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However many months later…

'Do you think we got everything?' You ask tiredly, looking down to the heavy bags in your hands filled with food and alcohol. Santana struggles loudly behind you as you trudge up the apartment building steps.

'God I hope so, I am not going back there, I can't believe that bitch asked me for ID at the liquor store.' Santana complains. She's been complaining ever since you left the store about how outrageous it is to be asked for ID on your birthday. To be fair it was a lot of wine and she does look young for her age.

'You're getting grouchy in your old age babe.' You say.

'I am not grouchy.' Santana says defensively, stopping on the top step while you open the door for her. 'You're grouchy.'

'Okay.' You chuckle.

'These stairs are going to kill meeee.' She whines as you walk into the foyer with the bags that are drooping closer and closer to the floor. 'I can't believe you talked me into walking instead of driving.'

'We didn't walk that far Santana.' You say, only half paying attention to her whining. You've spotted something rather unusual, so unusual you haven't seen it the entire time you've lived in the apartment building. 'Hey…'

'What?' Santana asks hopefully as she trudges past you towards the stairs. 'You're gonna carry me?'

'The elevator light is on.' You say, pointing and staring in awe at the glowing arrow to the side of the elevator doors.

'Britt don't that thing is probably a death trap.' Santana warns. You walk forward and press the button anyway. This thing hasn't been working the entire time you've lived here, now it is, of course you have to try it! Not trying it would be like waking up on Christmas morning, seeing all the presents for you, and then deciding you'll open them another day. 'We are not riding in that.'

The doors ding open and you walk inside the small empty space. It smells weird but that's probably to be expected. You look back to a very unimpressed Santana staring at you with heavy arms.

'Are you coming or are you going to carry those up all the stairs?' You ask knowingly. Santana pauses for a moment, and for a second you think she might actually take the stairs, but eventually her tired arms beat her strong legs and she shuffles hesitantly into the elevator.

'If I die it's your fault.' She mutters, lowering the bags of alcohol gently to the floor.

'We're in the same elevator, if you die I die too.' You say logically. 'Hey we're like Romeo and Juliet!'

'I'd rather our love story not be tragic.' She groans.

You roll your eyes playfully and reach forward to press the button for the third floor. The numbers look kind of worn down and you wonder if that's from being out of use for so long, or perhaps once upon a time it had been run down from excessive use. With people like Santana in the building, you think it's probably the later.

'But it's already tragic.' You say, sensing Santana's nerves already. She's gripping the hand rail like she's holding on for dear life and staring at the flashing numbers, just waiting for number three to appear. You need to distract her, so you sing. 'Because I'm hopelessly devoteddd to youuu.'

You've kind of given yourself a rule that you wouldn't sing around Santana after you heard her singing voice, it hardly compares, but it was the only thing to grab her attention away from her plunging death.

'Did you just Olivia Newton John me?' Santana quirks a brow. She's still holding on to that handrail tight. The elevator jolts slightly and you see the fear on her face. Okay think Brittanyyyy.

'That sounds like a sex move?' You say brightly. 'We should try it!'

'Okay Britt.' She chuckles nervously. Argh not good enough.

'You know what's weird?' You ask.

'What?' Santana replies aimlessly. You find yourself flipping back through facts you read in your little book of interesting facts you used to keep in your suitcase. The first that pops into your head is:

'That the brain named itself.' You say.

It takes a few seconds for Santana to register your words, then she looks at you with a tilted head and a furrowed brow.

'That is weird…' She says quietly. Success.


The doors open and you walk out smugly.

You hear a gasp behind you and look back over your shoulder to see Santana staring back at you as she picks up her heavy bags again.

'You distracted me.' She accuses.

You wink at her before turning back around and rummaging through your many bags for the apartment keys, smiling as you hear Santana's tired feet dragging behind you. It's funny what love can do to you. It can take the simplest of things, things that may make you roll your eyes if it were anyone else, and it turns them into things that make you smile. It can even turn heavy footsteps into a pleasant sound, not from the sound itself, but because you know who's footsteps they belong to, and they're just a reminder that the person you love most in this world is just there, just behind you, you could reach out to her if you wanted to. That's what love does.

Finally you find the keys, that you realise were in your back pocket the whole time, and you open your apartment door. Santana hurries in after you and heads straight for the kitchen to dump her bags. You shut the door behind you and follow her into the apartment.

It's changed a little over the months. Some days you've come home to realise Santana has attempted some decorating, but most of the new additions are from the random walks you might take together in the morning if you're both up at a reasonable time. The apartment is less of a party house for the slums and more of a family apartment, you just don't say that around Santana, instead you say 'homey apartment'. You even got rid of the cigarette stained coffee table in the living room and replaced it with a cute bohemian table you found on one of your walks a few months ago. Santana complained it didn't fit the style of the apartment but when you asked what the style of the apartment was, she gave in and let you keep it.

'Okay so who's coming tonight?' Santana asks as she begins removing the items from the bag and placing them on the kitchen counter. You're planning on having a dinner with your friends to celebrate Santana's birthday. You asked if she wanted to go clubbing but Santana suggested the dinner, she still hasn't been clubbing since she quit.

'Uh last count wassss Kira and Janisha, Sugar and Rory, April and Kylie, and Rachel.' You say quickly as you place your bags on the kitchen counter too. You subtly glance to Santana to gauge her reaction to your friends list.

'Okay cool so how many chairs do we – wait Rachel?' Santana stops. Damn it. She looks to you with questioning eyes, you gaze back down to the bags. 'As in…Brittany.'

'She's been a big part of our lives Santana.' You argue weakly, you know she never liked Rachel. But that was old Santana, this is new Santana. New Santana liked people…you think.

'You met her once!' She says, dropping her hands to the counter exhaustedly.

'Yes butttt without her I would have never met you, seems like we owe her a lot.' You say. Santana huffs and rolls her eyes, it makes you smile because you know you've won. Another thing that love does to you, you somehow develop the ability to not only sense the other persons emotions but you can hear what they're going to say before they even say it.

'Fineeee, But I get to make a joke about her ginormous beak!' Santana wages. You giggle and lean over the counter to press a kiss to her lips.

'Just one.' You whisper over her lips. She smiles as you pull away. 'Love you.'

'Mmm love you. I'll get started on the cooking babe!'

You smile as you leave her with the bags of food and begin skipping excitedly to your bedroom. She's been cooking a lot more lately, mostly her grandmothers recipes but every now and then she will try one of her own.

'Okay I'll tidy and get ready!' You say over your shoulder.

'You look pretty!' She shouts from the kitchen. You hold onto the door frame and look back to her smirking face.

'You look sexy!' You say back. You can't remember when that became your thing but now whenever one of you leaves the room or goes somewhere it just kind of happens. You're not complaining.


After setting up the dining table and chairs (yes you now have a dining table, although it takes up most of your walking space but whatever), you finish getting ready and go find your girlfriend.

She's still exactly where you left her, although now instead of unpacking bags she's stirring something that seems to be bubbling away in a pot, you don't know what it is but it smells like you're going to like it.

'Smells good.' You say quietly, looping your arms around her waist from behind and resting your head on her shoulder. You always used to see dad do this to mom and smile at how cute it was.

'You smell good.' Santana chuckles. Well, you did just put on the perfume she bought you for Christmas so of course you smell good.

You lift your head from her shoulder a little and place a soft kiss to her cheek.

'Dance with me.' You say. It's more of a statement then a question because you've already taken her hand in yours and are ready to spin her around to face you.

'Britt I gotta watch the –'


Santana's stunned face lands just an inch away from yours, and you smile into those deep brown eyes that you still haven't gotten sick of.

'But now!' You sing dramatically, pulling her away from the bubbling stove. 'There's nooooowhere to hide, as you push my love asideee, I'm out on the curb.'

'Those aren't the words –' Santana tries to correct with a lopsided smile.

'Hoplessly devotedddd to youuu.' You continue.

Santana giggles at you and slips her arms around your neck, yours fall to the bottom of her spine, and you just look at each other. That's another thing you'll never get sick of. It doesn't matter how many times you wake up next to her or go to sleep holding her, every morning you still stare in awe at the woman sleeping soundlessly beside you. Every morning you wonder how you got so lucky, why she's still here with you, and how on earth she picked you…but every morning that feeling drifts away when she opens her eyes, and you look into them, and then you're kind of just lost in those eyes for the rest of the day. What a beautiful way to live, you wouldn't mind living like this for the rest of your life, maybe one day you'll even accept that she picked you because you're perfect for her. Maybe.

'Hoplessly devoted to youu.' Santana finishes effortlessly. How does she do that so easily? It takes your breath away each and every time.

'I'm so happy you took the job.' You say proudly.

A month ago Beiste offered her the lead entertainer position after Kitty got accepted into an acting school a couple of blocks down the road, you haven't really heard from Kitty since but you hope she's doing okay, even though she was a bit of a bitch. Anyway Santana declined it at first, but eventually you talked her around and two weeks ago she took the position. So for two weeks you've both been training a lot, but it's been good because it's given Santana a chance to keep herself busy during the day. With the new position that you can see she already loves, her weekly progression with Dr Reynolds, and her increasing acceptance of her love for you…you can just see every day, a little bit of pride coming back to her life, and not the pride she used to have of making people uncomfortable and acting invincible through drugs…but the pride of someone that's truly happy with the person they are or the person they're becoming. You're pretty proud of her too, and you can't wait to see her first performance tomorrow night at the club.

'Me too.' Santana smiles. Huh? You kind of zoned out and forgot what you were talking about but oh well it doesn't even matter because she's smiling and leaning in like she wants to kiss you, so you lean in too.

'Dear God Brittany what did you do to her?' instead of dropping your hands in fright of the unexpected voice, your hands grip tighter to Santana's shirt and you pull her closer to your body. Santana does the same. You look to the direction of the voice and see a small petite brunette with a familiar air of superiority standing inside your doorway. 'Oh and Santana good to see you still haven't learnt to lock the door.'

'Rachel!' You shout excitedly. You're so glad she came. When you talked on the phone to her the other day she didn't seem too keen on meeting with Santana again, but you assured her it wasn't the same Santana.

'Britt you told her about us right?' Santana whispers loudly to you. Yes you did…that was an awkward conversation, she didn't believe you for about two hours.

'She did I just, I didn't think I'd ever see you like this.' Rachel says with a stunned look on her face. She clutches her purple handbag to her stomach and walks quite ceremoniously towards you.

'Like what?' Santana asks defensively. You pull her impossibly closer and she relaxes a little.

'So obviously…in love?' Rachel says, like she's not quite sure what she's even saying. Santana relaxes further in your arms, and slowly you let her go. She takes a small step back and shrugs her shoulders.

'Well, I am sooo..' She says quietly.

It looks as though Rachel is about to say something more but she is thankfully interrupted as a colourfully dressed ball of energy comes bouncing through the door.

'Sugar hula!'


While Santana works away creating a masterpiece in the kitchen you busy yourself with sitting all the guests around the dining table and making sure everyone has a drink to enjoy.

'Want one babe?' You ask quietly as you pour the last glass of wine on the kitchen counter. Santana lifts her head from the plate she's filling and looks at you curiously. This is the first time you've suggested a drink to her..ever. She hasn't had a drink since she quit, she wasn't quite as strong to stay away from cigarettes the whole time, but she hasn't touched an alcoholic drink in many months. You'd never normally suggest one, but Dr Reynolds said a month or so ago that she's doing so well, and that she thinks Santana is ready to have one or two drinks on special social occasions, assuring that you would be by her side.

'Britt you know I can't.' She says after a moment.

'Santana it's been over six months, Dr Reynolds said you could have one or two on special occasions.' You say gently. 'Today's pretty special.'

And it was very special, not only was it her birthday, but it was the night before her first lead performance at Beauty and the Beiste. She deserved to celebrate.

She purses her lips tightly and you can tell she's thinking. Probably thinking if she can handle a drink after all this time, wondering if she will be able to stop at two drinks, praying that she won't turn back into her old self. You can see the way she's looking at the bottle in your hand, it's almost like she's scared of it or something, like it could hurt her. Truthfully you probably shouldn't even be asking her if she wants one but Dr Reynolds said she could, and you're here, right next to her, keeping her safe. She could do this if she wanted to. You know she's tired of explaining to people why she isn't drinking, tired of looking at everyone drinking and relaxing while she's looking around at the drinks in their hands thinking about how they almost killed her. She's ready to stop being scared, and to move on in a supportive environment, that's you.

'Okay just one.' Santana decides hesitantly.

'Just one.' You clarify. You make sure those gorgeous brown eyes are looking into yours before you talk again. 'I'll be here.'

Santana gazes down to the small glass of wine in your hand and then back up to you and nods her head gently. You smile at her, and eventually she smiles back.

While Santana carries the plates of food out to the table, you carry out the wine and give everyone a glass. When you place a glass down in front of Santana's seat you see Kira give you a curious look, but when your eyes meet, she smiles. It will be odd for everyone to see Santana drink again, the only one to be used to it would be Rachel you guess.

You watch proudly as everyone cheers to Santana's birthday, and then begins enjoying her home cooked meal, which Rachel congratulated her on a delicious 'Paella'…So that's what it is. Yummy.

'So Santana did Puck tell you about Quinn?' Kira asks, early into the dinner. Puck and Quinn had been semi-secretly dating for a few months after he wore her down a little. You say semi-secretly because Puck has been telling absolutely everyone about the woman he's scored while Quinn has denied the whole thing, everyone knows about them though so you don't know why she bothers. You're just happy he has the brains not to bring her around to the club.

'She finally returned to the Underworld?' Santana answers sarcastically, poking her fork violently at some rice. You reach a hand under the table slowly and give her knee a gentle squeeze. She looks up at you and smiles.

'He knocked her up.' Kira explains. Everyone stops eating. Wow.

'Looks like Miss Fashion will be missing out on some of those rockstar parties…forever.' Janisha comments.

You look curiously back to Santana to see her eyebrows raised and her mouth slightly agape.

'I don't know how I feel about another Puckerman or Queen Bitch running around...' She says quietly and the table chuckles.

After a few more joking comments, everyone slowly turns back to their food and drink. Santana's Paella seems to be a hit! You weren't worried though, everything she cooks is amazing.

While everyone enjoys their food and jokes with the people around them, you can't help but just look around at all your friends and smile at the family you've accumulated in a City so far away from your childhood home. In coming to New York you had all these hopes and dreams of your life but nothing feels more real than sitting here with all these people that you've had troubles with and even fights and now looking at them and knowing you can trust them with your life. Well maybe not Rachel just yet, but she seems alright.

To the right of you are Kira and Janisha. You can hear Kira telling Janisha to take her snapback off because it's rude, Janisha takes it off and fits it to Kira's head with a cheeky smile. You know Kira's trying not to smile but she really can't help it, kinda reminds you of Santana. Those two girls have been lifesavers this year. Without them you and Santana would probably still be dancing around your feelings for each other and stealing kisses in bed at night. You remember being a little jealous of Kira when you first met her, she was so beautiful, you didn't want her stealing Santana from you..Little did you know she was just as in love as you were, except she had a love of her own.

Next down the line are Sugar and Rory. Sugar's wearing some sort of purple jumpsuit and attempting to speak in an Irish accent to match her boyfriend, it's not really working out for her but she looks pretty. Her and Rory make a really cute couple, well you haven't really talked to him much but he makes Sugar happy and his accent is cool so that's good enough for you. Without Sugar, wow…you'd probably be still trying to figure out how to busk in Times Square, and you might be lying in a gutter somewhere with a sprained ankle. You're lucky to have her, she made everything that little bit easier with her infectious personality.

On the other side of the table are April and Kylie. You don't know all that much about Kylie but she's got blonde hair and blue eyes, she's from the country, and she makes April light up like a Christmas tree every time she walks into the room, so she's got your vote. After everything you put April through, you're just really glad she found the right person for herself. April was talking about how her and Kylie met earlier, and how Kylie thought she was a stuck up city chick, she was wrong. It Kind of made you wonder what Santana thought of you when she first met you…maybe you'll ask her later.

Next to April is Rachel. The first time you met her she chatted quite a bit and she has chatted a lot and got to know everyone around the table, but mostly she's just been observing you and Santana interact, which is kind of creepy but whatever. You forget how much Santana has changed until someone she's known for so long is staring at her like she doesn't even recognize the person she's become.

And lastly next to you is your beautiful sexy girlfriend. The one which without…god where would you be? Maybe you'd be sleeping on a cold wooden floor in an unfurnished room? You'd still be dancing tirelessly on the streets for coins. You'd be eating packet meals or toast. You wouldn't know how to stand up for yourself, and you wouldn't know what love was. And currently this amazing girl is swirling her wine around in her glass like she's going to take a sip but doesn't. You watch her for a moment curiously, before finally, when she thinks no one is looking, brings the glass to her mouth and takes the smallest of sips. Her nose scrunches up instantly.

'If you don't want to drink it, don't babe.' You whisper quietly in her ear. She sighs in relief and places the glass back on the table.

'Wine tastes like ass.'


After dinner, as the guests begin to leave, you help Santana wash up in the kitchen. You wash while she dries, it's the least you can do since she cooked such an amazing meal. You're still smiling from the nights success when you feel another presence in the room and turn to see Rachel standing dramatically in the middle of the room like she's seen a ghost. When Santana hands you a plate and noticed you've stopped, she turns too.

'I don't remember you ever being so quiet blabbermouth.' She says casually before turning back to the dishes. You've pretty much finished so there's just a few Santana needs to dry.

'I'm still in shock I guess.' Rachel answers. She takes two calculated steps forward before stopping again and sighing dramatically like this is the most shocking thing that's ever happened in her life..or maybe she's just practising for Broadway?

'You know what, that's offensive, I wasn't that bad.' Santana says loudly, scrunching the cloth in her hands and turning to face Rachel defensively.

'Santana you used to throw bottles at my head and steal my apartment keys in the winter.' Rachel replies. She did that?

'I was teaching you survival skills.' Santana shrugs. You want to laugh at that but you don't want to hurt Rachel's feelings. You laugh in your head, Santana could probably hear it anyway since she reads your mind so much.

'Now you're…' Rachel begins but stops herself once again. This time she simply stares at Santana, like she's seeing her for the first time. It's kind of creepy and you think she better stop before Santana gets mad. '…I didn't even know you could cook, I didn't know you could sing, I certainly didn't think you knew how to use the sink for anything other than storing your empty alcohol bottles.' She continues. Santana scoffs and turns her head. 'You have a music room, why didn't we have that when I lived here? Why didn't we paint the walls yellow and bake cakes on our birthday?'

Just after dinner you gave Rachel a little tour of the apartment, showing her the decorated rooms and your painting job. She thought it was absurd Santana ever did such a thing, you proved her wrong.

'You didn't have blonde hair and long legs.' Santana smirks. Rachel takes no notice of her banter, she's probably used to it. You never actually got to see them interact with each other, it's kind of cool to see them together. Maybe Rachel could be a good friend one day?

'You've changed each other.' Rachel says slowly, like the realization just popped into her genius head. 'I…I'm just really happy you guys found one another.'

You smile gratefully because that was really sweet of her to say, but when you look to Santana to see if she's smiling too you're shocked to see her frown. Is she not happy she found you?

'I know Brittany's changed me.' Santana begins slowly. 'She's made me less of a bitch, she's helped me accept myself, she's made me feel love and happiness, and she's just made everything in my life…good.' Santana looks at you and you reach out your hand to take hers. Santana takes it willingly. 'But I haven't changed her one bit, thank god, she's still the angel that first walked through our door a year ago.'

She winks at you and you feel your cheeks heat up a little. Damn it how does she still make you blush, even after all this time?

You want to smile and say thank you and kiss her but you can't, because her words are holding you back.

'That's not entirely true.' You voice hesitantly. Santana and Rachel both fall silent and suddenly the room feels a lot bigger. They're staring at you and you know Santana is wondering what you're talking about because she took a very small step away from you as you spoke. You don't want her to think you didn't change her or that you didn't want her to be changed or something. You didn't mean that at all. Carefully, you squeeze her hand and tug her gently towards you.

'Santana I think you changed me almost as much as I changed you, but in a good way.' You explain. 'You taught me how to stand up for myself, to speak up, you made me realise what true love feels like, you helped me discover my independence, and you support me in everything I do…No one's ever put so much faith in me before, even my parents wouldn't let me do some things. You've helped me become my own person and find my own way in this world, I came to New York expecting something completely different, but in the end I found more than I ever knew I wanted.'

When you finish you just stare into those deep brown eyes for a moment. You always like looking into them at different points in the day. In the early morning they're all tired and sometimes a little red from a restless sleep, but that just makes her look really cute. Slowly throughout the day they become clearer, and the whites of her eyes become whiter. When the midday sun hits them they turn a sort of caramel colour which melts your heart. It makes you feel warm just looking into her eyes. But then there's night time, like now, and her eyes are a deep brown, almost black, and you feel as though you don't know exactly what secrets she holds but it doesn't matter because she's mysterious and interesting and you just want to know everything there is to know about her. God you could stare into those eyes forever and find a new thing you like about them every single time.

Santana blinks with a gentle chuckle and only then is your trance broken. You smile at the devilish smirk on her lips. She knows.

'Well, I think my work here is done.' Rachel says proudly. You kind of forgot she was in the room. But it's okay because she looks like she's finally leaving.

'I better be maid of honour at your wedding!' She shouts unnecessarily as she stomps towards the door. For such a little girl she makes quite a lot of noise. 'Oh no wait, I can be the entertainment!'

'You've overstayed your welcome.' Santana says quickly, practically pushing her through the apartment door. At this point you'd probably curse Santana for being so mean to a guest but…you really want to be alone with your girlfriend for a while. You miss her even though you've just spent the whole day together. When other people are around you feel like you need to talk to them even though the only person you reallyyyy want to talk to is sitting right next to you. Rachel needs to leave.

'Bye Rachel, good seeing you.' You say instead.

'Bye Brittany, and good luck for tomorrow night Santana.' She replies kindly. Okay so she's not that bad, but still…This is Santana time.

Santana waves her hand behind her head in a rude attempt to say good bye while walking back towards you determinedly. However, just before she reaches you her eyes light up and she swivels around to face the door.

'Hey Rachel!' She shouts just before Rachel closes the door on herself. 'Do you get splinters when you blow your nose?'


'Uh no why?' Rachel answers in confusion.

'Pinocchio.' Santana says proudly. She looks at you for satisfaction but you simply shake your head and try not to laugh. That was not her best insult. Was that the one she had been saving all night?

'That was bad, I think Brittany's softened you.' Rachel says with an air of sympathy which only shocks Santana further. With that comment Rachel flips her hair, turns on her little ballet flats, and stomps from the apartment, closing the door as she goes.

Santana turns to you, her eyes serious.

'I've lost all my sass.' She says.

You can't help but giggle at her worried expression. How does she do that cute thing without even trying?

Santana doesn't seem to be lightening up from your laughter. She's so cute, thinks she's lost all her sass. You tug her into your arms and lean down to whisper hotly in her ear.

'Maybe you left it in the bedroom?'

You feel her body tense slightly in your arms before relaxing again.

'Oh…' She says, you can hear the mischief in her voice. Sexy Santana.

Santana takes your hand and pulls you firmly towards the bedroom. How could she think she ever lost her sass? She could never lose her sass, but you don't think you'll tell her that just yet. It's only when you're inside the bedroom and she has you pinned against the door that you remember your question from earlier.

'Babe I have a question for you.' You ask curiously as your girlfriend sucks in need at your neck. Why must your brain be thinking of silly questions when this amazingly sexy woman is about ready to rip your clothes off? Stupid mind…Silly silly mind.

'Yes I snuck chili powder into Rachel's food tonight.' Santana admits shamelessly between sucking and kissing at your neck. God her lips always feel so good. Your hands automatically find the dip In her back and escape under her shirt.

'No.' You say slightly breathlessly. 'Remember before when April was talking about how she met her girlfriend?'

Santana releases her lips with a pop and angles her head to look at you.

'Yeah.' She breathes. Sexy Santana.

'Well…What did you think of me when we first met?' You ask softly. 'You were a closed book for so long…'

You curse yourself when Santana looks away for a second and licks her lips. Damn it those lips could be on you right now. Silly mind.

'Honestly?' Santana asks seriously. You freeze a little but nod your head.


Santana takes in a gentle breath and reaches up to loop her arms around your neck.

'When I first saw you, I just thought who the hell is this hot intruder?' She explains with a chuckle. You laugh and give her a playful wink. You didn't know she thought you were hot straight away, that was new. 'And then when I caught you staring at my stomach, and we talked about uh…You know…'

Yes how could you forget the moment you brought up Santana's sex life the first time meeting her? Silly mind. But it totally worked out for you so…Silly but slightly clever mind.

'…I felt tingles or something.' She continues. 'Just something different…and I got scared.'

'Still scared?' You ask, tightening your grip around the dip in her back. She smiles weakly while looking into your eyes.

'Only of losing you.' She mumbles quietly.

You really want to say something about how you will never leave her, about how she's the only one for you, about how you worry the same thing about her, you want to tell her that wherever she is; you are…but her lips are still so close to your face and her body feels so warm against yours and…

'The only thing you should be scared of losing are your clothes.' You breathe.

Santana eyes go wide for a second and you smile. It's not often you surprise Santana like this, it's good to know you can still catch her off guard.

'Then frighten me baby.' She whispers in your ear. God.


As you're in the car, driving to the club for Santana's first performance, you hold her hand tightly to calm her nerves as she handles the corners with her other hand. She didn't seem very nervous before you left, you think maybe she's just been waiting for this moment for so long that nerves are the last thing on her mind. She wants this. She's spent too long dimming her talent and she's ready to let everyone see it. She's been singing so much more around the apartment lately it's like every morning is your own personal Santana Lopez concert. Santana hums soothingly to the end of the song on the radio.

And that was Kanye's new single Bound 2, because nothing spells love like dry humping on a moving motorcycle…

You glance nervously to Santana because you know that voice from somewhere and you think she might just recognise it too. He appears to be putting on some sort of accent, or impersonation? You're pretty sure it's Sam but you can't be sure, he kinda sounds like Owen Wilson. You didn't know he got a gig at the radio station. Santana won't like this…

I am Sam, Sam I am…and now for an oldie but a goodie, here's Shania Twain with You're still the –

Santana's hand quickly lets go of yours to switch the radio off. She does it so casually and swiftly that her hand is back in yours in no time at all, she hums quietly as you try not to let your smile show. She's so cute when she's protective like this.

'Looks like we made it

Look how far we've come my baby'

She sings beautifully. You forget about Sam instantly.

'We might've took the long way

We knew we'd get there someday

They said, I bet

They'll never make it'

You think of her parents and shake your head lightly. They still don't believe in her, but she'll show them, they hardly even know her anymore. You're starting to wonder if they ever did. But none of that matters anymore, you and Santana have your own family now.

'But just look at us holding on

We're still together, still going strong.'

Smiling proudly, you squeeze her hand and bring it to your lips for a loving kiss and Santana winks at you. You love her.

When you get to the club everything is already starting to happen. Patrons are rolling in through the doors and beginning to gather around the bar, Santana must be glad she doesn't have to guard that post anymore, poor Kira. Although Kira won't have to guard it for too long, Beiste told Santana the other night that she's considering Kira for one of the singing positions, naturally Santana told you straight away and you've been beaming around Kira ever since.

You walk in through the back staff door and get yourself ready in the changing rooms. You put on your Little Miss Sunshine outfit which now kinda feels like your superhero costume, glancing every now and then over to Santana to see how she's feeling. She looks like she's meant to be here.

Kurt dressed her quite different to the rest of you all, which you thought was perfect considering she is the star and needs to stand out. Instead of tight corsets and fishnet stockings, Santana is dressed in a long silk red dress with a slit running from the top of her left thigh down to the bottom of her high heels, revealing her toned long leg. The halter neck top half revealing a quite flattering cleavage, and her hair curled loosely to the side giving an old fashioned movie star look, maybe a young Elizabeth Taylor or Marilyn Monroe. In short, she looked hot. Her smokey eyes lured you straight in when she started walking towards you. You don't even know where to look as she walks towards you, like her boobs are popping out at you, her tan long legs are begging for your attention and her eyes are practically fucking you as she stalks forward and it's just all too much. For a second you're pretty sure you even closed your eyes to compose yourself, it didn't work.

When you open your eyes again, she's in front of you with that devilish smirk.

'Nervous?' You blurt out, even though you obviously appear far more nervous than her.

'Excited.' She breathes easily.

'Kickass babe.' You say with a wink, finally regaining a little bit of thought. Santana smiles and leans in to press a quick kiss to your lips. You don't know what it is, maybe those sexy eyes, or the excitement of the night, or that dress, or just because you really really love her, but you hold onto the back of her neck and bring her forward to deepen the kiss. She hums into your mouth and you just about die. God you'll never get sick of this.

You're only interrupted by a loud and dramatic cough. You pull away reluctantly to find Kira standing before you holding a tray of shots. She offers one to you but you decline, you only really like the shots Santana makes for you. Out of courtesy, she offers one to Santana also. Last night she had the opportunity to drink wine but she didn't because she doesn't really like wine, but these are shots, she likes shots. You just hope the pressure of tonight doesn't mean she takes short cuts in other areas to help her get through the night, you made that mistake once, never again.

You can sense Santana's eyes on you but you try not to look at her, you don't want to affect her decision. She needs to do this for her, not you.

'I don't need it.' She says after a moment, ignoring the tray in Kira's hand. Kira gives you a subtle smile before turning on her heels and walking over to the other girls.

Santana looks down to her dress and fixes herself up a little, you just stare at her in awe. She really does amaze you, she holds so much strength then she will ever know, but she uses it every day. You touch her hand gently and when she raises her head to look at you, you capture her lips once again and she smiles into the unexpected kiss.

You hear Sugar start announcing the first act which will be Santana, Sugar took over the roll when Kitty left because she was the most energetic out there.

There was a bit of debate as to what Santana's stage name would be, a lot of names were thrown around like The Devils Mistress, The Sassy Satina, and Damsel in Sextress. Puck suggested the last one, but eventually everyone decided on..

'She's the woman from your saucy dreams, the one your wife glares at in the store, the mistress you wish you had, she's the woman every man desires but will never have, her stare will hold you in a vice grip and tear apart the heart she never cared for, the woman to kill you with a wink of her eye…Ladies and Gentlemen, please give a warm welcoming to…The Woman In Red.'

You liked it, it held class and showed the mysterious side of Santana you've been trying to work out from the moment you met her.

The crowd goes wild, and you can see the curtains begin to rise and the lights dim. Santana turns back to you for one last look, she smirks at you and gives you a sultry wink.

'Enjoy the show Sunshine.'

The End.