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I hate riding on the elevator with other people. I literally avoid it as much as humanly possible. If there are more than three people on the elevator, I will slow my pace and purposely let the doors close without me. I am sure its quite obvious, but elevator rides are miserable for me, Mrs. Spooky.

In the beginning I was called The Ice Queen. I obtained that name in the Academy. It was a clever name. I still am not sure who started it, but my money is on Tom Colton. I shut him down a couple of times, and I know he took it to heart. He quickly brushed it off and pretended like nothing happened. We were good friends, and I didn't want to lose that friendship. I also did not want to be known as the Academy's Slut. I was a brilliant, young agent and I knew that others were envious. They would use anything to black mail me.

About a week after shutting Colton down, I heard The Ice Queen rumors circulating. It hurt me at first, but I soon took pride in that name. I embraced it well. It had it's pros and cons. The pros were that I was tough. It made it seem like I was unbreakable. The cons were that I was not capable of love. It warned the men off and I didn't have anymore date offers. Not like I would have accepted anyway.

Eventually, after working on the X-files for a few years, the nickname dissipated. I soon became Mrs. Spooky. It seemed that I had adopted Mulder's nickname, so to speak. Apparently the ever so clever agents thought I had learned to love. I had been thawed, as they so eloquently put it.

Maybe I had learned to love. Maybe my feelings surfaced and I was no longer heartless. Maybe they had seen something that I did not. I suppose if I had to choose a nickname, between the two, I would have chosen Mrs. Spooky. It had a sweet ring to it, and it didn't hurt my feelings as much as The Ice Queen did.

It did feel as if I was being linked to Mulder. I always strived for independence and then the sneaky FBI agents decided to proverbially marry me to Mulder. Now, I am defined through Mulder. It seems that now I am Mulder's Scully. I was not just Dana Scully any longer. I was now tied to him. It is never just Dana or Scully anymore, it is now Mrs. Spooky, or Mulder's partner.

I suppose I could be called worse. I have been called worse, but even so, I would like to be known for my independence, intelligence, and my accomplishments. I suppose that may just be too much to ask for.

So here I am in this elevator, with four other people. I meant to miss it. I even slowed my pace down to a near halt. But, some newbie decided to be polite and hold the door for me. I have this suspicion that he has a hidden agenda. He wanted me on that elevator. I saw it in his eyes.

The whole way up I felt eyes on me. You know when you can feel people staring. I know that sounds completely Mulder like, but I felt the gazes and the glares from the women. The two young men, practically boys, were eyeing me. I felt them undressing me with their eyes. I am not blind; I know men stare at me. Sometimes it is flattering, but most of the time it is creepy. I attract the creeps.

I look over at one of the boys. He quickly turns his head and I have to hide a smirk. I let out a sigh, look at my watch, then look away. I know that crushes his ego. The other guy laughs at his failed attempt. The next guy actually seems to have a pair, because he actually says something to me. "Hi. My name is Agent Harris."

I have to give this guy credit, he actually tried. I feel flattered, but there is only room for one person in my heart. I don't say anything; I just smile and he takes the hint. He shuffles his way to the back of the elevator. I hear one of the women laugh at him. He looks at her and I hear her whisper, "The Ice Queen freezes yet another one."

They had to have just come out of the academy, if they are still familiar with that nickname. That nickname was literally four years too late. I smiled to myself. Yes, I used to be The Ice Queen, but one person changed that.

I can hear them whisper a couple more unintelligible things. So, I decide to chime in. "Did you all just come fresh out of the academy?" They looked surprised. Were they surprised that I spoke or that I guessed they were newbies? Either way they were surprised, and I relished in it.

The man with a pair speaks up, " How could you tell?" Should I play with them? "There are various reasons, for starters, the way you are dressed." I decided that I was going to lye into them. I will show them an Ice Queen. "Also, you seem to be stuck in the rumor mill. Eventually you will grow up and out of that." Their eyes grow wide. "Furthermore, I heard my famous nickname grace your lips," I point to the busty blonde. I don't like busty blondes. "I thought that nickname was in the past."

The elevator grows cold and silent. I can feel the tension. All four of them are staring at each other. I don't feel eyes on me any longer. It felt good to have that kind of power. Mulder had a bad influence on me.

Just then the elevator dings open. Great! I smile when I realize who was entering. He glanced around for a second then looked me in my eyes. I silently voiced that I was worked up. He had seen my annoyed face plenty of times. He probably guessed immediately that the other occupants were bothering me. He also probably picked up that they were rather green. He was brilliant like that.

The next thing he did was out of no where. I wanted to kiss him and slap him all at the same time. I had to laugh though. He looks at me, smiles and says, "good morning, Mrs. Spooky."

The atmosphere in the elevator shifted. I can't even describe it. It seemed as if a revelation was made. I knew these newbies were going to spread the word quickly. I haven't decided if that was a good thing or a bad thing. I suppose it was nothing new, so what damage could have been done? So, I did something that The Ice Queen would never have done.

I looked over at Mulder and said, "long time no see, Mr. Spooky." I heard a gasp from the back. Mulder and I both looked at each other and smiled.

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