Author's Note: Continuing on this Persona / Madoka crossover universe, Mami Tomoe decides to dial a well-known figure from Persona 2 – The Joker. It goes as well as one expects. This will be a two-part story with the second part coming by at least next week. Be sure to leave a comment or favorite it if you enjoyed this tale. Enjoy!


A Joke Call – Part 1

A Madoka Magica / Persona story


Mami Tomoe

By: Procyonpaw


At school, Mami overheard something curious as she passed her fellow peers.

"Yeah!" she heard one of her classmates said as she passed the girl.

"They said if you call him, he'll grant one wish!"

"Excuse me," Mami asked her peer as she tapped her on the shoulder.

"Who is this wish-granter?"

The girls gave Mami a strange look.

"The Joker, of course," she answered, rolling her eyes.

"Have you been hiding under a rock, Mami?"

Mami sighed as she fails to pick up on the latest trends due to her time spent fighting the Magical Beasts after her classes.

Seeing that Mami is finished, the students moved on, leaving the Magical Girl to ponder on what she just heard.


At lunch while she was with Kyoko – a fellow Magical Girl, a song blasted on the loudspeaker, perking everybody's ears.

"It's that new single by MUSES called Joker," Kyoko said as the tune continued to play in the background.

"Why am I alive?" the singers crooned to the beat.

What do I live for?

I'll take back my lost dream

I'll take an angel's wings and fly away! Oh yeah!


As the song winded to a close and the usual school chatter returned, Mami thought to herself about this mysterious Joker.

"Maybe this once," she thought to herself as she slowly took out her phone, dialed JOKER on the keypad, and put it to her ear.

However, as the call clicked, Mami quickly hung up and put her phone back in her bag.

"Maybe it is best not to get involved with such trivial rumors," she muttered to herself as she and Kyoko got ready to go back to class.


That night, Mami was waiting on a curbside for Homura and Sayaka to do the daily Beast hunt they have grown so familiar with in their tenure as Magical Girls.

As she fiddled around with her Gem, she saw a shadow dart in front of her.

"Hello?" she asked as the shadow continued to move around her line of sight.

As she moved from her position to look, she suddenly saw the shadow form into a humanoid figure who was clothed in a jester costume while holding a yellow flower.

"You didn't take my call," it said with a wide grin.

"Nobody turns down an audience with the Joker."

Before Mami had a chance to transform into a more viable form, the Joker grabbed her forehead and began to drain the young girl of all her dreams, reducing the vibrant teenager into a shadow of her former self.

"Smile!" the Joker mockingly told the blank-faced Mami as he dropped her to the ground.

"You've been freed from the shackles of this world."

"Begin anew!"

Hearing people approach his position, the Joker then left the flower he was holding in his hand in Mami's palms and vanished into the shadows with a smile.


As Homura and Kyoko saw their friend kneeling on the pavement, they could both tell something was wrong.

"Mami!" Kyoko shouted as she ran to her friend. As the young girl helped her comrade to her feet, both Magical Girls could tell that the vibrant life and strength Mami had in her eyes before was gone, replacing the usual bright amber hue with a dull yellow tint.

"What happened?" Kyoko urged her friend, who slowly got up to her feet.

"Who gave you this flower?"

"J-Joker…," Mami replied in a dull, monotone voice – a tone that both Kyoko and Homura haven't heard before uttered from their friend's mouth.

"The Joker…"


To be continued…