Summary: Finally free from the Phantom Zone after being trapped for years, Harry Potter finds that the world has changed a great deal. After fifteen years of being put in life or death situations, can he adapt to a peaceful life now that Voldemort and his followers have long since been dealt with and he is finally free from his prison, or will he find a new purpose and be more?

Pairing: Harry Potter/Zatanna Zatara

Notes: It's been a little while since I've posted anything. I really need to stop taking breaks from writing anything. But I'm not here to talk about other projects. I'll get to them when I get to them. I've had this idea, or something similar to it, ever since I read the brilliant works of Megamatt09, along with Wand and Shield by Morta's Priest.


The Phantom Zone was nothing more than a timeless desert-like wasteland. By the very nature of the place, the only way out was death.

Throughout his time there, that was what he had come to believe, at least.

Because time stood still in the prison dimension, the residents had no need of any kind of nourishment. Food and water were not needed, though that did not mean that they were unwanted either. Sleep for the sake of resting the body was not needed either, though the mind was another story.

"The others will be here soon."

Those words broke him from his thoughts. The last thing he had expected was for the newest arrivals in the Phantom Zone to near where he had been holding up recently. He was certain it had nothing to do with him either. Even if he was mostly powerless in the Phantom Zone, the magic of his father's Invisibility Cloak still worked flawlessly.

Unless they were just passing through, the only reason he could imagine them coming so close to his location was the strange altar that was nearby. He had wondered what the altar was for before, but the few inhabitants that he had met since coming to the Phantom Zone were not very fond of answering questions. The only reason he knew what the place was called was because the Invisibility Cloak allowed him to sneak up on the other residents and listen in to their conversations.

Quickly rising to his feet with his cloak wrapped around his body, he crept towards the altar and saw two women and two men. One of the men was knocked to the ground just as the altar came into view.

The other man drew a dagger from his cloak and gave a threatening command that filled him with hope.

"Open the gateway."

Those words served as confirmation to a hope that he had given up on after what seemed like a few years ago. There was a way out.

He had been content to do what he could to survive for as long as he could, but that was only because he had believed that it was impossible to leave. The circumstances of his arrival had been strange enough that he had not even been able to make a guess how to leave. If he had not become the Master of Death and had all three of the Deathly Hallows in his possession, he likely would have ended up dead instead of in the Phantom Zone. That was the only explanation he had come up with as to why he had not ended up like his godfather.

"He doesn't know how," one of the women stated. "But I do. Give me the knife."

He carefully crept towards the altar as the spoke and was only a dozen or so yards away when he handed the knife over to the woman.

"It needs blood… blood of the House of El. It is the key to the gateway," the woman remarked as she looked at the knife.

"I trusted you," the downed man whispered, staring at the woman with the knife in shock.

"Trust is for the weak," the other man remarked.

"You're right," the woman with the knife said as she suddenly slit the other man's throat.

Immediately, the other woman began to attack the one with the knife, but they were not what he was paying attention to. Instead, he was looking at the man in the red jacket. It was clear from the conversation and their body language that his blood was the key to the gateway, and opening that gateway was far more important than a fight between strangers.

"The gateway! Go Kal-El!" the woman with the knife called out, prompting the man in the red jacket to run towards the altar. He gave no indication that he noticed that he was being followed closely by an invisible man.

Placing a blood covered hand on the altar, the man that she referred to as Kal-El opened the gateway. A pillar of white light formed and engulfed both him and the invisible man.

It was close. Phantoms had rushed towards them as they neared the altar. But just before the phantoms could grab them, the pillar of light pulled them into it, freeing them from the Phantom Zone.

Though it would have appeared as though only Kal-El, better known on Earth as Clark Kent, and a number of phantoms were sucked through the gateway, there was one other.

Harry Potter had finally escaped the Phantom Zone.

As he materialized back on Earth, Harry saw that the pillar of light had split into nine different beams of light, apparently separating everyone that had managed to get close to the altar.

"Now, I need to find out what in the name of Merlin is going on," he muttered as he looked around. He was standing in the middle of a cornfield. The last place on Earth he had been was the Department of Mysteries, fighting the last of Voldemort's followers.

He had not expected the gateway to send him to where he had been when he entered the Phantom Zone, but it would have been nice if it had sent him somewhere familiar.

Not knowing where he was presented a problem. He had some skill at apparition. But for all he knew, he was in South America, and intercontinental apparition was not a very smart thing to do, especially given that the only magic that had worked with the Phantom Zone was innate. The Resurrection Stone, the Invisibility Cloak, and his mokeskin pouch had worked well, but he had been unable to even light his wand with a lumos.

Reaching into his mokeskin pouch, he removed the Elder Wand from where it had been left for the majority of his stay in the Phantom Zone.

With a nonverbal spell, the end of the wand lit up, though his cloak concealed its light from anyone that might have otherwise been able to see it.

The light was extinguished a moment later. The knowledge that he could once again use magic truly sank in with that single spell. It took a little more effort to control than normal, though that was not surprising, given that he had been in the Phantom Zone for a while.

Still, it highlighted the probability that he would end up splinched if he tried to apparate so soon after leaving the Phantom Zone, and that was not quite how he wanted the magical world to find out that he was alive.

Sighing, he walked towards the road. Once he reached it, he lifted his wand and waited. He did not expect anything, but calling the Knight Bus was not a bad idea just in case.

He was not surprised when several minutes passed without the double-decker bus showing up. It would have been far too easy if he was actually in England or Scotland. So with that he began to walk down the road. The only option he really saw now, provided he did not want to get splinched, was to walk until he could find out where he was. It was just a good thing that he had his Invisibility Cloak on. Walking down the road in robes might have caused problems.

As he made his way down the road, a battle between the Last Son of Krypton and General Zod was being waged about twenty miles away. He, like most people, would have no idea that an alien saved the planet.

Author's Note: This story is AU from canon in many ways. I am not referring to my decision to fuse the Smallville and Harry Potter worlds either. Smallville will only be canon for the first five seasons. I still intend on using the following seasons as a guide, but I disagreed on certain aspects of the series and believe that Harry's appearance would change it up regardless. And Harry Potter is pretty much canon throughout the books. However, one Death Eater that died in the Deathly Hollows was not killed in this story, Harry did not leave the Deathly Hollows alone after Voldemort's defeat, and the Epilogue is mostly being ignored. If you want a more detailed explanation of what makes this AU, send me a message, and I will try to get back to you.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it.