Jingle's Gift

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Note: Short and mushy.

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Jingle looked around. No one. There was still snow everywhere. The Ham-Hams were in the clubhouse, doing their Ham-Ham things. He sighed, strumming his guitar. It was going to be tomorrow...

"Like, hi, Jingle!" a voice greeted.

Jingle turned around.

"Hello." he murmured.

"Hey, what'cha doin'?" Sandy asked, twirling her ribbon in the air. "It's winter, but ya don't ned to mope around! Spring's coming soon!"


"Jingly, c'mon!" Sandy persisted. "We can, like, build snow-hams! Have snowball fights! Race to the bottom of hills on snowboards! And you can just shym and stuff! Winter sucks a little, but it's totally cool!"

"Hey, Sandy!" a voice greeted.

Sandy turned.

"Hi, Hamtaro!" she greeted back.

The orange-spotted hamster smiled and stopped running right in front of the two.

"Hi there, Jingle!" he greeted. "Hey, why the long face?"

"Tomorrow is another day." Jingle sighed. "A special day it will be, but no one remembers it."

"What are you talking about, Jingle? No one forgets about tomorrow!"

Jingle looked at Hamtaro. Then walked away.

"Like, what's up with him?" Sandy asked.

"Maybe it's a bad hair day." Hamtaro joked. "Come on, let's get back to the clubhouse."

The next day, Jingle was still moping around. He didn't even watch when they played soccer or strum hie guitar at all. The sun was setting, Jingle noticed. He got up and walked away. No one noticed he was gone...Except...

Jingle walked off, away from the Ham-Hams. Today was the day. Today was December 12...And no one else knew what else today was. The town was getting a little farther away now as he walkd away from it...

"Badda-badda, badda-badda...Jingle!" a voice called. "Wait!"

Jingle turned. Sandy stopped running a few yards away from him. She slowly walked towards him until they were inches apart.

"I've been lookin' all over for you!" Sandy stated. "Good thing I found you before it got dark!...Hey, where're you goin'?..."

Jingle turned away, not noticing the item Sandy was carrying.

"Out of town." he replied.

"Out of town?!" Sandy exclaimed. "But, Jingle, you can't! Why do wanna go out of town?!"

"...New friends. Real friends."

"...Jingle...We're your friends. The Ham-Hams are you friends!"

Jingle stayed silent and then started to walk away.

"...I know what you want, Jingle..." he heard Sandy murmur softly.

Jingle paused.

"You don't know what I want." he growled, his voice icy. "What I want is-"

"A birthday present." Sandy interrupted softly.

Jingle froze. Slowly he turned around, gazing into Sandy's eyes. He then noticed the item she was carrying. It was a small box wrapped in green paper.

"Happy Birthday, Jingle." Sandy said, holding up the box.

Hesitant, Jingle put down his red guitar and took the box with shaky hands. He opened it after taking off the green wrapping paper.

"It's one o' those lil' thingies that humans play guitars with. I know it's a little big, but I couldn't find any ham-sized ones." Sandy stated. She looked at her feet sadly. "It's not much, but-"

Before she could finish her sentence, Jingle had her in a warm hug.

"It's a lot..." he whispered.

"Like, kushi-kushi..." Sandy said softly even though both her arms were trapped against her side.

"Thanks, Sandy."

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Me: ...I guess it was okay. But mostly, it was short and mushy.