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The constantly shifting cloud obstructs her leveled gaze of the waning pallid moon as she heaves out a strained sigh of exasperation, strands of brown hair flying slightly with the cold zephyr at her back.

She touched the place in her smooth face where her left eye is supposed to be, if not for the simple, mediocre black eye patch that impedes it. Flashes of her dark past assaulted Setsuna all the while wincing in emotional and mental pain.


Only a blinding white light, no it's not a light but a caged room reeking of the putrid smell of antiseptics, blood and if death has a smell, then it would certainly be this combination in her own opinion.

Then pain.

An excruciating pain as she recalled clearly how the abhorrent and nefarious man in a lab coat shrewdly but astutely make a long deep cut with an ominously glinting scalpel stained with a shameful red. The scene could have been perceived as a good surgeon doing an extensive operation at the child lying helplessly at the rusty tables if not for the restricting contraptions that held her as she held back a blood-curdling scream, while tears continuously streamed down her sullied face.

She shook her head in vain attempts to clear the unwanted memories only to find her broken soul trapped in another and another, but this time she didn't break, it's not that she did not, it's that she mustn't break, never!


The singeing heat.

She watched rigidly as the blazing red fire slowly overwhelms the building as they stood at a safe distance from the building that fumes black smoke that made it hard for them to breathe.

She could remember everything.

The constant fear for your own life as if you are in a battlefield for war veterans, a place no young child should be at, a place reserved for those souls that had long since accepted their role and job under the jurisdiction of the law: kill or be killed. Cliché but true as night and day exists.

The inquisitive glint in children's pair of eyes that slowly faded away through time and time of feebly and futilely trying to reach out their sullied hands to the small beam of intense light that slowly deteriorated and crumbled away to a helpless oblivion that could never be shone upon again.

The tinge of remorse…what if she hadn't left? Would she still be in this existing hell? Will she still be able to meet Mukuro-nii, Ken and Chikusa?

But then again, she was discarded a long time ago…

The tears of pain she and her brother figures shared as they screamed for the horrid people to stop. The surge of adrenaline as she felt the last aegis of her restraint snapped into a million of pieces. The moment of pure puissance as she held the bloody hand close to her, glaring murderously at everything that made the pain that won't ebb away. And the moment of pure bliss as they watch together everything end with the hollering screams that slowly died away with the flickering but not wavering fire.

Tsuna slapped her face harshly as she became cognizant of her surroundings once more. She transiently reached for her customized gun, calming evidently as she felt the reassuring cool metal at the insides of her hands. It serves as a beacon of her.

This is her life now.


Once in, you can never hope to get out alive or without the antagonizing scars that will forever be engraved deeply, like a nail in a wood- even if you did manage to remove it you cannot erase the mark, the proof that it was once there…

She must focus, the faster she consummate the mission, the faster she could go back and wallow…in misery…again.

Then she heard it.

The unmistakable rustle of a hysterical and aghast human body that futilely endeavors to find escape.

She grinned.

Her sullen and lonely disposition that is very palpable diminished silently into the dark night, the mission enveloping her brain like influential smog that chokes anyone that dares to assault. Her eyelids closed gently as she sensed the target's flame signature, serene calmness and sheer coldness is evident on her dainty features.

Yes, the mission.

Anything to divert her attention from the memories that haunts her very being day and night consistently.


But then…she opened her visible eye and like a supernova that sweeps with the speed of light, she changed. Her chocolate brown eye faded into a frightening shade of misty indigo as it narrowed immensely.

"Found you…"

Then, suddenly, the tree she had been standing on is empty, not a single footstep or anything touched from the leverage, not even a fingerprint in place.

No evidence.

He kept running for God knows how long, his feet were burning with unmitigated fervor and pain. His breathing came out filled with anxiety and ragged as he gasps air greedily as if fearing he would never be able to do so again. His eyes darted everywhere, looking for an enemy that lurks somewhere. He held back a wince as he felt twigs, sharp wood cutting harshly through his filthy skin.

But the good thing is that alas! He's free!

He managed to break through the notorious prison they call 'Vendicare'.

'Those fools.'

Now that's free, he could continue his unfinished business with the people that pisses him off, and maybe grab a couple of voluptuous women or break some random bystander, yeah that would be fun.

Despite the snide intentions, he could not shake the feeling that it is only by chance he actually escaped and he swore he saw a shadow move behind him and the feeling of someone perusing his back- no his soul, it just wouldn't leave the forefront of his mind.



He released out a painful scream as his legs buckled over in agony, he looked back at his feet and he could only gape in fear and horror, eyes stricken with contained tears. His feet were shot, bloods gushing over like a fountain; it wouldn't stop its flow that the wound inflected itself couldn't be seen.

They were burning and he could not find it in him to scream after his ragged breathes, he could only hiss in pain for he could not stand up much less move. His eyes searched for his adversary, yet as he does this his mind tried to keep up as pain fogged his consciousness away.

He was shot by a gone with a silencer, that much he knows, but by who!?

Then it clicked.


Of course, what a fool he had been! Who else was alive after escaping The Vendicare after all.

By now, he started his lowly prayers, he knew it was his end, he just knew it, and yes, he was losing hope so he braced himself for his impending death.

As much as he hated it, he felt it anyway- the barrel of a gun pressed at the back of his head. From his kneeling position, he could only see the darkness of the night and what seems to be a figure with a hood.

He checked it again but found himself staring into the depths of a frightening violet eye; it was dark and stormy and filled with the intent to kill.

He is scared, no, scared would be one of the biggest understatements in his miserable life.

A booted foot connected with his head and he hissed in retaliation, feeling the gun's barrel deeper within his skull.

He closed his eyes.

"Please…repent your iniquities in hell."


The figure gazed slightly at the corpse beneath her foot, looking at it with an unreadable emotion etched in her eyes. She took a few steps back as she sheathed her gun back at the black ornate holster strapped tightly at her hips. She sighed gravely, releasing the locked nervousness away, even after all those years doing such crime, she still can't get used to the feel of cold death and the look of utter mortification at her victim's face as she leveled them with her own strong look, unlocking the safety of her gun.

She ironically smiled, if ever they can see her now, would they still think of her as the same person from years ago? But then again, she is the reason of why they are in the mafia, she tried playing her cards well, surreptitiously working behind the confines of the red curtains.

Of course, this is all for that one deal that judges them after all.

Back to the other more important matters at hand, she slipped her right hand at the pouch at her left bicep and when she brought it back, she is holding a pair of fingerless black leather gloves with a single clear gem at the middle.

She transiently closed her eyes as she held her hand in front of her, and when she opened her eyes once again, her eyes were a monotonous shade of bloody scarlet with tints of orange dancing beneath them, a cold, candid look in her orbs.

Suddenly, her hands were ablaze in bloody red flames, and if one would look closely, the clear gem is now the shade of deep carmine. She set upon her steely eyes at the corpse, letting her hands flow, outstretched in line with the corpse.

With a quiet hiss, a medium-sized beam of red tones of flames shot at point blank range. The corpse immediately turned into a degrading mess of ash, leaving nothing but scorch marks at the light colored soil beneath her.

The last particles fell slowly to the ground, and her job was no more.

The walk towards Bermuda's office was quiet, more often than not, with the occasional sounds of her combat boots cackling softly at the cold and unforgiving metal hallways, casting of a bright glint as the artificial lights hovered above her.

She silently mulled about how today conversation with Bermuda-sama will goes. Contrary to popular belief, outside his line of work, he is usually a quiet man, with a hint of sarcasm and mock irony and humor when he so feels like it, but that side is quite rare, considering the fact that he is in mafia, in Vendicare no less.

When Tsuna first had a decent conversation with him, he held out a small hand, extending it towards her, asking, inviting her to come with him, with the deal of protecting those she hold dear, or maybe it was because of what has fused inside her?

She wouldn't know, because Bermuda is a sly and cunning man when he wants to be.

She came to an almost mechanical halt as she faced the intricate and dare she say it, extravagant door of Bermuda's office. She methodically knocked thrice, almost as if it's actually a secret code of sorts.

The first thing that greeted her sights was Bermuda's infant form, almost prone (but she knew otherwise) sorting and perusing documents and the like, most likely paperwork and information from Jager and his informants globally giving him a quick update of the occurrences in the underground. He sat in a leather chair especially made for him, making him appear rather regal despite his form.

"Bermuda-sama." It was more of a greeting than a word hanging in the air, waiting for an acknowledgement and she just knew it came out soft yet blank at the same time.

Bermuda's bandaged face looked up to her as if appraising her soul through her eyes, "Is the target eradicated?" he asks, reflecting Tsuna's former tone- blank.


He seemed to give a satisfied hum, it would look as if the conversation had ended but Tsuna knew Bermuda prefers grandiose revelations. "As usual." It was a signal. A signal he is waiting for her response.

"Bermuda-sama…"she started, uncertainty casting light over her tone and features, wholly contradicting to the blank tone. "How much more time…"

The said man chose to look at the ceiling, preferring to ponder things that way. Then as if a time bubble had popped due to the ensued silence that followed he answered, responding with a voice filled with what she assumes as sympathy, "I honestly don't know, even I can't comprehend it's extent and limitations."

Tsuna, on the other hand looks absolutely morose and melancholic, the same broken look passing her eyes as if fresh from years ago. "I…see."

Bermuda inwardly sighed, he should've expected this response, really, she was stronger than she appears to be, to be able to accept her death, the end of her existence itself as if it was just a breeze to throw away the instinct to live.

"Which is why I have this." He opened a drawer, his fingers searching for something, and a few seconds later, the limb emerged holding a black rectangular envelope with intricate golden designs as borders, it looks like a replica of the letter envelopes in Victorian movies she had rarely saw in Venice. He threw it at her, knowing that she will catch it like a baseball anyway.

True to his predictions, she caught it with her index and middle fingers. For a second, she seemed unsure whether she will open it or not but curiosity took over her mind and she let her fingers wander at the opening. Inside it was a letter neatly folded without any wrinkles and sign of any smudge.

She scanned it, taking in every detail as her eyes widened until they were mere dots. How could it be? Is this a cruel punishment? Or simply part of his grandiose plan? Impossible. She had already accepted the fact long ago that they will not meet again, much less than that but…

She couldn't say she is angry either.

"Why?" was the only word that came out of her mouth, sounding hauntingly broken and morose.

"Your mission is to deliver that letter to the Vongola Famiglia. If ever there will be interruptions, please deal with them accordingly." He didn't give any complete response but his orders were more than enough to convey his thought. "Isn't it that your birthday is in a few weeks time?"

Tsuna looked at the older man with flabbergasted look, is it because she assumed the worst from Bermuda? Or maybe because she was touched, she knew immediately that Bermuda wouldn't do this for anyone without a reason, much less for her…but..after all he did not suddenly became a living corpse (for lack of better term), he is human, at least his heart was.

"…Is that all?" she inwardly braced herself, and by that, meaning she reinforces the layers of wall that surrounds her sanity, if this is a chance to meet them before her end then so be it.

Because even for a short amount of time, she wanted to be with them again. Simple as that.

"No, but further instructions will be given upon your return."

"When?" She seriously hopes that it will not be today, or better yet, tomorrow, she needs to prepare after all.

"In a week." Ok. That was at least acceptable, at least with that she can simulate reactions and conversations that were bound to happen anyway, and it's not like she can disobey Bermuda.

For he had served as the father she did not have. Because there is no fucking way that bastard Iemitsu is her father. Not at that time nor the present.

"C-Can I take my leave?" Damn! She stuttered and heavens know that Bermuda is one of the most perceptible person ( or maybe some sort of..errr…being) that could possibly exist.

He gave a nod.

She left without a noise.

Making sure that she is no more, a swirl of darkness appeared beside Bermuda and dissipated into Jager, looking exactly like a creepy mannequin, without any sort of expression in his face (but then again, it is obscured by bandages). Then he spoke, "Is it wise Bermuda-sama?"


"The letter, I mean."

"Think of it as a gift for her."


"Even I am not sure now, besides she had already formulated a plan long ago."

"Do you pity her?"

"Maybe, because I know that, the Reverse Tri-ni-Sette is a merciless being."

Jager looked at Bermuda and for once his empty gaze was filled with a solemn look, as if thinking of the thousands of possibilities that will happen.

Back at the confines of her bare room, Tsuna let out a shuddering breath and exhaled it with everything, without a clear signal she could feel tears sliding off her cheeks. How she wanted to erase those weaknesses but she couldn't. She couldn't believe it, it was simply atrocious for her to think that she would truly enjoy this, but..she wanted to be with them that badly. From her deprived state of mind or her wish to have a family?

"Thank you, " she kept repeating those two words into thin air, as if silently praying for the heartbreaking yet jubilant moment.

That night, Tsuna kept those silent tears running, her gratitude extending her wishes.

Hopefully, it wouldn't eradicate her this early.

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