Once they were safely in her room, Rick quickly turned and gently pushed Evy against the door, affectively closing it. As she looked up to him, her eyes glazed over with passion and the unknowing. He pressed his lips down on her once again, claiming her as his own. She softly whimpered as she felt his lips push into her, his teeth gently massaging her bottom lip as he suckled it.

She tossed her head back against the door, offering him the flesh on her neck which he gladly ravaged. Her hands flew to the top of his head where she let her fingers run through his hair as he offered her small bits and licks up and down the sensitive skin. She could once again feel the constricting pain growing in the pit of her stomach as well as an unfamiliar tingle a little further down.

She sucked in a deep breath of air as he made quick work of her shirt and placed butterfly kisses on the exposed flesh of her breasts. She felt him throw her shirt to the side and lock the door behind her before pulling their bodies close. He kissed her lips once more, this time a little less hungrily. They locked eyes and held the gaze for what felt like an eternity. He begged to know if she was still ok with continuing. She slowly nodded a yes, reading his thoughts and putting him at ease.

He took her answer all too happily and began to unclasp her bra, his warm touch brushing up against her cool flesh and causing goose bumps to rise on her soft skin. She shuttered as he pulled the garment from her body and tossed it to the floor with her shirt. She stood in her spot, paralyzed, as his hot gaze traveled over her bare chest. It felt like forever until his hand reached out and cupped the flesh so perfectly.

A light moan emanated from the base of her throat as her head gently rolled back, and her eyes closed. She sucked in a deep breath as his chapped thumb ran over the nipple slowly, quickly bringing it to a stiff point and causing the flesh to darken. He looked her over before being so bold as to place his mouth on her. Her hands took to his hair again and he began to hear the soft whimpers and whines escape from her as he gently sucked the flesh, his tongue running over the bud and slowly playing with it before moving to the other one.

He felt her knees buckle and quickly grasped onto her waist, pushing her lower half into his; which probably wasn't the best idea. He felt her stiffen in his embrace, her body reacting to his erection without a second thought. He pulled away from her chest to look her in the eyes, searching for some sign in them that was begging him to stop, but found none. He expected to see fear and shock, but instead got a shock of his own when he noticed her eyes were fogged over with arousal and lust. This caused him to harden even more, offering a slight discomfort to the front of his pants. He was completely thrown back by her reaction to his body, he thought she would be alarmed and pull away, but her urge to continue threw him for a loop. He moved a stray strand of hair from her face before capturing her lips once more, satisfied she was just as onboard with the decision as he was.

She took this as an invitation and started to fiddle with the buttons on his white shirt, growing frustrated when she couldn't even get one loose. He pulled away and tried to refrain from laughing at her predicament. Just as he was getting ready to help her, he heard a distinct rip, followed by the sound of buttons hitting the floor beneath them. He chuckled now and quickly stripped the ruined garment from his form, letting it cascade down the floor as well.

Evy looked up to him, embarrassed and ashamed, but all that was tossed out the window when he lifted her chin upwards and kissed her so tenderly. As he pulled away a smile resided on both their faces before he pulled her away from the door and towards the bed. She watched hungrily as he gently laid her down and hovered above her. Her heart was racing so fast she was sure it would stop; the sound so loud it deafened her.

A soft 'ooo' made its way out of her slightly open mouth when she felt him lower himself onto her. The feel of skin on skin was so sublime she was sure nothing ever felt so liberating. Her hands roamed up to his forearms and massaged the bulging muscles as he once again took a breast in his mouth. While one hand held him up, the other drew small circles around her torso, causing the goose bumps to rise once again. She squirmed slightly when he reached her belly button and this caused him to smile.

He pulled away from her chest, placed a quickly peck on her lips before lowering himself further down her body. She could feel her heart skip a beat as he started to slowly pull the skirt from her waist line. She fidgeted nervously, but refused to stop him. The ache below was nearing nuisance and she could already feel an uncomfortable warmth pooling between her legs. She wasn't sure if it was a good thing, but welcomed it just the same.

She felt her whole body jerk slightly as he ripped the skirt from her waist and pulled it down her legs, tossing it carelessly to the side before looking her over. She felt his hot stare on her half naked body and couldn't help but feel uneasy. Nobody had seen her like this stripped of her armor and so honestly nude. She hardly ever looked at her own body while showering or changing, and here, this man, she had welcomed to not only visually observe her in her rawest state, but to feast upon her.

The last time she had been this nude was when she was two. Her mother had dressed her back then and was the only one to see her in such a state. Now her body was so much more mature, she had grown into essential parts and vowed to never let anyone lay eyes on her in such a state except for her husband. Well, at least she waited this long. They would be married soon enough and she knew nobody would ever look at her like this except for him.

"Are you ok?" He muttered, breaking through her thoughts. She must have looked terrified because the look on his face was of pure worry.

"Wonderful." She choked out, knowing he wouldn't buy 'fine' as a suitable answer. She offered him a small smile in hopes of proving to him she was indeed alright.

"Are you sure? You look flushed." She looked to him oddly, her body stiff as a board by the comment. How did he know? The only light in the room was a candle from the dining area that she had brought up which now sat on her nightstand. Surely it couldn't illuminate enough light for him to see her face.

"I've…um…nobody has ever seen me like this before." She got out barely above a whisper, afraid he'd see her cowardice and demand they stop.

"I figured as much." He said crawling up her body, never once loosing eye contact. "If you want we can stop and I won't look again until the wedding night." She shook her head no and grasped onto him, showing she wanted nothing more than to continue what they had been doing. "Good, because I doubt I could ever get that image out of my head." He gave her a smug smirk and she offered him a sincere smile of her own. A light wave of blood coloring her cheeks, embarrassed over his, what would normally be considered a, crass statement. She closed her eyes and giggled gently slapping his bare shoulder; he took this as an approval to continue.

He kissed her passionately before reaching over to the nightstand, turning the lamp on and blowing out the candle in one swift move. As the room was cloaked in the glow of the light, Evy felt her hands began to instinctively move to cover herself while she immediately took to cursing him for his actions. It was bad enough she was self-conscious, now he made it so her body was on display for him.

"Don't." He chuckled out, trying to get her to relax. "I want to see you, in the light. Every inch of you." She shivered as the words left his mouth and moaned involuntarily as he brought one of his hands to massage her inner thigh. "God you're so beautiful."

She blushed profusely before looking him over. Something wasn't right, she had nothing on but a pair of knickers and he had on his pants and whatever else was under there. He had lost his shoes and socks, when she wasn't sure, but felt slightly at ease over that. He noticed the furrowed look on her face and smiled before crawling off of her and standing at the foot of the bed.

She watched silently as he began to fiddle with his belt buckle then took to unzipping his pants and dropped them to the floor, where he quickly stepped out of them. She felt her heart racing as she looked him over. The bulge that had once poked her thigh now stood proudly beneath his under garments. She let her eyes roam his nearly naked body, unable to tear away from the muscles and well chiseled form before her. He looked like a God from ancient times, here to take her to the afterlife for all eternity. She'd follow oh so happily.

A few scars resided over his skin, she figured from his fights with the undead back in Hamunaptra and felt somewhat guilty. Had she would have left that damn book alone he wouldn't have any of them, but she couldn't deny that they added a roughish charm to him.

He climbed back onto the bed, kissing her softly at first, then gained intensity as she began to involuntarily rock her hips beneath him. She felt slightly ashamed, but learned to ignore it when he began to rock with her, their hips in sync to a beat only their hearts played. The hardened organ pushed into her thigh and she longed to be rid of the last strips of clothing separating them.

She let her hands roam his chest and feel his body as if he were some ancient artifact etched in hieroglyphics and she longed to know the knowledge he contained. Her lips quietly left his mouth and traveled to the spot right below his ear, she kissed him softly there and smiled when he let out a moan of his own. She daringly took his ear lobe in between her teeth and lightly tugged on it. She felt him grow harder above her and longed to feel him without the restraints.

As he pulled away she let out an involuntary moan at the loss of contact and sucked in a deep breath as she felt his hand at the valley between her legs. She could feel his rough touch running against the sensitive skin, moving her panties aside with two fingers before running them alone the line of her most intimate place. She let out a shaky 'ooh' as he added minimal pressure and barely entered her, his finger running along the hidden bud as he stroked her.

Her hands raked through his hair as he pulled away. She let out another moan of frustration causing him to chuckle lightly as he began to tug at the waist band. He slowly pulled the offended garment from her body, kissing her on every inch of newly exposed skin. Once he had tossed them aside he pulled back, admiring her body for all the glory it was.

"Rick?" She questioned, locking gazes with him wondering if something was wrong. He never once waivered, his eyes burning into hers.

"God, you are so beautiful." He repeated, lowering his head to the soft curls. She had such a beautiful body, soft skin and a perfect hourglass figure. Her breasts weren't overly large, but they also weren't small either. He began to wonder why she had gone about hiding such a perfect body under layers of baggy clothing. Not even the Bedouin dress she had worn out in the desert did her justice. She had a body like a Goddess, one worth worshiping, and he planned on doing so until the day he died.

Evy relaxed onto the pillows that were propped up behind her, trusting him completely to treat her with care. Her eyes went wide as she felt a warm moisture run along her slit, sending a tingle throughout her body and a pain to form only inches from where he rested. It was unlike anything she had ever felt before, she both longed for it to be released and remain at the same time.

She let out a loud gasp as he used his fingers to open her softly, his tongue invading the unfamiliar territory. She had never felt something so magnificent in her entire life, never knew such a joyful feeling existed until now. Her stomach clenched and made small flips as he sought out her bud and lightly sucked on it.

"R-r-rick, please." She begged, feeling his fingers join in on the assault. "Please." He allowed his fingers to slowly pump in and out of her while he locked eyes with her once more. "Please." She begged again after five minutes of unbearable pleasure.

As he pulled out of her she lightly groaned, bucking her hips into his pelvis and getting a small smirk from him. As he reached her mouth he gave her a passionate kiss, slipping past her lips and seeking out her tongue with such a hunger. She could taste herself on him, and though it was slightly different she felt all the more turned on by it.

He shifted to rest at her side, wiggling out of his briefs and discarding them before climbing on top of her once again. They locked eyes and Rick knew it was now or never. There was no going back…unless she gave the word.

"It'll hurt, won't it?" She asked shyly, knowing from her friend having once told her years ago.

"Unfortunately yes." He wasn't going to lie, no point in doing so, she seemed pretty aware of the issue at hand. "But we don't have to do this Evy, I would never want to hurt you."

"I know. I want this." She muttered, her voice never faltering with the statement.

He smiled softly, placing a kiss on her lips pulling at her lower lip as he reached for her hand bringing it to his hardened erection. Her eyes went wide as she gently wrapped it around his member. Feeling him was all too real, she knew she was about to take the final step into womanhood and couldn't welcome it more.

With his own hand, he slowly helped her guide him in. He entered the velvety warmth of her and grunted as her fingers slid from him and came to rest on his shoulder. She waited anxiously, anticipating the pain. She felt his mouth cover her left nipple as he inched in slowly, allowing her to adjust to his size. He paused, as if he had finally reached the barrier he had been searching for, he quickly thrust his hips forward, his teeth biting her nipple at the same time as to avoid too much pain, but not enough to honestly injure her.

"OW!" She let out a cry, soft tears pooling behind her eyes and threatening to fall. Rick stopped mid stride, his mouth moving from her breast and to her lips where he covered her face in kisses and he complimented her on being both brave and strong. He wiped at the tears that managed to fall loose. Promising the pain was gone and would never return.

"We can stop if it's too much."

"No." She mumbled shifting her hips so that should could get used to the foreign object in her body. He desperately refrained from moaning, turned on by her actions, but not wanting to scare her.

He kissed her neck, blowing his hot breath on the moist flesh as he went along. He went back down to her breast and suckled the one he had caused pain to. Gently licking and massaging the bud as he waited for Evy to give him a sign she was ready for him to pull out and continue.

"Rick." His name was called out on a shaky breath and he had to look at her to see if it was of pleasure or pain. She gently rocked her hips against him, begging for him to continue.

He smiled softly, pressing his lips to hers and sucking the air from her lungs as he pulled out slowly only to push himself back into her. He watched as her eyes closed, the pleasure almost too much for her to comprehend. It didn't take long for her own hips to rise off of the mattress and meet him thrust for thrust. Once again their body's in tune to the song only they could hear. With every pull back and push forward he heard incoherent mumbles and moans escape her lips.

Her nails raked up and down his back and shoulders, she was unintelligently claiming him as hers. Much like he was doing with her. They were each other's and no one else's and if someone dared to interrupt the peace they were creating they would dispose of them together.

He let out a sharp breath of air through clenched teeth, a hiss escaping along with it as his hips intensified at their pace. She slowly brought her mouth to his bare shoulder and gently bit down, causing him to close his eyes at the soft pressure she offered. After a few minutes he locked gazes with her, and could see a mixture of emotions as he rocked them back and forth, each thrust harder and faster than the last.

So much fear rested behind them, as if she were waiting for the Sword of Damocles to fall and end her life. He was going to stop, preparing to end her pain until he witnessed a sight so erotic he almost lost it then and there. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she released the hold her mouth had on him. She gave off an animalistic grunt followed by soft cried, her nails digging into his back as she rocked her hips vigorously to match his rhythm. All inhibitions had been carelessly tossed out the proverbial window. He watched as her face contorted in different directions and soft moans and grunts escaped from the back of her throat.

He could tell she was close, her muscles were growing tighter and tighter with each thrust and he could feel his own end coming. A sting was centered at the base of his spine and sending signals to his brain. His temples were pounding as he tried to keep a pace steady enough so he didn't hurt her, but with every passing second it was becoming harder and harder. Her soft moans and cries of pleasure did nothing to help slow him down.

"Rick!" She screamed his name out, his ears ringing at the volume. But he didn't care he'd gladly go deaf if that sound forever echoed in his mind. Their bodies were covered in sweat as the sound of skin meeting skin pushed them closer to the edge. He could easily tell she was past the pain and worry and had fully given herself up for the task. Her breasts moved in rhythm with their bodies and he found himself licking the sweat from them. He wanted every inch of her body convulsing in ecstasy as they rode out their wave.

Finally he couldn't take it anymore and released his body to the action. He thrust so far into her he was afraid he'd hurt her, but he couldn't stop, not now, he was so close. She screamed out, her eyes flying open as she felt him reach a new part of her. Every inch of her felt like it was on fire and he was her only water.

"Oh…oh….uh…uh…Rick!" His moves were now focused and working towards a goal, no longer there just to give her pleasure, but now working to give them both release.

She was whispering once again and as she closed her eyes, he watched in awestricken amazement as her mouth slightly opened, her body arching upward to press firmly into his own. He fought the urge to shut his own eyes and focused on the contortionisms of her face. She let out a soft cry that sounding like a cross between a whisper and plea. He felt her quiver beneath him and with that last image he felt his own eyes slip shut and pure euphoria take him over.

His body felt like every nerve ending was on fire and slowly engulfing him in the flames. He felt himself empty inside her as his body went limp. He quickly rolled off of her and to her side, holding her close to him as they both fought to regain their normal breathing. He smiled contently as she rested her head on his chest, her body still moving violently to be sure enough air entered her lungs.

It was silent for a while in the room, so much so he had believed her to be asleep, her breathing having returned to a lighter pace. That is until he felt her shift, her face being forced into his bare chest as she softly nuzzled into him. He felt her smile as her hand rubbed along his chest, letting her fingers spread out as if to claim her as his own.

She turned in his embrace once more, her back to him as she tugged on his arm to drape over her. He pulled her form lightly, pressing every inch of her back side to him, so she was firmly against his chest and her bottom rested in the small junction of his thighs. He moaned softly before turning completely on his side and holding her close in his arms.

"I love you." He whispered into her ear, believing her to be asleep.

"I love you too." She whispered back placing a gently peck on his hand before letting sleep claim her.

In that moment Evy was glad Eliza was wrong about this and longed to spend the rest of her life finding out what else she was wrong about.

Ok so there was the final chapter of my 3shot. Again if it's inaccurate or doesn't fit, I'm sorry. Only so much research can be done without experimentation. A famous author once said writing a sex scene is like painting a masterpiece. You have to know the right brush strokes and know which colors to blend so it comes out the way you want.

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