Name: Shopgirl
Title: The Surprise
Rating: G

Author note: This is only two chapters long. And please no flames if you can hold them back please do so. This is my first time writing a fanfic, so please be kind. Thank you.

Authors thanks: Thank you to the two who reviewed my story! This is for the two of you!!! Hope you enjoy!!

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Kathleen opened her eyes to see that she was in her old store with all her friends around, "Wha... This can't be." She walked around the store, "This just can't be."

Joe was a little nervous that she wasn't happy with her surprise, "Ah, honey, are you up..." he was interrupted by her kissing him.

They broke apart, "What? But how?"

"Well, as soon as the store closed, I decided to buy it."

Kathleen was still speechless, "But how? I can't surely survive with..."

"Ah, now see, that's the beauty part. This is an all kids book store." Kathleen still looked confused. "Well, I convinced my grandfather to take the kids section out of our store and put it all into here."

Kathleen kissed him again, "You did all this... for me?"

"Well, yes."


"Why? Because I love you, that's why. And besides, I heard that you've always wanted to give this store to your daughter one day."

"Yes, but..." She looked at him and he was down on one knee. She gasped.

Joe grabbed her hand, "Kathleen Kelly, I love you, and I want to be with you forever. Will you please be my wife?" He held out a little box with the most beautiful diamond ring she had ever seen.

Kathleen was speechless, once again. Too many wonderful things were occurring in just one afternoon, "I...I..."

When she looked into his eyes it felt like it was the first time she was looking into them. "Can't you just look past the whole boat thing and say yes."

Kathleen had to laugh at that. She remembered the day she told him that she could never be with a guy who owned a boat. She laughed a little and ran her fingers through his hair and said, "I love you."

"Then say yes."

Kathleen smiled and said, "Yes of course I'll marry you!" Joe stood up and kissed her. While everyone around them were going crazy.

They broke apart and Kathleen went to her old friends, "Birdie! George! Christina!" and they shared a group hug. "It feels so great to be back doesn't it?"

"Yes it does," Birdie said.

"Sure does boss," Christina said.

"I liked my old job better," George said with a hint of laughter.

Everyone screamed at him, "George!!!"

"I'm just kidding. This place is like a home away from home!"

Kathleen walked back over to Joe, "I don't know how I can ever thank you enough."

Joe held her hands and finally put the ring on her finger, "You already have. You already have," and he kissed her again.

Kathleen pulled away, "Wait! What about my writing job? I can't just stop writing."

"Way ahead of you on that one," Joe grabbed her hand and led her. "We did a little remolding too," he lead her to a little room.

"What's this?"

"This is your new office. Fully equipped with a brand new computer, a door *and* a phone. To call me, of course."

Kathleen smiled, "Of course."

Christina followed them, "See, you can do your writing in here and when you get board, or get writers block, you can come out here and work." Kathleen just smiled, "Come on, you have to open your present." Christina grabbed her hand and pulled her out.

"More things?" she asked Joe. He just smiled.

"Here," George handed her a gift, "For you."

"Thank you." Kathleen took it and opened it up. It was the picture of her and her mother twirling.

Joe said, "I think you should do the honors." Kathleen went behind the counter and hung the picture back onto the wall. Everyone started to whistle and clap. "Now tell me again, what are you doing in that picture."

Kathleen smiled, "We're twirling."

Joe grabbed her hand, pulled her from behind the counter, "Like this?" and he twirled her as Birdie took a picture.


Another Authors note: I don't know if her store was full of little kids books or not. So if it wasn't before it is now, and if it was before then it still is :)