Haasim Mahanaim

The Meaning of Life

Chapter 3 - The Lucid Dream vector_matrix@digiverse.net | http://digiverse.net/vectormatrix

Faye walked into a nondescript patient room and was relieved to discover that it was empty of any doctors or nurses who would potential interfere with her best chance for saving Spike.

The door to the room was still slightly opened and as Faye approached the opening she confirmed that Jet patrolling the area to make sure nobody entered this room. - Faye then made a hand gesture signaling Ed to approach the room. Edward was still wearing her trademark shorts and torn T-Shirt, but her mood lacked her usual energy as she attempted to behave according to the seriousness of the situation.

Ed made an unceremonious entrance into the hospital waiting. Faye was so startled by her ghost like appearance that yelped when Ed greeted her.

"Faye, Faye." Ed whispered. "What if Ed hurts Spike even worse?"

Faye then kneeled down on one leg so that she could address Ed face to face. "What were doing is kinda risky. But I know you can do this. You're the only one who can." Faye then began to question whether or not it was appropriate to convey the seriousness of the situation. Faye had never seen Ed at a loss for words. Her head stared at the ground with an expression that was cryptic but definitely serious.

Suddenly, Ed reverted to her wide faced grin and wrapped her arms around Faye's neck while patting her on the back in an exaggerated manner. "Don't worry." Ed then released Faye and positioned her face so that their faces were close to each other while still displaying her effortless grin of confidence. "You can count on Ed."

Despite the quirkiness of this young girl, Faye knew that she was a capable child who could be trusted to handle her task. - When Ed approached Faye and Jet in the waiting room, she rapidly explained her random hacking sprees that lead her to the medical database detailing Spike's situation. Faye was not entirely clear on how Ed managed to travel this distance after her sudden departure a few days earlier. But it seemed that she had somehow acquired the use of a zipcraft. Faye knew that the child had an affect on strangers that made her persuasive, but somehow she didn't really believe that Ed hitched hiked her way to this hospital.

Ed was yet another unique person in Faye's life, her departure was sudden and not fully understood. In a way Faye sometimes felt as if she reluctantly assumed the role of an older sister. There was something frustrating about caring for someone who would suddenly leave without warning or any real comprehension of how that would affect others. But that's what Faye loved about Ed, her innocence, something she had lost and somewhat relived through Ed.

She wondered how Ed perceived the world. She wondered if Ed ever felt scared or vulnerable. Does she ever think about love, friendship and the pursuit of happiness? There were so many questions she wanted to ask about Ed's adventure, perhaps she could convince Edward to stay this time, but there were more serious matters to be dealt with first.

Faye stood watch over Ed as she assembled the various gadgets and gizmos she had brought with her. Ed then placed a visor on Spike's unconscious body and then handed a similar device Faye.

Ed had modified the neural gaming device used by the "Scratch" movement to provide an interface for interacting with Spike within his dreams.

While watching Edward at work Faye realized that Ed never ceased to amaze her. - She wondered how this young girl was able to gather the needed equipment so quickly.

Even if Ed decided to abruptly leave once her task was completed, Faye took comfort knowing that regardless of how far their paths may part, they can always rely on each when needed.

Waiting for Ed to engage the interactive program, Faye sat on a fold-out chair next to the Spike's hospital bed.

For a moment she wasn't sure if Edward would be able to execute her ambitious plan, but shortly after conceiving those thoughts, she began to feel a sense of dizziness. It wasn't sickening or uncomfortable, instead, it felt as if she was too tired to move or to think or to do anything. Suddenly everything faded away and she found herself sitting in her bedroom aboard the Bebop spaceship. The door to her room slowly cracked open revealing the yellow moody lighting from the corridor of the ship. Spike's silhouette stood in the doorway waiting silently. Faye then climbed out her bed and approached him. "Spike?" anxious for a reply she waited for what seemed like minutes, until he spoke to her.

"I thought I lost you." before Faye could say anything, Spike continued, "I love you Julia." He then embraced her, but she did not resist him. She was aware that something was very wrong. But she was unable, unwilling to stop herself from the forces that were controlling her like a puppet retelling a fairy tale.

The moment was passionate, but lacking the raw sexual intensity expected between two soul mates. They simply held each other, both trapped within a dream, while the real world waited for them to return.