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Rick quickly moved his head to the left, dodging the book that had gone flying by his ear with a soft 'Whoosh'. He looked over to the direction it had come from to find Evelyn staring at him. Anger ruled her features, painting her soft pale cheeks in a rosy red tint. Her lips were pursed together so tightly he could tell her teeth were clenched beneath them. She raised her hand once more, a larger and heavier book in her grasp. She threw it forcefully, nearly missing his head, just barely grazing his left shoulder.

"Don't move!" She screamed at him, turning around quickly to grab another book in her tiny hand. He advanced on her quickly with fast reflexes, knowing one wrong move and she'd hit her target and knock him out. The books had gotten bigger and heavier in her previous four throws and he was positive he would black out with the fifth one held firmly in her grasp.

As she turned back around, she came face to face with her target and was momentarily stunned he had closed in on her so quickly, and unharmed no less. He took her reaction to his benefit and quickly reached up, grasping both her wrists in his hands, bringing them down to her side so fast that the book fell from her right hand and onto the floor.

He stared down into her hazel eyes, anger and frustration filled them as she met his stare with all the intensity she could muster. Her body jolted forward in an attempt to break free of his hold, but found it useless. He had her and he had her tightly, she wasn't going anywhere.

As Rick stared down at her, anger and fury rising deep within her with every passing second, he tried to remember how it had come to this. Shit! He couldn't remember anything past the first flying book.

"Unhand me Mr. O'Connell." Her soft, but spiteful voice pulled him back to the woman in front of him.

Her chest was heaving up and down with every deep breath she took. It was pushed outwards more so than usual with the way his grip kept her arms firmly at her side. As he stared at her he found himself becoming slowly aroused, the thought of seeing her chest do that without the blouse she wore entered his mind. The growing bulge in the front of his pants made it hard to think straight.

They locked eyes, and held their gazes. He hoped if he held her eyes in his own long enough she wouldn't notice his growing problem. Pun not intended. That maybe he could grasp his thoughts quickly and collectively enough to recover from this gracefully, but even he knew the chances of that were very slim.

He couldn't think of anything past the gorgeous woman in his impervious clutch. Not good. That's how he got into this problem in the first place. Of Course! That was it…

Evy glared at Rick through angry eyes, he had been holding her in place for at least twenty six seconds, but time seemed to stand still. The only thing keeping her from breaking the magical spell he had over her was the slight thrill she got after he flung her hands to her side. A pleasurable pain came from the center of her stomach and stabbed her body violently. She wasn't sure what it was caused from, but knew she didn't want it to falter away so fast. The longer he stared the more it ached. The more it ached the longer she wanted it to last. She hoped soon the tightening would be released in a large flood; coursing through her entire being in one big wave of glee.

He hadn't been listening to her, she had come in only ten minutes earlier speaking of the up and coming wedding they would be having. He had been sitting on the sofa reading over the vows as she had asked him to do a few days prior. She went over a decent sized, but necessary, list of things, asking his opinion here and there. Like any good bride would do with her groom. He grunted whenever a question was asked, his way of giving a response. She had become slightly frustrated and turned to him.

"Rick, if you're not going to take this seriously maybe we should just postpone the wedding."

No response.

"Or maybe..." She didn't dare think, let alone speak her thoughts, but knew she had to. She had to know where things stood between them. They had been rushing things. Having just returned from Hamunaptra only three weeks before, they had been engaged and set a wedding date within the month. Maybe things were going too fast and they needed to take it slowly. She had to know. "…maybe we should just cancel the wedding."

A grunt of approval.

Evy let out one of her frustrated 'ooh's and stared at her fiancée. Betrayal ripped through her and she wanted nothing more than to cry, but first she was going to teach the beastly American a lesson. Evelyn Carnahan was NOT a force to be reckoned with and she wouldn't take his careless approach when it came to her heart so lightly.

"If you don't want to marry me all you had to do was say so." She shouted at him. "Nobody made you propose. No one is making you stay."

"What?" Rick asked dropping the book down from his view. He had heard her come in, taking a mile a minute. He had only understood half of what she said and offered a groan whenever he felt necessary. Somewhere along the way he tuned out and just offered her a form of sound as approval to whatever she wanted.

Hell he didn't care what color the table cloths were, what color his tux was or even how many people she invited. He just wanted to marry her. He only wanted to know she was his and live out the rest of his life by her side making her happy. Frankly he didn't even care if there was a wedding. He had just wanted to get the thing legalized and over with. Who needed a party with a cake? A lot of strange people? And a big white dress she was only going to wear once?

He knew for a fact she'd only wear it once because once night falls on that day she'd never where white again. He'd make sure of that. A wicked smile spread across his face, God he couldn't wait to spend the rest of his life with her.

What man cared about the wedding ceremony? He only cared about the woman that would walk down the aisle and into his waiting arms. The rest was all woman work and decided it was best left up to her. He didn't give a rat's ass if it was just the three of them, him, her and Jonathan as a witness, but she did so he let her have at it.

He let his mind wander; it was only the yelling that had brought him back to the plane of reality. As he lowered the book in front of him to see why she was so upset, he had but a second to react as a small leather bound book flew just over his head.

OH SHIT! He had messed up big time.

Evy stared at Rick, her glare never softening. He had a lot of nerve thinking he could stroll in sweep her off her feet and leave her with nothing more than a broken heart. She had been thinking of ways to get him out of her life without so much as shedding a tear, but found none. She loved him far too much to just dismiss him, and it took all her strength to stay furious and not to cry right before him.

Rick dropped his mouth onto hers, crushing her lips harshly. Evy was thrown back by the daring move and in an instant felt all the anger, all the growing heartache melt away. Her heart overflowed as her eyes drifted closed and she leaned into the kiss. He spoke words with just his lips touching hers, wrote sonnets with his tongue as it slipped out of his open mouth and licked at her lips.

The knot in her stomach constricted tighter. Her eyes shot open as he pried his tongue past her lips and into her waiting mouth. She felt him search around aimlessly, flicking against her own tongue and running along her teeth. He pushed into her tighter so their bodies were crushed against one another. She blushed into their kiss as she felt her breasts tighten and harden against his broad chest. She could feel every muscle move beneath his shirt and feared he could do the same with her.

He kissed her hungrily, his lips pushed so hard into hers she was sure they'd be swollen once he pulled away. She wanted nothing more than to wrap her arms around his neck, but couldn't. He still held them firmly at her side. The contracting pain in her stomach released powerfully as he began to suck on her tongue. She felt the space between her legs grow hot quickly followed by an uncomfortable, but welcoming pain.

She groaned into his mouth, satisfied with the assault he played on her.

Rick didn't know what had caused it, one second he's day dreaming about her soft pouty lips and the next he's pushed his way so far into her mouth, he was sure he'd choke her. He had never kissed her like this before. Only two weeks ago he dared to kiss her with his tongue, she had been shocked, but loved it none the less. Here he kissed her with unbridled passion and arousal so deep he was afraid he would come right then and there. He had to get a hold of himself, if not it would be a situation he wouldn't know how to handle. Bad enough it was going to be awkward once he pulled away.

Not to mention how mad she'd be with him for acting in such a way when she had meant to be serious. He was going to pull away, having had his thoughts clear now. It was the soft moan she let out that changed his mind. He pulled away from her long enough so they could breathe quickly before slamming his mouth back down upon hers. No words were spoken, not that there had been time for it. They had been too busy catching their breaths to even think.

He smiled wickedly as she now met him with equal passion. It was the memory of him holding her arms that brought him back. He quickly released her and jumped back, as if her touch had scorched him and seared his skin.

He looked her over, she was still dizzy with lust and confusion to fully comprehend what was happening. He looked at her lips, they were bright red and swollen. He had hoped he didn't hurt her. He would hate himself if he caused her any pain or bruised her soft lips. The red was a nice color from all the blood and attention. He knew blue and black were not the colors he wanted painting her mouth.

He glanced down at her wrists and noticed a bright red matching each one. God he hated himself!

He couldn't even kiss her without losing control. How the hell was he going to make love to her for the first time without hurting her?

He dared to look up and meet her gaze. It was the least he could do. After all, he had all but marked her as his own. He deserved any verbal lashing she was going to give out. Any books she threw he wouldn't dodge, he'd take a hit from the whole bookshelf if she could find it in her heart to forgive him. He was so rough, so greedy. A sick feeling entered his gut as his eyes trailed up her body to lock with hers.

What he saw shocked him. Instead of the anger that had resided there a minute ago he noticed something new. He had never seen her look at him like this before, the look almost scared him. Her eyes where fogged over with an emotion he wasn't quite sure she knew she had.


All anger was gone and she was staring at him like he was a fresh piece of meat and she was a hungry tigress. So much for scaring the shit outta her. He thought. It seemed to have worked the other way around. One thing was for sure she kept him guessing.

He watched as she slowly approached him, every step she took seemed like an eternity away. The distinct sway in her hips only helped suffocate his erection. He watched as she pressed her body close to his again and threw her arms around his neck, running her long fingernails through his hair. He was sure that if she hadn't felt the hardness before, she could now.

"Richard…?" She purred softly.

He hated the name Richard, insisted anyone who knew him call him O'Connell or Rick, but still his mind wandered. What would she call him in the throes of passion? As her body would climax around him, what name would pass from her lips like a prayer? He knew his thoughts were trouble and she'd more than likely kill him for thinking such things, but still he wondered. He didn't care what she called him, just so long he ran through her mind and heart, especially as she would wither beneath him bathed in ecstasy.

Her lips found his right ear and she nibbled ever so softly on it. She was brave as her tongue snuck out and ran along the outer part of it.

Not good. Not good. Abort mission. Abort mission! His brain cried out. She was playing with fire and didn't know she was about to be burned. He didn't know how much longer he could maintain his self-control; it took every fiber of his being to remain as he was.

If she continued any longer she would not be wearing white for their wedding.

Evy pulled his head down to meet hers, their eyes locked once again and the knot returned. Only now it contained so much intensity she was sure it would never be satisfied. She read his gaze, he was fighting a losing battle and she wasn't making it any easier. She could tell by the hardness pressed against her leg that he was trying to be as gentlemanly as possible, but he was only human.

She purposely shifted her leg against him, rubbing there so briefly with her thigh. Her lips pecked his so softly before she pulled back.

"Kiss me…" She mumbled. "…please." She begged.

He obeyed. She didn't have to tell him twice.

He pecked her lips softly and pulled away. If she stopped now, he could still maintain some control, but if she continued all would be lost.

"No." She said slightly frustrated. "Like before."

"Evy…I can't." He said firmly. Her face fell and he felt horrible. "I can't kiss you like that again and promise to keep my hands to myself." A wicked smile spread across her face.

"Who says I want you to?" She questioned.

"Evy, if we do this. There is no turning back. This is a step we need to take together."

"I know." She muttered.

"And you're sure right? I know you wanted to wait…"

"I've waited long enough! Rick please…show me you love me." She muttered.

With that said he grabbed her face in his hands and kissed her with all the intensity as he had done before. He groaned when he felt her chest press into his. His lust rattled brain refused him from thinking straight, she was trouble for him, and he would happily meet his demise at the gallows once again just to have her.

Evy groaned softly, loving the feel of his lips on hers. Her eyes popped open when she felt his hands making busy work of the material covering her chest. Her cheeks became pink with the rosy tint and he freed every button from its slot and opened the material to let the cool Egyptian breeze graze her newly expose flesh. This was it, she knew there was no going back and that's how she wanted it.

She let out a frustrated moan when his lips fell from hers. Her head rolled off to the side as she felt his lips trail down her neck and stop to suck on the tender spot right between her collarbones. She let out a long sigh as he softly nipped at the flesh.

His hot mouth left behind wet kisses as he made his way back up to her mouth, taking her lips in his own. In the far off distance Rick heard the front door open and slam closed. His eyes popped open before settling on Evy's content face. She was so into their kiss she failed to hear their impending interruption.

Rick quickly placed his hands on her hips and moved them so that her back was to the open door of the study. As quickly as he could muster he started to button her shirt back up.

"What is it?" She whined softly, not wanting their time alone to come to an end so quickly. "What's wrong?"

"Evy, old thing…I say…" Jonathan trailed off as he walked into the main study to see his sister and future brother-in-law tangled up in the other's arms. "Bloody hell! Can't you two keep your hands off the other for just one second?" He moaned out.

Evy turned her head over her shoulder and shot him a quick and cold gaze. Her fingers worked as quickly as they could to button the rest of her blouse before he noticed and started in on a lecture about proper behavior. She let out a frustrated sigh and slumped down on the nearby desk without turning to face her bother.

"Is the Old Mum alright?" Jonathan asked Rick quietly. His attitude quickly changed from irritated to worry.

"Oh, yeah. She's fine." He muttered, desperately trying to regain his composure. "Just stressed…you know? The wedding and all."

"Oh, yes of course." He said nodding as if he had personal experience with the matter. "I say Evy, if you're worried about not making your deadline…you could always postpone it."

"NO!" Both Rick and Evy yelled in unison.

"Or not, I say. Was just a suggestion."

"Thank you Jonathan." Evy said trying to relax her demeanor. "What did you want that was so important?" She questioned sounding peeved in her own nature. She silently hoped Imhotep had returned bringing about the end of the world with him, because if it wasn't she was going to be an only child. He always did have the worst timing, though this time it was probably for the best.

"I was actually looking for O'Connell." He said softly looking to Rick.


"Yes, you. Old chap." He said cheerfully patting him roughly on the shoulder.

"In regards to what?" Evy questioned, turning to face both men, satisfied her shirt was finally buttoned.

"Oh you know, manly things. Nothing to fret your little heart over." Jonathan said softly walking over to his sister to lightly knock her cheek with his knuckle.

"Very well, Jonathan. Stay out of trouble." She said softly.

"Always Old Mum, always." Jonathan called as Rick followed him out of the room. Evy took this moment to let out a long breath she hadn't been aware she'd been holding until now, as her body fell back onto the sofa. "Oh, yes one more thing Evy." Jonathan called from the doorway, his head poking in slightly. "You may want to be more alert when you dress yourself in the morning." With that said he was gone.

Evy looked down to her blouse and noticed several buttons were in the wrong holes while the others didn't even have a home. Her hand covered her face in embarrassment as a small giggled escaped her lips. It had definitely been a close one.

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