Chapter twenty nine

Harry was sitting at the desk in the office of his home reading one of the files from work. He needed to make some notes, so he opened the drawer to grab some parchment when a small black book fell down. Harry looked puzzled but picked up and the book and started reading.

'Holy shit,' Harry stared at the words written, he got up and poured himself a drink before sitting on the sofa in his office, thinking about what he'd been reading.

Charlie stepped into the living room, 'Harry, sorry I'm late,' he called out but never got a response, 'Harry, you home?' again nothing, 'Must be working late himself,' Charlie shrugged then went upstairs to shower and change. He walked down the stairs and into his office and saw Harry asleep on the sofa. He had a book across his chest, so Charlie picked it up. He was going to put it on the desk, but decided to see what Harry had been reading, 'Oh shit,' Charlie quickly cast his patronus then sat beside Harry, 'Blimey Harry.' he kept staring down at his partner when he heard Hermione and Ron's voice. 'Contact Poppy for me, tell her I need her to check on Harry then get in here.'

Ron raced into the room, 'Hermione's contacting Poppy, now what's going on Charlie?'

'A lot Ron, just wait and I'll explain after Poppy checks on Harry.'

Hermione and Poppy stepped into the office, the matron went straight over to Harry and started to examine him.

'It's like he's in a coma, a suspended sleep, what's going on Charlie?'

'I came home and found Harry like that, then found this book, Hermione read it will you.'

Hermione took the book, 'I saw Harry's future, we set this house up ready for when Harry and his partner Charlie got together, they are truly soul mates. The land for the dragon reserve was bought not long after I married James, again ready for when Harry and Charlie got married. I saw the suffering my son was going to go through and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I knew he would survive and I knew his love for Charlie will get him through those first few months after the death of Voldemort. When Harry's life with his love and his job finally put him at peace and he finds out he is the reincarnated soul of the great wizard Merlin, and Charlie is the reincarnated soul of Merlin's partner, Harry will fall into a suspended sleep that will last for three days. When he wakes, he will be whole and well, ready to start his new life with his love and his friends. I placed a charm on my diary so when it felt Harry's inner peace he would find it. To Charlie who will find Harry unconscious, know there is nothing wrong with him, he is healing during this time and that's all, so Poppy, you do not need to worry or do anything for my son. As Harry's mother I wanted to do everything I could to give my beautiful son a good life when he was older since I was not able to do it for him as a child. There is one more thing that his closest friends and Charlie should know. Harry was sexually abused as a child, which is one reason why Harry never goes into details when he talks about things. He never wanted to give too much away in case his friend, Hermione worked it out, she is the brightest witch there is and will do a lot for our world, but Harry never wanted her or anyone to know. But I tell you this for Harry, he needs his friends, he needs his family and they need to understand. He will be healthy and whole when he wakes, but because of what he went through as a child, Harry and Charlie adopt other abused children and give them a loving home where Harry is able to help these children through their terrible past. Ron becomes the favourite uncle to these children, teaching them everything he can. Of course Hermione and Ron end up their godparents and love them like Sirius loved Harry. I wished I could have been there for my son, but he did have the best friends around. They gave Harry a normal and stable life even with everything Voldemort put him through. There is another book here for Harry, it is disguised as a children's fairy tale book, one from the muggle world. It's just my thoughts and my words to my son, so Charlie, let him know when he wakes. One last thing to the people that care for my boy, when he does wake, he will have his memory back, he needed to find peace in his soul and in his heart before those traumatic memories could be returned to him. It gave him time to heal, so that is what he's doing, healing and he will finally be able to put his terrible past to rest. Tell my son how much I loved him, how much his father loved him and we would die a thousand times more to make sure he survived. Charlie, you and Harry are truly soul mates and will live a long and very happy life together.' Hermione finished reading then wiped the tears from her face, 'Lily Potter was a seer.'

'Yeah, she was and saw all that, all this, it's incredible.' Ron said as he stared down at Harry, 'At least we know why Harry wasn't a talker.'

'Yeah, we do and I sometimes want to go curse some muggles. Poppy, there doesn't seem a lot for you to do, but can you let Minerva and Albus' portrait know about this, I'm sure they would like to know.'

'I will Charlie and it's the most incredible thing I have ever heard. If you need me Charlie, let me know, but I don't think you will.'

'I will Poppy, thanks.'

'Do you want help putting Harry into bed Charlie?' Ron asked.

'No, I'll just levitate him up, you could turn the bed down for me.'

'We'll go do that now,' Hermione and Ron left the room as Charlie levitated Harry up the stairs and into their bedroom and onto the bed, 'I'll wait outside while you undress him,' Hermione left the room, closing the door behind him.

When Charlie had finished getting Harry comfortable, Ron called out to Hermione, 'You can come back in now.'

'I don't want to leave Harry alone while he's like this, but we're having trouble settling a couple of the dragons.'

'We can stay Charlie, might even get Neville and Luna to stay at times as well.'

'That's a good idea Hermione, thanks. Blimey, I'm blown away by all this. Harry was Merlin and I was Merlin's partner.'

'Yeah, maybe that's why Harry felt so comfortable with you that first day. Even before you two talked that night about being gay. You're souls sensed each other.'

'I think you're right Ron, Harry did say he felt comfortable with Charlie and Charlie seemed to want to help Harry and not ask us who were Harry's friends.'

'It was strange, I never had a lot to do with Harry before that day, but from the moment he saw me and didn't know who he was, I wanted to help him.'

'About what his mother wrote, he would find out he was the reincarnated soul of Merlin, he must have gone into the Department of Mysteries today.'

'Yeah, he was, it was the day he was going to read everyone but ask them about reincarnation. I wonder what they said to him apart from being Merlin in his past life.'

'I saw a file on the desk in your office, maybe that's what he found out.'

Charlie smiled, 'Go on, go see if there is anything.'

Hermione grinned then hurried from the room and down into the office. She looked through one file, it was about work. She picked up another one and read before hurrying back up the stairs.

'It's here, Harry Potter, his soul is the reincarnated soul of Merlin. There is a black spot left from where Voldemorts soul had been. The memory loss is the damage caused by that black spot.'

'So that's what Lily meant, he's healing right now, healing that black spot.'

'Sounds like it Charlie, at least we know what caused Harry to lose his memory and that he is going to get it back.'

'We should go let the family know, I'm sure they will want to see him. Now we'll come back in the morning so you can go to work and we'll contact Neville and Luna, see if they can stay at times as well.'

'Thanks Ron, I'll see you both tomorrow.'

'Remember to eat Charlie, it's not like Harry's in danger or going anywhere.'

'I will Hermione, and thanks,' Charlie watched his brother and Hermione leave, then lay down next to Harry, staring at his face and realised how peaceful he looked. One thing Charlie was waiting to see when Harry woke, was how he looked, would he look like he's put his past behind him, now he just had to wait and see.

Three days later, not only was Charlie in the bedroom with Harry, but so were all the Weasley's, Hermione, Neville, Luna, Seamus as he was now dating Ginny, Kingsley, Henry and Minerva was also there. They had no idea when he would wake just that he would wake sometimes today. Every now and then, some would leave the room and go downstairs to make a cup of tea and something to eat, then the others would, but not once did Charlie leave the room or the bed, he just stayed right next to Harry. When it was getting to late afternoon, Harry moved and everyone stared down at him.

Harry slowly blinked a few times, then opened his eyes. He saw Charlie and smiled, but everyone saw the look on Harry's face, he looked peaceful, healthy and they knew right then that Harry Potter was going to be alright.

The end: