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I Dreamed A Dream (1)
Clash In the Rain

Miranda Lotto, 26 year old German Exorcist of the Black Order, left Komui's office pale-faced and tight-lipped. Her meeting with the Chief ended in time for lunch, though she barely had any appetite.

Allen, Lenalee, Lavi and Krory were all away on missions. Only Kanda remained, but she knew better than to approach him. The Japanese Exorcist gave anyone hell for daring to disturb his daily ritual of eating soba. One time Miranda invited him to come sit with the rest of the Exorcists. Kanda gave her such a scathing rebuke that he made her cry. Everyone came to her rescue, Lavi apologizing for Kanda's rudeness and Allen forcing "Ba-Kanda" to say sorry. Kanda reluctantly did, but not without calling Allen Moyashi, Lavi a stupid rabbit and Miranda a blubbering crybaby.

With no Exorcists to accompany her, that left Miranda by herself at one of the tables. She was so nervous that she couldn't eat. She simply stared at the tabletop, her fists tight and trembling at her lap.

"Are you all right, Miranda?"

"Eep!" She jolted and nearly fell off the bench. She quickly collected herself and spun around to see Noise Marie sit next to her.

"You seem more jumpy than usual today." he remarked. "I always come to sit with you during lunch."

Miranda flushed with embarrassment. How could she forget? "I know. I-I'm sorry, Marie."

The Austrian Exorcist put a hand on her shoulder and smiled kindly. "Try to relax. Would you mind telling me what you're so worked up about?"

Miranda bit her lip. Maybe she would feel better if she talked. "Well...I'm about to go on my first solo mission. Chief Komui assigned me to Germany, where the presence of Innocence had been recently reported. He wants me off on an easy start. I've been improving my abilities, and I'll be investigating a familiar area of my home country." Then she frowned. "That's why no Finders will accompany me. It's truly solo. I'm going in all by myself..."

"I don't think I can do it! I'm an unprepared, nervous wreck. A disaster waiting to happen, a bomb ready to go off-"

"Calm down, Miranda. It'll be okay. Take your mind off of it for now and eat up. You'll need to be strong and alert afterwards."

She expelled a shaky sigh and smiled at him gratefully. "You're right. Danke, Marie."

He smiled back. "Bitte shorn."

She picked up her fork, and tried to eat the food that Jerry always lovingly prepared for her.

Of all the Exorcists in the Black Order, Miranda felt closest to Marie. The fact that they spoke German, exchanged German stories and enjoyed German jokes quickly made them good friends. Then their occasional missions together brought them closer. At first she had been envious of his calm, graceful demeanour. He carried on with his blindness, while she still stumbled and blundered like the perpetual klutz she was. Many times she wished she could be like him. Above all, Marie was always patient and kind to her. She felt she didn't deserve such treatment. He often told her how much he admired her strength. Miranda thought otherwise, but hearing it made her feel good.

Marie cocked his head. "Come to think of it, this is the first time I've seen you at Headquarters in a while. I heard you were training with Cross Marian."

Miranda cringed at the mention of his name. Everything Allen said about the general was true. Cross had her work like a dog. He was callous and merciless, often subjecting Miranda to long and grueling hours of training. It didn't help that he eventually found out she could stay awake for days on end. He would send her on many trips to fetch his liquor, or deliver the debts he desperately needed to repay. She would be extra careful to break the bottles. Or there would be hell to pay.

"I was only with him for a short time, thank God. Klaud Nine took care of the rest of my training."

It was definitely a change for the better. The former animal trainer had been very kind and helpful. Klaud was well aware of Miranda's low self-esteem. Like a gardener caring for a tree, the general nurtured Miranda's potential and encouraged her to grow stronger. Miranda in turn looked up to the female general as her role model.

Marie patted Miranda's shoulder. "That's good to hear. Training with multiple generals is a rare privilege."

Miranda laughed nervously. "I don't know if I would call it a privilege to suffer under General Cross."

"But you made it, and that's what matters. Now would be your chance to shine."

"I hope so. I really want to do my best. I want to be a valuable asset to the Black Order."

"What are you talking about? You already are!"

"No, I mean like the rest of you."

Miranda checked the time and let out a startled gasp. "I better go soon. It was nice talking to you, Marie!"

Marie didn't bother to conceal a smile as the sound of her erratic heartbeat and delicate footsteps faded away.

He was always fond of her. Physical beauty, or lack of it, meant nothing to him. He was blind, after all. Though Miranda always described herself as nothing special, or even unattractive, comments from everyone else seemed to suggest otherwise. Allen and Lenalee had known her before she became an Exorcist, and often remarked on how pretty she looked once she wore her hair down and lost the old maid's dress. Lavi and Krory thought she was cute, like a frantic little mouse. Miranda was such a sweetheart, and everyone loved her for that. She cherished her friends dearly, and would go out her way to protect them or make them happy. Even if she messed up doing so. In return, they supported her through thick and thin. Marie himself often had to cheer up the sensitive and self-critical woman.

When Miranda returned from her mission, Marie would muster his courage and tell it to her straight his feelings for her. He hadn't admitted to anyone yet. He was good at hiding it. But she deserved to know, and one day she would.

When the train came, Miranda was granted a smooth entrance and a first-class seat as soon as she gave away her allegiance to the Black Order. The train shuttled through the French countryside between England and Germany. She started to doze off and slip into a nap. Miranda's fingers rested on her anti-Akuma weapons, which were strapped to her upper legs.

She didn't think that using the Time Record offensively could be possible. But eventually it happened. A happy accident, which involved her hyperventilating from being cornered by Akuma and throwing her clock like a discus. To her amazement, the move had slowed them down so Allen, Kanda and the others could move in for the kill. Komui, however, was interested in modifying the Time Record even further. He collaborated with Reever, who hailed from Australia and had firsthand knowledge on making Komui's idea a reality.

They proudly dubbed Miranda's new weapon the Chronorangs: a pair of black boomerangs that coursed with the green veins of Innocence. Each was cleverly designed to look like the hour and minute hand of her clock. It was indeed more accurate and efficient. Though it took some practice, throwing a boomerang had a much better chance of returning than a discus. It was certainly a miracle that she could handle two boomerangs without hurting herself.

The train's whistle jolted Miranda out of her sleep and startled her senseless. She almost hit her head against the window. As the train slowed to a stop, she frantically got herself ready to depart. She stepped off, and sighed in relief upon seeing signs in her native language. She considered it a miracle to get this far with almost no mishaps. Being in her homeland again felt good. But the German Exorcist had no time for sentiments. She came back only for a mission, and she wanted it done quickly.

Miranda fished out a bunch of papers the Finders had compiled for her. Map of the town, information and reports on phenomenon possibly pertaining to Innocence. This shouldn't be difficult.

'All right. Let's go hunting.'

Miranda sighed in relief. She found the Innocence at the chapel of a little German town. In one day. She couldn't believe her luck. The Exorcist had stowed it away in her briefcase. She headed for the train station, and noticed the dark clouds looming overhead.

'Maybe I don't have to fight Akuma after all. I'll just take the next train ride home and-'

What she saw next made her cry out in dismay. A horde of Level 1 Akuma appeared just as it started to rain. Miranda instantly whipped out her Chronorangs. She gripped them tightly in her fists.

'I spoke too soon. Count on me to bring in the bad luck as always...'

The rain poured down relentlessly, making her hair cling around the frame of her face. Her tight, waterproof uniform prevented the rain from soaking much of her body. But that didn't stop her from feeling small and vulnerable in the face of many Akuma. Her stomach clenched when she caught sight of a Level Two, in the form of a demented-looking cobra snake. But that wasn't the end of her nightmare.

What she saw next made her blood run cold. Her heart skipped a beat. 'A Noah? I wasn't told he would be here!'

His long black coat and top hat made him take on a menacing silhouette. To her amazement he stood several feet from the ground, hovering in the air with his hands folded back. Like it was an everyday thing. He didn't look the least bit fazed by the rain either. A cigarette hung at the corner of his lip. He met her eyes with his cat-like golden gaze. She thought he looked surprised for a second. But through this mist and rain, it was hard to tell. The more she stared at him, the more she felt tiny and helpless. Miranda could not remember his name. But if memory served her right, this was the Noah who almost took Allen's life. That was months ago. How strong could he be now?

"Mein Gott..." Miranda steeled herself. 'Keep it together. Don't panic. Just focus on wiping out the Akuma.'

The Akuma closed in with gun barrels aimed at her. She gritted her teeth and charged, ready to engage the enemy.

Tyki hung back, passively observing from his perch on thin air. The Earl had instructed him to take on this mission. The Noah didn't want to, but he went anyway. It was supposed to be simple and quick. Tyki didn't bother to bring strong Akuma with him. He watched his underlings take on Miranda. He was curious to see how it would turn out. She was never a fighter; the few times he had seen her, she would keep her Innocence invoked at a distance and support her fellow Exorcists. Her time-altering ability, whatever it was called, proved to be a royal pain. The shield of her Innocence could withstand attacks from Akuma, his fellow Noah and even the Earl. That alone was a force to be reckoned with. Especially for one who never even took part in a battle.

Tyki narrowed his eyes. Now it interested and dismayed him at the same time to see that she had gotten stronger.

Blood pounded in her ears as Miranda peered through the rainy mist. She hurled the Chronorangs in opposite directions. They took out surrounding Akuma with quick, crescent-like strikes. This was the first time she was actively involved in destroying Akuma. She had always taken on a passive, supporting role. Not anymore. Miranda feared that she wouldn't have the guts to take on the new task. But she thought of those pitiful, tormented souls. She thought of how even she, for all her bad luck, was more fortunate than them. The Akuma didn't choose this perversion of life. It was her duty to relieve them of their suffering.

With this in mind, Miranda felt all the more determined to get the job done. 'I can do this. That's right, more positive thinking. The better my attitude, the more likely I'll actually get the job done.'

Tyki continued to watch with growing interest. Road's description of the German Exorcist proved to be comically inaccurate. A dumb and ugly duck? Tyki didn't see that at all. This Miranda Lotto was quite the lovely creature.

The dark side of his mind went rampant as he was enraptured by the sight of her panting under the rain. He mentally undressed her from that horrid uniform. He grew warm at the thought of her slender naked body underneath...breasts, hips, thighs and all. Desire burned hot in his chest. Tyki smirked and licked his lips.

Miranda caught sight of the Noah's predatory gaze. She nervously swallowed and shuddered. Her attention shifted to the Level Two Akuma as it coiled back and lunged forward.

Tyki frowned when the last Akuma, the Level Two, went down with an angry hiss. This foolishness needed to end. He was wrong to underestimate this lone woman. He did not forget the humiliating fact that she found the Innocence first.

After finally managing to destroy the Akuma snake, Miranda was exhausted. She hardly had time to catch her breath when Tyki attacked. He caught her by the wrists before she could throw the Chronorangs. He twisted her arms behind her. His fingers dug into her skin so tightly that she cried out in pain and dropped the boomerangs, as if they were scalding hot.

Horror washed over her body and numbed her mind like a sickening wave. 'No way...this can't be happening.'

His whisper in her ear sent chills down her spine. "There's no escape, pretty Exorcist. You belong to me now."