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Legolas and Aragorn both grunted as they were harshly thrown to the ground. The orcs circled around them viciously, growling and taunting. The leader stepped forward once again and walked to Aragorn. Without warning the orc pulled back his hand and brought it down hard upon the man's cheek. A hollow thwack echoed through the orc camp.

Legolas struggled against his bonds as his closest friend was hit repeatedly. The elf yelled defiantly towards the orcs.

"How dare you! Taking advantage of a mere child! Leave him be and come for me if you want a challenge!"

The orc growled and moved away from the ranger. He approached the elf and bent down to be at Legolas' eye level.

"Are you calling me a coward elf?"

Legolas grinned wickedly.

"I was wrong, it can think!"

The orc growled and pushed the elf over. He growled orders to his fellow soldiers and immediately they all swarmed the elf. He was brutally kicked, punched, slapped, and cut by blades and by wicked finger nails.

Legolas remained stoic during the onslaught. Only the occasional grunt or grimace of pain would pass his lips. Suddenly the orcish leader growled and the troops backed off and left the elf breathing heavily on the ground. The leader stepped forward and spat at the elf before moving towards the other side of the camp with his followers.

Aragorn remained in his spot until he was sure the orcs were gone. He then crawled, to the best of his ability, to the injured elf. Soon he was at Legolas' side and helped him sit up slowly. The elf grimaced as he was moved, but remained silent. The ranger checked over his friends wounds. He frowned when he saw the bruises marring the normally perfect skin, and the gashes on his arms, legs, and mid-section. He pulled gently on the elf's tunic and brought it over the fair being's head. The movement however, elicited a groan of pain from the elf. Aragorn flinched when he was able to see the full extent of the injuries.

"Mellon-nin…mankoi lle uma tanya?" (My friend…why did you do that)

The elf smiled half-heartedly and drew in as much breath as he could with his aching ribs. He placed a pale hand on the ranger's shoulder and pulled him to his side. Once the ranger was seated next to the elf, Legolas rested his now aching head on the man's shoulder. He closed his eyes lightly as he spoke.

"Amin car-al-rach an cen-lle di-eithel." (I do not want to see you unwell)

The man sighed and wrapped an arm around the elf to steady him. As he felt Legolas slipping off into much needed sleep, he whispered comfortingly in the elf's ear.

"Hannon lle mellon-nin…îdh eithel…" (Thank you my friend…rest well)

Aragorn woke to the harsh words of an elf and an orc. He turned quickly when he noticed that Legolas was no longer leaning on him. He soon located his friend when the argument escalated. Legolas was being gripped around the throat and his back was pushed up against a nearby tree. An orc was standing face to face with his friend and the two were exchanging extremely harsh words.

"You disgust me you piece of filth! How dare you try and attack the heir of Gondor when he sleeps no less!"

The orc sent a ferocious punch to the elf's jaw and growled at him.

"Watch your mouth elf!"

Legolas growled in return and spat in the orc's face. This prompted the foul creature to throw the elf to the ground and place an iron clad foot on the elf's chest. Legolas struggled weakly as the orc pressed down on his ribcage. The elf scrunched his face as he felt the pressure crack his ribs even more than they already were. He still remained silent. Angered, the orc stomped down and crushed the elf's chest. Legolas yelped slightly and before lying as still as possible, desperate to regain his breath. Satisfied, the orc delivered one more kick to the elf's stomach and stalked back to the rest of the beasts.

Terrified for his friend, Aragorn pushed himself up and shuffled roughly over to the elf before once again collapsing at his side. The ranger gently reached out to the elf's mid-section and immediately felt the damage. Several broken ribs, several were cracked, and there was probably some minor internal bleeding. Aragorn's face fell in concern. Thinking quickly, the ranger shuffled back to where he had discarded Legolas' tunic the night before, and quickly tore it into small strips. He moved back to his friend and wrapped his mid-section strategically. He pulled back and checked over his work. Legolas turned his head weakly towards Aragorn and nodded gratefully. His voice fell from his mouth in a pained whisper.

"H-Hannon" (Thanks)

Aragorn nodded and gently moved the elf closer to him. Legolas growled in pain as his body was moved.

"I'm sorry Legolas...You need to be less bold my friend. Your body can not withstand much more of this treatment."

The elf nodded slowly and fell into a light sleep. His eyes remained closed; Aragorn knew this was a bad sign. Elves only sleep with their eyes closed when they are very weak, dying, or grieving.

Aragorn sighed and set himself between the elf and the pack of orcs, keeping watch was about all he could do at this point.

The next few days sent the ranger's head spinning. The orcs favorite pass time had become brutally torturing the elf. He wasn't however, their victim of choice. They would always start for the ranger, but would never make it. The elf would make sure of that. Whether by harsh words or futile attacks, Legolas would always block their path. Because of this Aragorn was getting worried. The elf was getting weaker before his eyes. His ribs had been broken and re-broken several times, and he had large, now infected, gashes covering his entire body.

The ranger hadn't been able to treat them very well and the affects were now being seen. Several other bones were broken and they had been hastily wrapped. Legolas' fair and pale skin had been turned blue and black. His face was in the same state.

Aragorn knew that it wouldn't be long before the elf completely faded. He was dying and there was absolutely nothing that the ranger could do.

A groan of pain turned the ranger to the figure beside him. Legolas' body was slightly arched and a thin sheen of sweat was lining his brow. The ranger reached a comforting hand towards the elf's head and wiped his brow. Legolas opened his eyes slowly and locked gazes with the man. Aragorn became concerned when he noticed that his friend was sporting several new bruises and injuries. He quickly turned to the elf and searched his body.

"Legolas mani marte an lle?" (Legolas what happened to you)

The elf didn't respond. Aragorn swallowed thickly and grasped his friend's shoulders. He jostled him lightly and flinched when a small whimper escaped his lips. Legolas cracked his eyes open a little and looked at the ranger sadly.

"Amin hiraetha mellon. You weren't responding." (I'm sorry friend)

Legolas nodded and leaded lightly against the ranger. Aragorn sighed and repeated his question.

"I asked you what happened."

Legolas' throat tightened as he tried to speak. His voice sounded like it had been rubbed with sand paper, but Aragorn could understand him no less.

"They tried to grab you while you slept, I interrupted their plans."

The man sighed heavily and began to check on his friends wounds.

"Why are you doing this Legolas? You cannot withstand much more of this. Stop protecting me and protect yourself."

The elf gulped and his mouth fell open.

"I could never do that. I will always protect you."

Aragorn heaved a sigh and moved to sit beside the elf once more. He flinched when he realized that the elf's skin did not hold its normal heat. This was a bad sign indeed. Aragorn wrapped his arm around the elf and pulled him closer until the elf was practically in his lap. Legolas was shivering slightly and welcomed the warmth of the ranger. Aragorn felt the elf's body go limp in his arms and looked back at their captors.

The orcs were asleep and snoring loudly. The man hoped they wouldn't wake. Legolas needed sleep and he needed to heal. Otherwise the human feared that his life would stop far before it was supposed to.

"You are not nearly as strong as you wish to believe elf."

The orc laughed manically as it pressed a burning hot iron sword to the elf's already abused body. Legolas arched his back in pain but refused to make a sound. Aragorn watched helplessly as his friend was brutally attacked. He had been bound and gagged and had no way out. He was stuck watching as his friend was burned repeatedly. His vision began to blur with tears as the sword was plunged back into the fire before beginning quickly jammed into the elf's arm, this time breaking the skin and almost detaching the limb. Legolas jerked violently and his mouth fell open, breath heavy. Aragorn struggled; his young frame was just too limited.

He looked away quickly when he saw the blade go into the blazing flames once again. The horrible sound of sizzling flesh pierced the air. Then a scream of unimaginable pain hit Aragorn's ears. He snapped his head towards the group of orcs and his eyes watered even more when he saw the elf's mouth dropped open and his face was contorted in pain. Aragorn pulled against his binds and tried to lash out at the orcs holding him. With all the movement the gag loosened just enough to let it fall from his mouth. Finding his mouth now free, the ranger screamed desperately.


The orc paused and turned to look at him. He grinned maliciously as he saw the tears on the rangers face. He leaned in slightly and growled at the ranger.

"I think not…"

With that he stabbed the red not blade into the elf's stomach. Legolas shouted in pain and looked up to the sky. Several crystal tears rolled down his face and his eyes rolled back in his head. Aragorn panicked when he saw the elf go limp and the orcs throw him to the ground. He struggled against the bonds that still held him. The orcs laughed and jeered at the man. He pulled against them and strived for his friend who was lying limply on the ground. Legolas remained still as the ranger shouted out his name through tears. When his breath was running low the ranger quieted himself and sat back on his knees. He breathed shakily and watched as the orcs drew closer. They circled around him until they were mere inches from his face.

Several raised their swords but they never got the chance to strike. A horn blew loudly through the trees. They all turned sharply and growled when the battalion of elves rode through the trees on their milky white horses. Aragorn gasped when he saw his brother's and father at the head of the group.

The elven soldiers quickly surrounded the orcs and pushed them into a circle. The orcs offered a futile defense but they were all dead within seconds.

Lord Elrond, Elladan, and Elrohir ran to Aragorn and quickly released him from his bonds. They were about to inquire about his health, but the ranger would have none of it. He scrambled to Legolas and fell at his side. The elf had yet to open his eyes. Aragorn picked up the elf's head and set it gently in his lap. The ranger waited and became distressed when he received no response after several minutes. He placed a hand on the elf's cheek and pulled back quickly when he felt the ice like skin below. He frantically shifted the elf's position so he had the elf's entire upper body in his arms. Finally Legolas cracked his eyes open and smiled lightly at the man. His voice was barely a whisper.

"Aragorn…You're safe…I'm glad."

The ranger sniffed loudly and blinked through his tears. He nodded sadly and analyzed the elf's face. He could see the sparkle leaving the elf's sapphire eyes and his heart jumped into his throat. He couldn't breathe as the tears fell in torrents from his face. Legolas frowned slightly and reached a shaky hand upwards. He placed the cold palm on his friend's cheek lightly. He stroked away some tears with his thumb before the act of holding up his hand became too much of a struggle. Aragorn felt the pressure leave his cheek and quickly grabbed the hand before it fell to the elf's chest. Legolas stared into the ranger's eyes and spoke so softly it was barely audible.

"Amin henn myrn Aragorn." (My eyes darken Aragorn)

Aragorn's eyes widened and he shook his head briskly.

"Law Legolas, Law! Lle innas cuinar anann cuil!" (No Legolas, No! You shall live a long life!)

Legolas smiled weakly as he felt his breath begin to slow. He grasped Aragorn's hand tightly and looked up at the man with slightly teary eyes. Legolas labored breathing slowed dangerously and his words fell almost silently from his mouth.

"Namaarie mellon-nin. Tenna' ento lye omenta cormamin niuve tenna." (Farewell my friend. Until we meet next my heart shall weep)

Aragorn watched in horror, his eyes wide, as the grip on his hand slackened, and the shining blue eyes dimmed and stared up at the sky, no longer seeing. Aragorn swallowed roughly and extended a shaky hand to touch the elf's chest. His breath quickened when he could no longer feel movement. Tears poured onto the broken and damaged elf's chest, staining the remains of bandages and his tunic. Aragorn no longer tried to suppress his sobs.

They tore from his throat viciously and unyielding. He gripped Legolas' body tightly and pulled him to his chest. He rocked slightly back and forth.

He screamed brokenly when he felt the strong hands tried and pry him from the lifeless elf. He turned to find the tear streaked face of his brother's and solemn frown of his father. He looked at them wildly before turning back to Legolas and gripping him again. The twins and their father bowed their heads and moved to join the line that the other elven soldiers had formed. They stood with their faces downwards as the grief of Aragorn burned their sensitive ears. They began to hum softly as the weeping continued. Their melody was haunting and saddened. All were grieving for the lost prince.

Aragorn's voice carried above the rest as his pleas went unanswered.

"Please come back my friend…Please don't leave me…"

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