his feet. Once he had managed to do so he carried himself helplessly to his chair. Voldemort lifted his eyes off of Lucius and turned them upon Harry.
Refusing to look up, Harry kept his eyes glued to the ground. Within a few seconds Harry heard a growl of frustration and a pair of footsteps coming towards him. Once they had stopped Harry turned his eyes upon the serpent-like face of Voldemort.
"So I see that you were able to get him without a struggle..." Voldemort said softly as he took one of his skinny hands and pushed a large lock of Harry's hair behind his ear. Shuttering, Harry turned his eyes downward.
"Yes my Lord, the muggles-"
"Silence! I didn't order you to talk!" Voldemort growled as flicked his eyes to Lucius for a short second. Gulping, Lucius nodded in apology.
"Yet I still see hope..." Voldemort yanked Harry's chin up so he was forced to look into those dark, endless red pits. Voldemort smacked his thin lips and took his hand away forcefully.
"What did you do with his belongings?"
"I burned most of them My Lord...yet I kept a few things from his trunk that looked valuable. Including one that I did mention to you," Lucius said taking out a large book. Voldemort nodded eagerly and motioned for Lucius to bring him the book. After Lucius had found his way to his feet and handed it to him, Harry was once again looking at his parents' murderer.
"Ah yes, your precious photo album," Voldemort said with a grin as he twirled the book in his hands. Harry stared at it with awe.
"Now Harry, if you misbehave I'm afraid I'll have to burn this lovely book of yours," Voldemort grin grew as he saw Harry's awe turn into anger.
"You can't take that, it's mine!" Harry spat out as he made a grab for the book. Voldemort raised it higher and forced Harry to stay seated in the chair with his spare arm.
"I may do anything I want in this world, for it will soon be mine," Voldemort said evilly as he pressed Harry deeper into the chair, "and I may do anything with you because you will soon me mine-"
"What the heck do you mean by that?" Harry asked crudely yet Voldemort growled and pushed Harry so hard into the chair that he was losing his breath. Harry choked for air.
"Don't interrupt me! As for your question," Voldemort released Harry from the breathless position, "I've gotten to what those muggles call 'adoption form' that you can fill out and 'adopt' someone. Those Dursleys you lived with gave them up as soon as I told them I wanted to 'adopt' you......" A grin snuck onto Voldemort's face as he saw Harry's face change.
"W...what?" Harry asked softly, his voice no higher than a whisper.
"I'm going to adopt you Harry."